July 18, 2007

Vive la République!

The view from my window on July 14th:

Monsieur Le Hubby bought me a new camera and I'm having fun playing with it.

The rain went away and we're getting some nasty hot weather here, peoples. That means knitting has been assigned to the evening, while a cold cocktail is being enjoyed. I like to hit the sauce while I knit.

I'm not knitting at all during the day, though. Like I said, it's just too darn hot. So I'm sewing. Gigi gives a peek:

It's a little something in linen that I'm making for my online shop. I love linen in the summer. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing white linen trousers right now as I sit here in front of the 'puter typing out this wee entry. Yes, I know linen wrinkles like the dickens but that's the beauty and nature of this natural textile derived from the flax plant. I like to let my linen wrinkle like the bad boy it is.

Okay! Off to make a few quick blog rounds before Monsieur Le Hubby comes home for dinner. I'll try to show a spotlight blog in my next entry. In the meantime, have a good one.

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Oh, you tease! Hurry up and finish the little linen number so we can all see it. That's quite the view of the fireworks show. Stay cool in the next few days!
I'm finding myself drawn more and more to linen too! I especially like a pair of pants I have in a heavier linen. They are wonderful comfy.
The phrase "hit the sauce" is so damn funny. I can totally picture you with an elegant cocktail, knitting away. I was just trying to explain to Jacob the other day that he didn't need to take an iron and starch to his linen pants. They're SUPPOSED to be a little wrinkled. Now I send him to your post and give him an expert opinion. :) ======================================= Note by Becky: Jacob is so funny! I admit that I do iron my linen garments (no starch, though...hee!) after they've been washed so they don't look rumpled, and then I let them wrinkle as they get worn. Love how it looks. Me such a wrinkle fan.
Oooh lala, so much eye candy. I don't own much linen but I love it.
Ooo. New camera. What did you get?
I love linen for the same reason. We can wrinkle away without regret! And sooooo cooool! Can't wait to see your project, and, what kind of camera did you get? I'm needing to pick up a portable camera to carry with me.
Love the fireworks! I just passed on a linen jacket that was sooo cute and fit so well, but was a fitted, lined jacket - I thought wrinkled would not work well with the style. Now I'm having second thoughts (but I did save money..)
Pretty fireworks!! I have a pair of brown linen pants that I live in this time of year.
I'm wearing my linen pants right now, too. I love that I only have to iron them after I wash them. I just hang them up wrinkled, otherwise. I figure they are going to look like this after five minutes, so who needs to know they already looked like this when I put them on? And I thought that was my own dirty little secret.
You indeed are a linen tease! Keeping tuned here... ======================================= Note by Becky: I definitely will :-)
Congratulations on the new camera Becky! What kind is it? You are so fortunate that it cools off during the evening there. Here it just gets hotter!! Knitting time here is in the mornings, the coolest time when its hot.
How nice of your hubby to give you a new camera. I have to save my money to get one!
Congrats on the new camera! And please finish what you are sewing so we can get a better view of it. Do I see a small piece of lace somewhere ther on the right? I love linen for summer, and do always iron it. It gets wrinkles, yes, but it's in the nature of linen. And you know, linen it's only getting better with the age. I have flax yarn my grand daddy harvested in 1940's that I have woven linen table napkins from, it's still perfect! We do also always celebrate July 14th, it's my birthday ;-) Hubby is born on June 6th, so we have always thought that this is the reason we live so well together and never quarrel, our birthdays have a history of battle, and that is enough for our life times. ======================================= Note by Becky: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAUD! Now I will always remember your birthday, because it's the same day as Bastille Day. The fireworks were for you :-)
Enjoy your new camera! I know that linen wrinkles and I wear it anyway. I love the feel and the coolness of linen. I almost wore my linen capris today.
I really like the look of what Gigi is sporting. I'll just have to check back to see how it turns out. Enjoy your hot days and cool drinks!
The linen is fine. I love those natural fibers! We had some hot weather here lately (Washington State, US) and I thought about putting the wool shawl aside for a couple of days. Thought about it. Didn't. Thankfully, it has cooled back down.
I've been curious as to how July 14th is celebrated in France... Lots of partying, by the looks of it x
ooh excited to see the lineny goodness. I love linen in the summer (thanks in part to a hand steamer) ;)
Ah, linen - the fabric du jour for summer! I love the Bastille day photos. The closest we get to it in England is someone saying "Anyone remember when St. George's day is?". The answer's usually "No"!
oh, me too! me too! I love not to iron before work. Can't wait to see what you are making. Enjoy your new camera. susan
What type of camera did you get? I'm in the market for a new one however keep putting it off because I can't decide what I want. Anyway agree with you on the linen so what that it wrinkles it is so great, Can't wait to see what you are creating! It is hot here too and can only knit in the cool downstairs with a cold beverage watching the Tour De France, those guys are hard core!
Mmmm, I have learned to love linen, but white pants and I have never gotten along. I'll be poking my head into the shop again soon.
New toys are so fun! Hope your hot weather goes away, because I know mine isn't. Great sewing weather, though. :)
Linen wrinkles are so lovely . . . I totally agree. Congratulations on your new camera! I can't wait to see more of your awesome photos.
Happy Bastille Day! I second the request for more pics of your sewing as I do admire your skills in that area. Do you have much technical sewing tuition on your course? How is your overlocker?
Hooray for a new camera! Clearly, you should take lots more pictures of that delectable-looking little number on Gigi... :) I'm slowly learning to get over myself and love my linen, wrinkles at all. Thanks for helping!
Happy belated Bastille Day. :) Great shots!
Linen is the perfect summer fabric! Can't wait to see what you're cooking up.
Linen and I have a love/hate relationship but it is wonderful when the temps rise. Glad you are still posting when you have the opportunity, I've always enjoyed your blog. Looking forward to seeing Gigi and the finished silk top when it makes it's debut.
Hey Becky, I just noticed your link to the new Kim Hargreaves collection...I love Dolly!! Somehow I never get notified when a new collection shows up, even though I've registered twice, so thank you for the public service announcement!!

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