July 13, 2007

Hello Friday!

It's been a good week. Thanks to all who dropped by to read my daily posts, and for all your comments. It made hanging out at the blog fun. For reals.

To finish off the week and because some of you nice people have asked about the stuff I've been doing in school, I'll show one design that went down the runway. But before you look at the rest of this entry, please read through the following paragraphs (some people don't read through my entries before they comment; I can tell from the comments they leave):

I don't usually show my design work here because this site started off as a knitting site, and my current design work isn't in knitwear. Plus - and this is one of the major factors - I knew that showing my designs here would lead some of my readers to think that I welcome or need critiques or reviews on my designs, but I don't. I get enough critiques and reviews from the professionals who examine my work, and that's all I need for now.

That said, for your viewing I show one of my designs that got selected to go down the runway for the end of the year fashion show, which is a big dealio because it is attended by top designers and professionals. (Incidentally, this is one of 10 total looks in a collection, and I created five different collections this year. Now you know why I was so busy!) Just pretend you were there, in the crowd, because I would have been happy to have you there. You wouldn't have seen me because I was backstage and besides, the place was filled with tons of people. But applaud anyway, even if you're at work and your co-workers look at you funny.

Photos show small peeks at the process: my initial inspiration (draping an old tennis skirt and jeans on the mannequin; don't assume I do this always...it's just one of many things I do to come up with something new), textile sample, illustration, muslin to test my pattern, and the final outfit.

Enjoy the "show" :-)

The last picture* is where you're supposed to clap really loudly.

*I didn't take this picture. I took all the other ones, though.

BONUS: Captain Destructo, being fine and stretchy, got asked to model. (He modeled last year, too. He LOVES it.) This year he went down the runway wearing a whimsical outfit by a student from the branch in Brazil. I don't have a picture of him on the runway** (yet), but I did take a photo of him backstage while he was waiting to get his hair brushed.

**The children go down the runway with adults. The Captain walked out with a guy who made my eyes pop 12 inches out of their sockets and back in again. And that's all I'm going to say about that :-)

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72 comments to this entry:

