July 12, 2007

A nice, quiet day.

A couple of things we did today, in pictures:

So...what are you up to today?

On the blogrolling note, here are the mah-velous spotlight blogs of the day:

A Mingled Yarn
A2 Seamster
Trailing Yarn

"See" you tomorrow! I may end the week with one of my designs that went down the runway for the end of the year fashion show. If you're good :-)

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23 comments to this entry:

I love the fabric on the top of the stack. Sew pretty!!!
Looks like a gorgeous day in France! I LOVE the fabric in the third picture. And, you have to show us the runway design...we are following your growing fame day by day!
The green white fabric looks great! I'm looking forward to see your design! My day has been filled with cleaning (urgh), knitting and playing mini golf with the family. The sun has been shining, and I finished the striped socks, and I almost reached the armhole shaping on my vest.
I've been so enjoying you updating your blog everyday! As for me, I'm packing! We leave tonight for Virginia Beach. FAMILY REUNION, BABEEE!!!
Yes, yes! We'll be good! Thanks for listing my blog! You *would* pick the day I posted the goofiest picture EVER, but hey, that's alright! As we all (including Miss New Jersey) know, the internets aren't private!
Such a tease, I want more pictures of everything...up close, especially that puppy butt. What can I say, I'm a sucker for furry face.
I'm really enjoying reading your blog on a daily basis. Must be great not to be on the madness and stress of school. Can't wait to see the runway designs. BTW - thanks for highlighting my blog. I now just need to update it a bit more often!
That green and white fabric is so pretty! I think I broke my toe playing soccer last night so today I'm laid up waiting for x-rays. How exciting. *yawn*
I've been playing with my iPhone and searching for good knitting podcasts. I really like that top fabric and will watch to see what it might become.
Today, my boy and I went to visit with a group of his little friends and their moms. It was a lot of fun, and he was asleep in the car both to and from the gathering! Oh, and we played peek-a-boo for the first time and I got big laughs. Awesome. Hooray for kids!
Are we good, are we good? Nothing too exciting on my end. Working, blah.
Oh I will be good. Promise! I would love to see your designs. I wish I had sewing skills like you.
The sun finally came out for you - hurrah! I'm at work waiting for the delivery of $1800 worth of school supplies so I can go swelter in a windowless building sorting them. I'd far rather be knitting and working on patterns like you!
everybody behave! i want to see the design.
Can't wait! I love all of your projects; sewing or knitting. First I took up knitting 3 years ago and love it - now I am hitting the sewing machine and love that too. I need more time. Susan
Oh, gorgeous fabric there, at the end. I've not done a thing of note today, other than drop off my car to get fixed.
Sounds like you had a very good day! I want to see your design! :-) I'll be good.
hee! that middle pic is so cute. and I promise we'll be good! we wanna see the runway design... Today, I worked on schoolwork(CSS and web accessibility), and went to the yarn store and bought some alpaca/silk. Now I'm trying to resist casting on b/c I need to finish my homework!
Hurray for quiet, sun filled days! BTW Happy Bastille Day for tomorrow.
Thanks for the mention of my blog. That's a first for me. Who won your inspiration poll?
We are very good! I mostly was at work today. See you tomorrow!
So is Captain hiding from Lucy or vice versa? Either way, it looks fun!
Thanks for the shout-out, Becky. :)

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