July 17, 2006

I'm all over the place today.

Let's start with sewing:

Before I earn myself the nickname of Procrastirabbit (procrastinating + rabbit) I figured I'd better get off my lazy bum and just hem my freaking PANTALOONS, ALREADY. Arrrr! Here they be:

The hurry-up-and-take-the-picture-so-we-can-go-eat shot.
[Click here to zoom out!]
[Click here for another view!]

Quick specifics: Low-waisted, wide-legged pant made without a pattern. I made a basic pant in muslin (using my pant with darts construction) and used that as a basis for making the one in fabric. I added box pleats in the front and darts in the back. Zip fly closure and the pockets are "poches italiennes". I was going to wear the pant with a wide reverse cuff, but I decided I liked the hem without so there you have it. My only regret: That I didn't buy more of this fabric when I had a chance. I'd love to make another pant like this in this same fabric, only full-length for fall, and there was no more fabric when I went back to the fabric store. Sob! (Yet another reason for me to keep on stashing like a greedy squirrel.)

We were all very hungry and on our way out to eat pizza, so it was a very quick photo shoot. But I make up for the lack of extras, like whack dance shots and whatnot, by showing this bonus photo taken of me and Captain Destructo smiling wildly in the late afternoon sweltering heat. Of course, I be wearing me pantaloons. Arrrrr!

Long, drawn out "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!"

And there is also knitting. Mommy Guilt won out and I worked on the Captain's Linen Jacket last night. Result: Two finished jacket fronts.

Yikes! Block us, ferpetesake.

If I continue at this speed the Captain will have himself a new jacket before the end of summer. And if I'm feeling really ambitious, I might just head off to the yarn store and pick up yarn so he can have two new hand-knit jackets to start the new school year. He has already asked for one with a "hood" and "a zipper". Boy knows what he wants, eh?

And while we're on the subject of school....

I just got my final report card in the mail. Celebrate with me now, friends, because all those 7 hour schooldays from Monday to Friday and those late nights and early mornings I spent studying, sketching, drawing, painting, draping fabric, making textile samples, sewing, working in Photoshop and the rest (not to mention less frequent postings on my blog and less knitting...thanks to all my readers and friends who still kept visiting even with my fewer posts) has paid off. Out of almost one hundred students I'm not badly placed at all, and come September I go into my second year for a degree in fashion design/illustration and pattern-drafting a very happy rabbit, indeed. Margaritas for everyone!

