July 16, 2002

Tra la la.

Random notes on my knitting:

1) It's raining over here, which means that my kid is wearing all the spring and summer sweaters I knit for him (including a cotton one from last year) ragged. He's gone into the bread shop wearing a different sweater every day this week, and on Saturday the women who work there commented that his sweaters were very nice and asked if I knit them. "Damn straight", I replied. Okay, I didn't say "damn". But I did tell them that I knit them. Because I like being a show-off like that.

2) Like I said, it's raining so my kid gets to wear his cotton sweaters, but I haven't been given the chance to wear my tube top yet. I need to hit the beach.

3) Did I mention it's raining? Outdoor excursions are limited so I'm knitting a bit more than usual. One whole side of my Rebecca pattern is finished and I'm a quarter through on the second (no pictures yet, as I've just reformatted my hard drive and need to reinstall my cam software). Also, I've been knitting the cables without using a cable needle and that makes knitting go so much faster. Which is good, as I went to the yarn store last weekend and bought Phildar's catalogs for winter 2002/2003, as well as a whole lotta yarn for a number of projects. Now the owner of the shop shouts, "Yay! Here comes the yarn-obsessed lady! Pull open the cash register!" when she sees me walk into the store. Just kidding. She doesn't shout that. But we know she's thinking it. I'm such a yarn fiend.

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There is nothing wrong with being a yarn fiend.....but the dangerous part comes when you start playing with fiber, then learn to spin and then buy yarn AND buy fleeces, buy dyes, buy one spinning wheel, then another....but, hey...its a legal addiction!
i've spent $30 on yarn in the past week, which seems excessive to me, but now everyone wants a knitted hat like the one i just made for my niece. is it poor form to ask people to kick in a few bucks for yarn if they specifically ask me to knit a hat?
thankfully, there are two things that save me from buying insane amounts of yarn... a) the walk to the yarn store is much longer than I would like it to be, and b) I always have to ask the other half for the money before I go down there, and if I was like "eh, can I just have 100 euros and I'll give you back the change" or something he would give me that "you are crazy" look. heh
You knit so fast! I wish I could I wish I could. I am off to the yarn store on Friday when they have a 25-50% off sale to clear their stock for the Fall. YAY!! so i know what you mean about getting a bunch of yarn.
Claudia, do not even tempt me with the spinning. Kismet, get a BNP debit card right now! Hee hee. Mel, of course you can ask people to kick in for yarn if they ask you to knit something for them (but if you're offering, well, that's something else). A lot of people have the misconception that all yarns are inexpensive or that knitting is always an inexpensive activity. Morgan, I definitely knit much faster than when I first learned how to knit, but this yarn is chunky, and that means less stitches and less rows to knit. That's probably why it seems like I'm knitting it so quickly. And you'll catch on, you'll see :-) P.S. I wish I were going with you to the yarn store. I love a bargain!
Raining? Well, all I have to say is....it's raining......IN PARIS!! That's where you are!!!!!!! LOL.

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