July 13, 2006

Fabric explosion?

Nah. Just a random Rabbit at Work Table Shot.

This is to distract you from the fact that I've yet to hem my pantaloons. Suffice it to say: The three of us at the design studio have been very busy. I am having a blast at work and find that the time flies when I'm there, but when I come home in the evening the last thing I want to do is is hem pantaloons. This weekend, once I've had a break from playing with fabric and patterns all day.

But! I've been knitting. The Crinkle, she has the beginnings of a sleeve:

She's bored of me? Already?
Sheesh. Fickle Rabbit.

I cast on for the sleeve yesterday evening and knit what you see while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which I missed when it came out in theaters. I really liked this movie! I think it's my favorite of the four. Yes, even if Ralph Fiennes looks superfreak with that Voldemort makeup on. Yikes. Nearly poked myself in the eyes with my knitting needles when he pranced onto the screen. He's excellent as Voldemort, though. Just remind me to put on my scary glasses when I watch the next Harry Potter film.

Anyway. Back to Crinkle. Even though I cast on for the sleeve and knit a few rows on it, I admit that about a third into the movie I got bored with knitting it, and I don't know if I'll be knitting it this evening. I knew it was too good to last! Too much of the same thing every evening. So, I need to do something to break the monotony. Something temporary, and then I'll get right back to knitting Crinkle. Possibilities are as follows:

1) Work on a front piece of Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket*.

2) Cast on for a new (quick) project for myself (scoop-necked tunic in linen drape, anyone?)

3) Knit something small, like a toy.

4) Hem my pantaloons. (Hahaha! I joke.)

I'm leaning toward the front piece of Captain Destructo's jacket. He probably won't wear it until September but I figure I should get some more progress on it now because I'm suffering a slight case of Mommy Guilt over taking so long with it. Should I eat some cookies to ease the guilt? I think so.

*Bet you thought I forgot about that, eh? Well, I didn't. Muwaahaaaaaaaaaaa!

P.S. I want to give a public thank you to my friend Brenda (who just celebrated a birthday...go wish her a happy birthday!) for surprising me with a wonderful package full of goodies from back home, including some toys for the Captain. [Here's a gratuitous photo of a very happy clad-in-pajamas Captain for Brenda.] Thank you, Brenda! (Who we're hoping will come back soon to Lyon so we can do some mad shopping at the yarn store and drink margaritas again.)

