July 18, 2002

Cables are spiffy.

I'm halfway through the second side of this project, and if my knitting tension remains even I'll be wearing this top next week. I did have to rip out about ten rows last night because some stitches were too tight and others were too loose, but despite that little delay I'm moving along quite nicely.

By the way, I noticed that the cable design on this top pulls the fabric to give it natural shaping; the cables at the waist pull the sides in slightly, and the cables at the chest area pull it back out. That's pretty nifty.

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damn, sometimes I feel like I will never be blessed with your speediness. I'm just jealous though, don't mind me ;)
That is definitely the theme here--your speediness. You'll have to start posting video clips of yourself in action so we can see how it's done.
Speediness! Oh, I wish. I've ripped out this project so many times some of my yarn has to be reconditioned. I must admit, though, ripping out isn't as daunting due to the chunky yarn and larger needles. Once I've ripped out a few rows, I knit them back up quickly.
Wow! This is gorgeous! I really have to start knitting faster so I can complete all the things I am knitting and move to more things I want to knit.

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