July 16, 2003

Double your fun.

Ah, the wonders of Photoshop ;-)
"No, your tank is cooler..."

My Copacabana tiny tank is finished! As is the tradition chez skinnyrabbit, I wanted to dance around for the photo shoot, but Claudia - my fellow tiny tankster - came over all the way from the States for a visit! We decided to pose for a quick shot of us both in our tiny tanks, and now we're heading out for a few kirs royales and bad karaoke so we can sing Barry Manilow's "Copacabana". (I will be sure to sing "Her name was Lola" with gusto.) Here are more pictures of my tiny tank, and a few frivolous notes:

1) I love this ribbon yarn! I'm heading to the yarn store on Saturday to pick up a few skeins of Copacabana in beige so I can do another one.

2) I love my satiny cord straps! I'm heading to La Droguerie on Saturday to pick up more satiny cord just because it's a fun thing to have.

3) I love the blues and greens in my tank! Now I can wear my fabulous Dr. Scholl turquoise shooooooz!

4) Why in the hell is Claudia's tank far cooler than mine with its red snazziness? I'm gonna get a bucket of water right now so I can douse her.

(Okay. Claudia wasn't really here. And I'm kidding about the bucket of water, too. But I'm not kidding about knitting another tiny tank in Copacabana! The Phildar lady is saving the last of the skeins for me. Bless her money-loving heart.)

* Don't expect head shots all the time, thank you. Future knitting shots will continue to be headless, but I made an exception for Claudia. I couldn't very well let her stand next to a headless knitter now, could I?

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But Becky you look so CUTE in your Copacabana tiny tank with head attached!! Can you tell me whose pattern this is and what magazine or book it is from? I have some great ribbon yarn that I have been dying to knit up and looking for a good project to knit it with!
You look gorgeous - and so petite and sexy - in your itzy,bitzy,tiny little tank.As does Claudia.It might just cover one of my boobs ,but I'm not jealous... not a bit :0] I love the colours .So cool and watery .Just the thing for this sultry weather.
Tiny tank rocks. And it looks especially good since you're wearing your head too!
Well, the caption for the Claudia-next-to-headless-Becky pic could have been...."off with her head!" Becky rocks. Party-time!
Your tiny cool-coloured tank looks fabulous, Becky! We're glad you attached your head for this project. (And your Dr. Scholl's are SOOOO pretty!!)
I really do love those tiny tanks. I'm afriad that I'm about to become a copy cat knitter and make one for myself! Quickly before this wonderful weather changes. Oh whoops, too slow. Its rainign again!
Love the tiny tank & especially love the Dr. Scholls! Can you walk in them? I have a white pair & can't quite get the technique right - ouch!!!!
You've got it all wrong, Becky. Yours is way cooler! It's always been, hot red, cool blue, non? What about this Copacabana... It appears delicate, but stays by far in better shape than the famous coton tape. Don't you think? Cool to knit too!
Now, now, girls, your tanks are both very cool. Honestly. Very clever & pretty lawyer ladies.
you both look quite lovely. :) arriba!
Yay, tiny tanks! Yay, head! (Although, I admit I was so shocked I almost fell out of my chair).
She has a head! And she knows how to use it! *teehee* Sorry, couldn't help it. I almost fell out of my chair, too. I think if you two actually met, it would be a battle royale. It's no wonder you both love the Talking Heads. ;) Awesome tiny tanks!
look at you!!! that copacabana is just lovely. i think both of you gals look fab, and it's so nice to see your smiling face in at least one photo! maybe this should be a reoccuring item? :) tiny tanks rule!
these tanks are so cute! and you girls are too! i would also like to know where you got this tiny fabulous pattern --- (although i'm trying to make one up for myself...gasp! a first for me! wish me luck!) you are too funny...and a knitter of superhero proportions. p.s. you are awesome for sharing your stash with the rest of us.
You look fabulous! I love both tanks, although I am partial to blue. Great job
I love the tank tops... Wish I knew where to find the pattern! And the yarn, since it isn't available here. Any hints? Oh - I love those turquoise-y Dr. Scholl's sandals too! I've just retruend from my grand tour of the American Midwest where I clomped around everywhere in mine. I did have someone borrow them who returned calling them "the most uncomfortable shoes ever." But to me, they're just like extensions of my feet (replacements for my older worn-out pair of Dr. Scholl's). Just takes some time to get used to them!
oh, now I can't put up the picture of my orange Dr. Scholl's that I took a while ago because I'll look like a copycat! They would match claudia's tank nicely...hmm....
Both of your Tiny Tanks look great!
Oh, the tiny tanks came out lovely! I'm jealous and want to make one now.
Cute tanks! I really like that you added the ribbon. I remember seeing that on the Aerial pattern that Kerrie was thinking of making as well. It's such a nice touch. Superb knitting and finishing as usual. And thanks for the "Rebec(c)a" jump shot!
I LOVE IT! BTW, I had a delivery slip in waiting for me in my mailbox today. My package has arrived. I'll be picking it up tomorrow I can't wait (:-)
Um. What a surprise; lots of people interested in the Tiny Tank pattern?!?! Who would have thought? ;-)
Great tank, Becky! When on earth do you find time to knit, sew the swatch blanket, translate French, blog, etc., etc., etc.?
Hi Becky! It's really good to finally put a face to your blog. I love your tank btw, especially the colour. It's so summery!!!! You look great in it! Good job as usual!
A great big thanks to everyone for the kind and encouraging words, and to Claudia [and Silvia, too!] for making this knitalong fun :-)
I know you get this alot but, I LOVE that tank top pattern. Last summer I searched everywhere for a spagetti strapped tank top pattern and could not find one, would you mind letting me know if you can remember where you got it?

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