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Congratulations.Margaritas all summer!
Congrats, you high-achiever you. I've enjoyed seeing your fabric creations, so I'm looking forward to Year #2. Bravo!
Congratulations!! Love the pantaloons, too. Can't wait to see what your second year will bring.
WOW, that's wonderful! Congrats!! Now, where do I go to pick up my margarita...?
Not badly placed! 3rd place out of 100 students is awesome, way to go, you crazy rabbit! The pantaloons look great and so does the pic of you and the Capt. You have trained your little one well, he knows what he wants and maybe he'll have two new sweaters for the fall.
Congrats! I love the bunny referncing as I raise rabbits. You make me smile so much. :)
You are a stud, but that I never doubted. Ah, the sweet taste of success!
Congratulations! Isn't that the best feeling - seeing when all your hard work pays off? The pantaloons look beautiful, too!
Congratulations!!! Of course, we all knew you were insanely talented. I will have a margarita, or wine, tonight in your honor.
Congrats! Aren't good grades satisfying! I've enjoyed reading about fashion school, too. Some days even more than knitting. (Shhh!)
yay! congratulations! Loving the pantaloons!
Your new pants are so cute on you! I'm so impressed that you created them not even from a pattern. And congrats on your way excellent performance on your first year of school! I'm not at all surprised by your success! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! =)
Fabulous! Congratulations! And yay for more knitting for the Captain--you know, before he grows into a gorilla-arms.
Awesome panties! I always hated making pants, my legs were too long, my hips too big, my waist too small. I always had to cut those patterns to pieces and tape them back together! Hated it. Much prefer skirts, only now I rarely weat them. Ya done good!
Congratulations! Cheers! So now there are a happy rabbit and a happy Captain in chez fluffa now!
Great pantaloons! Love them. I knew you'd go with the jacket. You're a very dedicated mommy rabbit. I have to say that I'm not surprised you're doing so good in your most recent education adventure. You did make it though law school and all that business. So, we can safely assume you're smarter than the average rabbit.
Congrats! I'm not surprised at all. You're just awesome that way...:-)
Congrats! Must rush home and consume the celebratory margarita!
ooh another installment of Project Rabbit! Love the pantelooneys. :) I love mid cut capri thingyies. this rabbit knows fabulosity!
Not badly placed....third in your class? So proud! Go Rabbit, GO!!!!
Forget not bad, congrats on the achievement! :)
Way to go! I am not surprised at all though. Everything you do, you give it your all. :) Love the pantaloons!
Felicitations! Knitting, sewing, designing... it's all wonderfully creative stuff. Continue!
Woo hoo! Congratulations! I'll take my margarita on the rocks with salt! Your pantaloons look great! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with the fashion trends; I'm seeing red and white striped tops everywhere now. But none are handknitted!
Congrats on the great semester. Love the shot with the Cap. I took some pics like that with my kiddies yesterday. My daughter would love your pirate talk. She came out of her room with an orange bandana on her head pulled over one eye shouting Arrr at me.
You are a rockstar. I'm watching the people on Project Runway, thinking, Becky is SOOOOO much better than these cats... Congrats girl!
3eme! Many congratulations. Of course, none of us are surprised, but it's great to have your passion validated, isn't it? Are we going to be seeing you on Project Runway next year?
That is great! Congratulations...you are so talented and brainy! :)
Smarty!! Crafty!!! Go Rabbit!!
You rock, woman!! Congrats on third place!! I have to admit - I wasn't loving the idea of pantaloons but now I see them all sewn up and on you I have to say they look fabulous!
awesome work, becky! congrats and cheers!
Fabulous, Ms. Rabbit! (Though no surprise to any of us)! Now, where's the margarita party?
Oh I love the pantaloons! They are a lovely shape, go sewing fluffa! And congrats on your place in class, that's pretty bloody impressive :)
If you were here in Chicago I'd take you out for Margaritas at Frontera Grill (they make what I like to think of as the haut culture version of a Margarita). Congrats on your excellent showing in school!
Brava, Rabbit! It's been worth the hard work, hasn't it? I really liked that shirt you made recently.
Most excellent! I think those results are worthy of a world-wide chocolate and yarn reward.
Congrats on the great results - both your grade & the pants!
WOW, great job. So, when does your line come out:)
Felicitations! It's no small wonder... it seems you are always adding little details to your work which sets it apart. As for the reduced knitting content, say it with me, "It's not quantity, it's quality!"
Be honest, were any of your law school grades ever this exciting? I think not! Congrats!
Congratulations on your results! All this hard work and late nights have paid off, but you had some fun too along the way... I am sure your second year will be just as brilliant!
Congratulations! Please, don't get mad if I celebrate with a beer! :)
Magnifique! That's wonderful. I say, go get some new fabric/yarn to celebrate. One more year of school, then I can place my order right? :)