There is so much detail in that outfit Becky! I must say, you are very talented. I could never just create something. Even in knitting. I definitely need a pattern. Captain Destructo makes a fine model indeed. I would love to get a peek at the guy who walked out with Captain Destructo though...smile! ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks, Maggie! I would like to show closeups (and the back) of the outfit, but I haven't gotten it back yet. The school sponsored all of the fabric for it so they get to keep it for now. (It's still mine, though, and I will get it back soon.) I wish I could show a photo of the Captain on the runway, but i don't have any yet. (I will get some after the vacation, though.) And the guy...well, let's just say that a lot of girls told me they were envious of the Captain. Heehee.
What a funky idea! I love how it turned out in the final design, too. Very cool.
that is an incredible amount of work. I am so impressed you can not imagine! I was clapping madly for your design my staff is 100% certain that their boss has gone over the edge! :> Captain Destructo is ADORABLE! time flies...How tall is he now? Thank you very much for giving this inside peek at what goes into creating a look! I'll never complain about clothing prices again...LOL ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks, Marie. I don't complain about them any more, either! :-) P.S. The first muslin I did for the jacket had so many modifs I ended up doing two. Some people do even more than that.
Becky, your design is loads better than anything I've seen on Project Runway. Very classy!
CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!! Interesting dress on the Captain. Have you designed childrens wear too? ======================================= Note by Becky: The outfit was really adorable. It had cute sewn in suspenders in a contrast fabric. Very whimsical and well made.
It's remarkable, the journey from inspiration to drawing to final incarnation. No wonder you were so busy!
I think we knew the captain liked to pose for the camera when we saw his FO photos. He looks too cute, and brave, adult or not I would never get on that runway in front of all of those people. ======================================= Note by Becky: He's used to performing in front of large crowds; he takes part in extracurricular activities that require he perform on stage in front of lots of people. He really enjoys it and is very at ease.
Wow. It takes a lot of creativity, technical know-how, and guts to take something from a fleeting thought in your head to an actual, honest-to-goodness, made-by-your-own-hands outfit. Hurrah! I'm way beyond impressed! Captain Destructo looks like a mod little man. How cute! ======================================= Note by Becky: Thank you!! I'm proud of my Cappy :-)
FIFTY looks this year? Whew! Super Becky, to the rescue! It's pretty cool to see this design from (kind of) conception to realization. I remember when you showed the sketch of the four different jeans deconstruction/reconstruction designs you drew a while back. I love the Captain as a model. It fits the idea of him I have from reading your blog. ======================================= Note by Becky: Actually, it was more than that. Some of my collections, like the one at the end of the year, had 20 separate looks.
Becky, congratulations on such a successful designing kickoff! It looks like your relative blog-silence was all worth it. :)
Yay! *clapclapclapclap* I love these "process" entries - thanks so much for sharing the cool details.
Wow! Thanks for the sneak peek into the process. I can't believe you had time for ANY knitting. So what is the school doing with all the clothes now--are they on display? And when will you get it back?
I love it! I know I wasn't supposed to give my opinion, but I just can't help it! My degree is in Fashion Merchandising, which isn't getting used these days. The runway takes me back to WWD, the shows we had to put on, sewing classes where we made our sheaths, developing a business plan for "our" boutique, etc. Ah to be 20 again. No wait, NOT!
I love it! I know I wasn't supposed to give my opinion, but I just can't help it! My degree is in Fashion Merchandising, which isn't getting used these days. The runway takes me back to WWD, the shows we had to put on, sewing classes where we made our sheaths, developing a business plan for "our" boutique, etc. Ah to be 20 again. No wait, NOT!
*enthusiastic applause* I especially love seeing the process of an outfit from start to sketch to finish. So fascinating, and so much work! You truly are super-woman. It's great to have you back, lady. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks! It may seem like a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun and very rewarding to see a successful end result. And if one is truly inspired, the sketches and textile samples come quickly, one after the other.
Very cool design. I love the idea of working jeans into different pieces.
Thank you for the process photos - it is really interesting to see you go from concept to final design. Like anything, no one has any idea of the work that goes into something handmade unless they've been through a similar process themselves. Like others have commented earlier, I'm not going to complain about the prices of well designed clothes anymore! Bonus shot of Captain is awesome!
Love that design! I especially love how the pockets in the top make lovely princess-like seams. Also, as shown in my current knitting projects, I love the puffy sleeves! Thanks for the slideshow of your design process. I always wondered how some of those crazy (yet oh so fashionable and wonderful) ideas might come about. (Lacroix, anyone?)
becky, you are too cool! :-)
Thanks so much for sharing. I am always intrigued with your design posts during your school year. Great outfit (I am a denim lover) and how nice your son gets to share your passion! Susan
I think it's both hilarious and wonderful that your son has been modeling. After all, he got his start here! Ah, back in the day... I know I probably make this same comment every time I do comment, but I'm just really happy for you in your new career. Your work is lovely. ======================================= Note by Becky: Wouldn't it be funny if he started dancing on the runway?
I watched a documentary on Christian Lacroix preparing for one of his shows ... I got to see all the design process, preparation work put into the show. That was really very interesting. The program was shown on TV5monde in French without subtitles, so I didn't understand everything, but lots of things are quite self-explanatory and in crucial places, I had the husband translate to me. I especially like how the delicate embroidery pieces were being transformed from sketches into real pieces. And of course, I couldn't help but think of you while watching the documentary ... I can envision you preparing for your own shows some day! :) ======================================= Note by Becky: It takes a lot of work and experience to get there, though. I'll just be happy with my own little label and boutique, as long as I get to design and have fun at it.