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God, the Captain has grown, and he's so cute! You will have problems with the girls that are going to chase him, I promise! And of course you'll eat cookies while knitting the linen jacket. Don't even think about anything else.
Thank you, Maud! And he has definitely grown; I think he'll pass me in height before he's eight. Hehe. P.S. He's so proud because he'll be six in September and is going to the next grade. He's already asking for a new backpack for the new school year, and the last school year ended barely a week ago. [Awwwwwwwwww!]
Linen Jacket for the Captain ... coz I like that jacket and want to see it finished ... hehehe ...
What a great job site with all that fabric! And I second Maud's comments (I said it before and will say it again) Captain is SO BIG! I think its funny that in SnB Book #1, your profile talks about how you learned to knit while preggers with the Captain, and now he's turning 6!
OMG! The captain is growing up so fast! His face is loosing that baby roundness.
Oh, how I loathe hemming! Maybe my hatred of it is why I'm so bad at it! Have you seen the blog A Dress A Day? Between that blog and all of your talk about sewing, I'm eyeing my back room and trying to figure out how I could fit a proper work table in there so I can sew more!
More cookies and jam please! Hems be damned.
I agree, working on the Capt's Linen Jacket is how I think you should go about it. I'm bad for getting bored with things too. I usually have a few things to switch off on. We wanna see those finished pantaloons too!
*jumping up and down* A TOY, A TOY, A TOY.... WE NEEEED A TOY, PLEASE!!!
I vote for making a toy as your temporary distraction project! I just made the June Bug from Jess Hutchison's book of toys and I'm thinking about making the rabbit on her website or a robot or something next.
Oh, the Captain is really starting to look like you, in a cute, 6-year-old boy kinda way, of course. Wonderful! I heartily recommend a break from Crinkle, just long enough to remember that you need a black lace cardi and oh yeah! You're already almost halfway done! :)
Captain's Jacket, no question. That handsome little gentleman needs new handknit duds.
Hmmm, you seem to have a plethora of possible choices there. If you ask me (I know you kinda did!) I say do some work on the linen jacket (just to quiet the "guilties" of course) and then make a fun toy. A silly, quick entertaining toy. 'Cause you gotta have fun.Gotta gotta gotta gotta.....
Hey! hem your pantaloons already! we wanna see them! hee hee. ps...your captain is quite a cutie.
yay for fabric explosions! I know what you mean about getting bored. I haven't had an FO in forever because I've been getting bored by my knits and feel like starting something new :P
"...when I come home in the evening, the last thing I want to do is hem pantaloons..." You know, that is *just* what I *always* say! "Hi, kids! I'm home! Can't think of anything I'd like to do more last than hem pantaloons! Say, what's for dinner?" (Between the wanting to do absolutely everything else before ever hemming the pantaloons and never knowing what was for dinner, is it any wonder Mr. Diane got a bit fed up? Let this be some kind of a lesson to you, dear Rabbit.) I realize I should say something knitting or designer oriented now, but I think we can both agree I've given you enough to think about for today. xo :P
I'd love to see the finished jacket for the Captain too! Although a toy would be nice too.... hehehe... :) Oh and your job sounds very exciting! I wish I could play with fabrics and patterns all day too...
I've always felt that those work tables are really cool... I vote for Linen Jacket for Cap'n Destructor. ;)
btw, do you have any buttons I can use to link to your blog?
I think you should cast on for something new with the linen drape. This is purely for selfish reasons, as I have some in my stash that I can't decide what to do with and would love to see what you do with yours. :)
I'm glad you and Capt. enjoyed the gifts. Hi there, Capt.! Hugs to you and your mom. I will see you next Spring!
Oh, the scoop neck! But only if you give us explicit pattern details on how you did it and therefore how we can do it as well! Either that or a nice little long-sleeved shrug, in preparation for the crispy autumn days ahead, as I'm craving one of those as well...............juuuuuuust like the pattern of the teeny one that Suss Design has for sale on their website..... ;>
Becky, Becky, Becky...I say, eat some cookies with cherry jam, (and btw, I LOVE Bonne Maman jam, although I am partial to strawberry) and then make a toy....jacket weather it is not and better to keep the Captain entertained with something he can emjoy now!!
I say you pick the project least likely to interfere w/ the margarita drinking/cookie eating partay.
Ooooh looks like a really fun time in your studio. I love spending days in a studio. Last year that is what I did for my birthday. Cheers Mia
I love the picture of fabric all over the work table. Last night, I watched Project Runway and thought of you. I think you'd love that show!
Hmm, I think cookies are the answer. Anything sweet is always a good solution!
I vote for the toy. It will amuse you, finish quickly, and if you give it to the Captain, you can take care of that mommy guilt thing lickety-split. Jess Hutchinson's Squarey did wonders to distract my older son from the progress of one of his knits. I'm hoping a super-fast-bulky scarf will do the same for my husband ;)
That looks like so.much.fun! I'm glad you are enjoying it... By the way, I missed the debut but Cat in the Hat Stripes cropped sweater is HOT!!
Cookies with guilt are a staple where I come from. Cookies or chocolate - but hey, they both work. What is that red and white fabric becoming? It's gorgeous!! And the Captain is adorable in his pajamas - thanks for the gratuitous photo!!
HARRY POTTER RULES! I love knitting while watching them as well... because I've seen them so many times that I know what's going on! : D
Vive La France! Happy Bastille Day! Sigh. I'm not sure I could reproduce how I ended up at your blog but what luck. You have given me a serious case of nostalgia. I lived in France for 5 years (St Germain-en-Laye) and the first thing I saw in your blog was The Captain with his adorable Frog. I am so envious. If you need anything, let me know. Things have changed since we returned in '92 but I remember things we missed and then didn't. A pleaseure to e-meet you Rabbit! I'll be checking out the rest of the blog and the wonderful photos.
Ooh, I spy a pretty white & red print on the table! Whassat for? : )
That table of fabric and stuff looks like all kinds of fun! I know what you mean about getting bored, make a toy! Toys rule. :)

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