Woo-hoo! Yay Rabbit! Congrats! Your pantaloons look so cute, cool & summery on you. Fantastic!
Congratulations! It won't be long before we'll be hearing about your next design collection on the catwalk for fashion week :)
Yeah!!!! Congrats on the great grades. We expect nothing less here in blog land. No pressure. Love those pantaloons! Very cute and would go great with margaritas.
what a great pair of matching smiles! The Captain really looks like you!
Big congrats to you rabbit! I think that they should "admis" you for both - or, how about an admis menton tres bien - I think you did wonderfully. ps - nice to see such a happy fella there :)
Another WOW. The pants are great...love that waistband/pocket detail. You talented chick, third highest in class!! That's what you get for brains plus artistic talent AND hard work, of course!! Congratulations.
Way to go! Not that I ever doubted you. Clearly you are talented. I hope you don't mind, though, if I have a daquiri instead of a margarita in celebration?
Third Highest! Third Highest! I was third highest in my med school class at graduation! We win!
Yay for your good grades! Great pantaloons as well. We're baking in the heat over here too.
Holy Canola! Well, at least we know it's a legitimate school, since they can obviously gauge your awesome-ness! Yahoooooo!
Congratulations on your high placing in the class!! I'm just finishing a hooded jacket (No. 28b.) for my daughter which is in the Phildar mag. you are making the Linen Jacket from. I'm sure your son will find something he likes in this one or the new Fall mag.
The pantaloons are fabulous! I envy your crafty abilities!
Thats some awesome pantaloons! Congratz for the good results ;)
Clink, clink! (Arrrr, that'd be the sound of toast being made) Well done!
Congratulations!!! That is really wonderful, seeing all your hard work pay off. And the knitted jacket is great too. :)
Oh Congratulations, Becky!!! What a great result. It makes going to 2nd year a lot more exciting, doesn't it?
Congratulations on receiving such a great mark! You and your son are adorable (as are the pantaloons)! Have a wonderful summer, you worked hard and you deserve it!
Congratulations Becky, your pantaloons look great, if you bought your black fabric in one of the big fabric stores maybe they will have it here, I could look for you.
Wow!!! Congratulations!
Félicitations! As the others, I never doubted that you would do this so *well*, like you do everything else - but it's still amazing, since I suppose not every student in your class also has a family life and accompanying responsabilities. The "afternoon photo"... à la Croix-Rousse, non?
Géniaaal !! Félicitations !!! Tu peux avoir le sourire jusqu'aux oreilles, oui ! Tes pantalons sont supers. Pour l'été, c'est la forme parfaite !
Top three in your class is excellent! I totally love the pants you made. Perfect length and loving the low waist.
Was there any doubt?! You are definitely following your calling because you have skills and you just keep reaching unbelievably high goals. Everything you make is great. So so beautiful :)
Hooray! Felicitations! It has been so inspring to watch you complete project after project, even with your schedule. Talent indeed!
!Que bueno! Felicitaciones
Congratulations and very well done. You're a total star. Bev
woot! congrats! i'll take my margarita on the rocks, no salt, please. :-)
You are brilliant...and funny...and cute... Congrats on your great grade! Fantastic!
That is so great, 3 out of ~100. Congrats! Also, I like the "poches italiennes"--nice touch.
congratulations Becky! not that I'm at all surprised, given your ambition and talent. enjoy the rest of your summer, with margaritas aplenty.
THANK YOU for all the kind and encouraging comments! You guys make posting to my blog such fun :-)
Wow! I am impressed but not surprised you did so well; your hard work and attention to detail has paid off! I can't believe you've only got 1 year of fashion school under your belt with all the gorgeous goodies you've made. And with a husband and kid (and knitting habit and blog) to take care of in addition to your schoolwork!!??!!
Congratulations Becky! Wow!
Congratulations on your ranking -- that's wonderful! Love your pantaloons too. Have you ever considered making a run as a Designer on "Project Runway" after you finish school (if the series continues)? Just something to think about... I think with your fashion flair, you'd be wonderful!
C'est formidable! But your readers are not surprised. Arrrrrr! xoxo Kay
Make that TOP SHELF Margaritas! WOOHOO!! Big Fat Congratulations to you!! The pantaloons look great - and you made them without a pattern?? Just when I think I can't get any more impressed with you - there you go again. ;)
Way to go! I just have the best time reading about where you are and where you're headed. Keep on going, I expect to see even more great things from you. You actually inspire me to be better and I thank you so much for that.
Isn't it amazing how fast school goes? Congratulations on doing so well! And cute pantaloons too!
Ditto. :D
Congratulations, Becky! Why am I not surprised? I love the pantaloons (and since you finally hemmed them, I guess I'll keep you around a while longer). You're amazing! :D P.S. What's for supper?
The pantaloons arrrrr great!

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