July 15, 2003

It's a seaming party! Send champagne.

Why, it's a seaming party! [Throws confetti all around.]

My Copacabana tank has just been seamed, and I'm about to attach some satiny cord [the blue cord to the left; ain't it purty?] for the straps. I picked up the satiny cord at La Droguerie, also known as My Favorite Notions Store in the World. I love going to La Droguerie; I always have the urge to greedily stick my hands in its many jars of beads, buttons, ribbons and feathers so I can make useless but fun Brownie craft projects, just like Mah-tha. (Only without the insider trading.)

So! Just two straps and I have a tiny tank to add to my growing list of knitted tanks this summer. Send depilatory cream.

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TT is beautiful! Lovely colorway, as was the Copa my sister (Claudia of blog fame) is knitting up. I'm currently finishing up my version of TT based on the picture, though I used rayon ribbon and knit in the round...I'm looking forward to seeing the action shot of the finished product!
inspiration! if i don't start knitting a tank right this minute, i think i'm going to die!
It's coming along so nicely!
i must start a tank TOMORROW! i wanna be a tank girl! it looks so great...you have fab patterns. i'm a little jealous, can you tell ?:)
I really love those colors, they're very soothing :)
Darn. I should've enclosed a bottle of Nair in the package. My understanding is that this little product might not be so popular in France, hmmm? The blue ribbon is a good choice. I KNOW I could never have found anything nice like that at the Fabric Place or the Joann's. No La Droguerie here, baby.
Darling! I would love to knit a tiny tank with tiny straps, but I don't think it would flatter my ample boobage. Drats.
Thanks for the kind comments! Now I think everyone should knit a tiny tank, too. (Ample boobage or not. Heck, the more the better, I say :-) ) Claudia, next time I'll enclose some satiny cord for you even though you are an ace at lucet braid. 'Cause you just KNOW that you're gonna want some more ribbon yarn in the future, Ms. Anti-Stash. P.S. Fortunately, Nair does exist here. Unfortunately, not all women use it.
dude the *new* nair (and sally hansen) are raspberry scented. ain't half bad. (p.s. love the purty little tank!)
So seriously, now that we are all pining for the Phildar Evasion issue, are you going to start exporting French knitting magazines? Non? Wanna swap for a...oh, what on earth do we have here you can't get there...Oh well. I love French knitting instructions. "A l'envers, tricoter les m. comme ils se presentent." I still think about it that way even when using English patterns and use that mantra whenever I am teaching aran stitches. Possibly the most perfect instruction ever written...!

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