What fun! I loved to feel like I was peeking into your mind/the design process. Keep posting a few knitting blogs that you like/check out! I'm really enjoying looking at sites I otherwise wouldn't know about.
Yay! How exciting it must be to see your designs go down the runway - and the kiddo, too! I look forward to more pictures that show all the details of that sketch - so intricate! Go you!
So unique! I love these fashion entries, even if this *is* a knitting blog - it makes me feel like I have an inside look at the fashion industry and that's pretty cool. But you've always been a designer, as I recently found out when I borrowed my friend's Stitch-n-Bitch and was thumbing through the patterns. Voila! There's Becky! Congratulations, I'm so glad all your hard work ended in a runway moment! :o)
Bravo! Thanks for showing us some of your process, I love seeing how people come up with their ideas. And your son looks adorable in that outfit (which looks like a very interesting design as well). Enjoy your summer, I'd say you deserve a little time off!
This is sort of like watching Project Runway for me. High fashion clothing is pretty much lost on me. Some of it I can't imagine wearing, but I guess that's not the point of it either. I think it's so cool to see the story that a designer is telling and what inspired them and through the process to a final result. I love seeing your designs, they are so cool. Thanks for sharing them with us. I have no way to critique you, just like what I see and think that you are uber-talented. Good for you that you've found something you're so passionate about. As always my regards to the Captain. What a handsome model he made. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks for such a sweet comment, Wanda! You're such a kind and honest person. It means a lot :-) I haven't seen Project Runway yet, but I hear a lot about it. I know that my mother is a huge fan of the show. She's promised to record some of the shows for me so I can watch them when I go back home for a visit. I hope I don't get too hooked on it, because it'll be hard to not be able to watch it when I get back over here!
Thanks for showing the process...it is an interesting look at how you create a garment....and a very nice garment it is! ======================================= Note by Becky: I wish I could include a photo of the first muslin I did, but I can't find it. After it was reviewed, it was so covered up in pencil marked modifications it looked like a road map. A lot of our muslins end up like that, and there are some people who have so many modifs they end up doing three or four successive muslins for the same garment! (Haven't gotten there, yet. Two is my max. Let's see what happens in third year, tho.)
Ooh, that looks really nice! Can't wait till your collections start making regular appearances. Just because I knit, doesn't mean I don't like to wear other types of fabrics! And it would be so cool to day "I knew her wehn she was starting out..."
I am clapping here for you too! Brava! Brava! Or Whoa! Wow! I wish I could have been there. ======================================= Note by Becky: It was a REALLY great show. There are lots of talented people in the school's other branches: Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Beijing, Berlin, Dubai...many others, and we received their selected outfits to show. It was pretty exciting and I was happy to be a part of it, even if I was stuck backstage and couldn't see anything :-)
I really love your design! 50 looks? I'm surprised you got any sleep at all last year. So the model the Captain walked out with was yummy, huh?
Clap clap clap..... I love to read the design process. I wish I was in the backstage to see all the excitement.
You can't see me, but I am clapping wildly! Five collections?!? Well, I'm no longer jealous of your week off. You deserve more! ======================================= Note by Becky: That was just in design. I also do live drawing, marketing, Illustrator, pattern drafting, fashion history, textiles and outside courses at the Textiles Museum. It's intensive, to say the least!
Way to go! You still are the first site I go to everyday. Even when you aren't around! Have to check your side bar... The Captain is looking sooooo grown up. ======================================= Note by Becky: I'm glad to see you're still visiting! Remember "Mommy Do You Love Me?" Still one of the Captain's favorites :-)
Wow! Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful design!
Hi Becky-- This sounds weird, but you are my hero! I spent 3.5 hours at JoAnn's superstore last night, and I signed up for sewing lessons and will probably buy a sewing machine! And not only that, but I want to kick my knitting up a notch and work on my finishing.....I love your work.......good luck and best wishes......Joy ======================================= Note by Becky: Enjoy your sewing machine! For inspiration visit Silvia from Silvia's Knitblog. She's sews excellent things and she has a degree in fashion and patternmaking. Seriously admirable skills.
My jaw's on the floor! It feels like an honor to get to see the process behind the scenes and the inspiration behind the look - I know I'd appreciate couture so much more in general if I could always get a taste of that original spark and the design process behind it. You're the only person I "know" with a foot in that world and I can't wait to see your career develop. Love the Captain, as ever. That outfit does look perfect for showing off some of his circus and dance moves! ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks, Sarah! I look forward to showing a bit more. Next year is going to be even more exciting, because I'll have to assemble an entire collection - as opposed to one piece from each collection, which is what we did this year - from start to finish from April to June. [Faints to floor.]
Becky you are so awesome. It is really great to see the process from start to finish (abbreviated, of course). And to imagine you went through this process fifty times! You are really talented. The captain just looks so cute. I can't believe how grown up he is looking! You need to feel very proud, both for your design talents and for bringing up such a fine boy-o!
*YAAAAAY* clap clap clap....you got some wonderful comments back, too! I am in awe of the creativity and sheer ENERGY it takes to do what you are doing. Admirable indeed!! AND, as everyone else said, the Captain is adorable. How nice to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors!!
Wowzers! A real walk on the catwalk? I'm so inspired that you transitioned from one successful career into another one. It makes me tired just thinking about it. And who knows, maybe CD will walk down the catwalk someday in one of your designs. How exciting!!!! Bravo, bravo :)
I can't believe the amount of talent one must have to make it through all the design phases. Big cheers!
OK, now I REALLY want to see the pic of the captain on the runway because it sounds like he had an excellent accessory. I love seeing your class pieces, thanks so much for sharing.
I hope the end of this week doesn't mean the end of your vacation. Thanks for the week of posts and since it's Friday it's Margarita, Martini,and Mojito time. Let's keep vacationing.
***Applause*** Thank you so much for sharing your designs. Your creativity is inspiring, and I love the insight into lifecycle from idea to runway. While I find your designs to be intrinsically interesting, I also like to see how your design sense informs your choice of knits and also how you style your knitwear. Your flair for creating looks and how you depict and describe them inspires me to think differently about choice of knits (and other things too!) and how to wear them, so thank you! By the way, I really love the pieces you show on your Etsy shop and wouldn't mind seeing some of them "styled" too... Cheryl
Thank you for sharing with us. It was well worth the good behavior :)
Thank you for sharing this. It's really interesting to see the process behind the final design. I am in awe of how you manage to do all this work and raise a family as well.
Your outfit is wonderful Becky! That must have been so exciting to have it selected for the fashion show. It sounds like it was an incredible amount of work. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks, Karen. Truth is, my tailored suit collection and the tailored suit piece I made from it was the most work. A lot of research went into that one and the assembly itself was laborious. Tailors really have their work cut out for them.
Five collections in one year! I'm very impressed by your work turn-over. That model you got looked *fierce* on the catwalk.
Thanks for showing off one of your pieces -- it is incredible. I really appreciated your explanation as to why you don't show move of your design school work on your blog -- I, for one, had been dying to see it. Now I understand -- although I confess it doesn't change my desire to see more. I recently checked out Tortilla Girl, and I love your pieces. Saving up a few $$ so I can purchase the bangle wristlet; I'd love to have a TG original. Regards, Alison ======================================= Note by Becky: My readers have been very kind and understanding in this entry, and I appreciate that :-) Thanks for looking at TG. I will be adding other things there, now that my schedule has freed up so much and I have the desire to sew up larger pieces.
I'm a lurker here for way too long. I just want to tell you I am VERY picky about the knitting blogs I put on my bloglines, but yours is one I check often. You are creative, prolific knitter. And you knit things that truly flatter. Bless you. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thank you so much! Welcome to the comments :-)
Love it. I get visions of Project Runway when you talk about doing FIVE collections. It just amazes me how the designers whip out the creativity and end up with incredible garments in 48 hours or less sometimes...have you ever seen that show? You should totally be on the next season:-)
Very cool! Congrats on being selected for the end of year show! Woooooo! You rock. :)
Yay! That is lots of fun to see. Thanks for letting us peak behind the scenes.
I have been a lurker for years, but had to 'speak up' finally, to say thanks for sharing. Thanks also for taking time to post each day of your vacation~your blog is the first one I check to see if there's been an update. I love reading and seeing the little snippets of your life. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks for commenting :-)
wow! fabulous as usual! you truly are an inspiration to all of us out here. it was your stuff (and my sister's) that made me want to knit, and now my husband has gotten me a sewing machine, so it looks like i'm going to learn to do that too! i'll have to keep coming back to be motivated to try new things! thanks for these glimpses into your creative genius, we love it! (and of course, the captain is adorable!)
Love seeing the design process and the finished product as well. Captain looks amazing too!
APPLAUSE!!!APPLAUSE!!! ...and several really loud WOOHOOs!! Congratulations - what an amazing acknowledgement of all your work and creativity. I'm thrilled for you and your much deserved recognition. And the Captain looks adorable - he's grown so much!!
I must say, a peak into the Skinny Rabbit's mind was very interesting. Your process is really fascinating and you didn't go where I thought you were headed with the original picture. ======================================= Note by Becky: Aha! You've said something very important, Kelli. Everyone who reads my blog and who votes on the photos I show in my little polls should take note of this.
Wow from me, too! What a great way to end the week of posting, such a treat to see your design process, your design on a cute French model, on the runway! and oh the Captain... So wonderful. I know you work very hard at what you do and it shows. I truly appreciate that effort.
Very fresh idea. I'll bet that design got noticed.
Becky. You are it girl!! I mean IT. Congratulations on such a successful school year...while I miss your knitting commentary, I have enjoyed the tales of fashion school. AND, the captain has GREAT hair!!
Great design, Becky! I like that mixture of the casual yet stylish. It must be a good feeling to see the results of all your hard work on the runway. Best wishes for next year.
Becky Bravo!! Thanks for having such an inspirational blog I feel grateful for your site and your talent. The outfit is unique, so hip, the top with the sleeves and empire waistline. My favorite aspect are the pants - nothing like them. It fits your model perfectly, she wears it well how did she do with the runway? A great success would love to see the rear view. Nice touch having your son being a part of what you do and he gets a piece of the action. Will continue to look forward to your designs. I just learned how to do a muslin model, so important in making a better fitting and flawless garmet. APPLAUSE
Thank you so much for sharing with us over the past several days! I can't get enough of your illustrations though. LOVE.THEM.
I vote Becky to Project Runway, I'm sure you'd win also. :-D thx for sharing.
gurl ... you baddd!!!
Becky, it's been so nice to have you all week on the blog. What an intensive year you have had. I don't know how you do it! And thank you for sharing one of your fashion designs. I always love seeing your work - knitting or non-knitting!
Crazy wonderful!
Wowowowowowowowow. I love it. That's all. Where do you come up with the ideas? Must keep you up at night! xoxo Kay
WOW! Yours is the first blog I ever read--about 2 years ago. It has been fun watching you go through the process of becoming fashion designer extrordinaire! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!! The Captain is really growing up, too! Thank you for showing the whole process--it is enlightening, and inspiring. ;)
Have you ever considered a sewing/design type blog? Your work is beautiful!

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