July 11, 2006

I snapped this shot while leaving work today:

A view of part of the city, taken in La Croix Rousse.
(I was waiting for the, thankfully air-conditioned, bus.)

Look at the pretty blue sky! What you can't see (or feel) is that it is 34 degrees celsius outside and I was sweating like I had run a 20 mile marathon. The makeup I put on this morning? Slipped right off my face and landed on the floor in a puddle. Send air-conditioning and some iced tea, stat. But don't send makeup, because I'm not wearing any until this stifling heat passes. Vanity, be damned.

In sport news, my beloved Bleus have lost the World Cup. Sob! I bury my disappointment and grief in a lacy Crinkle cardi:

Partially knitted Left Front meets completed Right Front and says,
"Dude! You're, like, all knitted up already. Coooool."

I've already reached the neck shaping on the left front, and it looks like I'll be finishing up this piece tonight. I haven't gotten bored with knitting black lace yet so I think I'll just go ahead and cast on for the sleeve. Strike while the iron's hot, and all that jazz.

In sewing news, I've finished my pantaloons. (Arrrrr!) All I've got to do is hem them. And because those are almost finished, I went ahead and made a pattern for another pair of pants. This time they'll be full-length, and in linen. I'll cut into the fabric as soon as I get off my procrastinating bee-hind and hem my pantaloons, already.

thumb.jpgBefore I go and pick up Captain Destructo at the rec center, I present to you what has now turned into my Favorite Snack of the Moment (and what I'm eating as I type this entry): Petit beurre biscuits topped with Bonne Maman cherry jam. They HAVE to be petit beurre and it HAS to be cherry jam; no other marriage of biscuit and jam will do. And you don't understand: I don't have like two or three jam-topped biscuits and call it a day. I'm capable of inhaling half the box in one sit down. Greedy gut, they name is Rabbit.

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Oh, I love Bonne Maman cherry jam! In our household, it's the preferred topping on crumpets. My guy has an obsession with crumpets at the moment.
We love the Bonne Maman blackberry jam. Never had it on the cookie though... How do you ever stay so thin.(:
mmm ... Bonne Maman cherry jam. We use that to make cherry sauce for duck breast. And then I often eat the leftovers straight from the jar!!
So what kind of ribbon are you going for on that black cardi?
Mmmm...Bonne Maman jam. I'm partial to the apricot. It's fabulous when you mix it with my grandmothers raspberry jam and top ANYTHING with it. I could eat the entire jar in one sitting if I didn't have that one last shred of willpower.
oh my goodness! you're already down with the two front panels? Yay for quick knits!
I watched the World Cup game and what I want to know is what people in France are saying about Zidane? CRAZY!!! Or, what I really want to know is what the other guy said to Zidane to get that reaction?! Your snack sounds scrumptious. Wonder if those bisquits are available in the US? Yum. Can't wait to see your Crinkle finished-they are all so cute!
Don't you love O-Ding on your fave snacks? Right now I'm hopelessly addicted to Special K cereal bars in Vanilla Crisp. Tastes like donuts. mmm. I think I'll try those biscuits tho...they look yummy. Nice fronts!
The snack sounds super-yummy, I'll have to look up the jam. I really love the Crinkle in black! Will you be going for an understated ribbon, as well?
I'm so into those cookies right now too! The jam is a fabulous innovation.
This snack talk reminds me that it is lunchtime and I should go find some food. Great pantaloons and Crinkle is sure a quick knit.
My biggest sin right now: Nestlé Maxi Bon Loop. I'm going to have one right now!
Sounds yummy. I have never heard of that brand of jam. Years and years ago I made jam with just about every fruit I could get my hands on, including cherry. Yummmm. I had so much though I had to give it away to anyone I could find who would take some.
I live in Fort Wayne, IN (read: Po-Dunk, Midwest) and even MY grocery store carries those biscuits and that jam. Zowie!
Aaaah ! "Cerises noires" est celle que je préfère aussi !! Mais sur des biscottes... Et pour les pantalons, on attend la photo sur toi, Moussaillon(ne) !
Il y aura des photos, je te le promet. Et peut-être des "whack dance shots", aussi...:-)
I'm hungry now!
For me? Nilla Wafers and Bananas. The whole box!!!
Remember when you knit Audrey and sat on the Vesper? I think wearing your pantaloons(arrrr) and stripey sweater(shiver me timbers) to The Priates of the Caribeen 2 would be so much fun....for all of us :o) The theatre would be air conditioned, right?
You know, I haven't eaten those Petits Beurres since I was a child... and your photo brings back happy memories... I am impressed by Crinkle's speedy growth and I must say the hot weather doesn't seem to slow you down! Keep going... I am also curious to see the ribbon you're going to choose.
I thought that preserve looked familiar! I have it in Wild Blueberry! Your pants turned out so cool looking!
There was a show all about Lyon on the travel channel the other day. So beautiful! And I was looking, looking, looking for Becky - sneaking into the background, waving madly and pointing at her knitted top..? Surely she must show up...? But, no. This made Lyon a little less beautiful for me. May I also suggest Dickinson's Lime Curd sandwiched between slices of pound cake?
As I rounded the dairy section my grocery store, my gaze hit upon a LU display. I grabbed the biscuits and ran through the jam aisle, a grab at Bonne Maman and through the checkout. I taste tested and found the biscuits truly buttery and the jams a good match. Thank you and bon appetit!
I better move my rear on Crinkle before you pass me like I'm standing still.
After reading about the biscuits and Jam, I think I'm going to have to raid my pantry. I don't think I have anything that good though.
jeepers creepers woman! I can't keep up with your knitting. Your gonna have that done in no time! It looks fabulous :)
All I have to say this time is: You crack me up! Thanks for keeping up such a witty blog, it's nice to see someone so different! : )
Mmmm... I love Bonne Maman but in our house it is fraise!
Bonne Maman cherry jam....mmmm....we put it on top of ice cream. And on top of shortbread cookies. And use it to glaze pork roasts. And on scones. And teabiscuits. Hell, we just eat it out of the jar. Sorry about Les Bleus, but I must confess I was rooting for Italia! The party hasn't stopped here. But my curiousity must know, what's the French take on Zidane???
OK, catching up...love bonne maman cherry jam and biscuits...love love wiltord (i'm so jealous!), loving that cardi stitch pattern, cat in the hat is HOT, that fabric looks scrumdiddlyumptious, and that cute pup pic reminded me that i've had this "knitting for dogs" books sitting here for months -- i've been meaning to ask if you wanted it (didn't know if you'd think it was too silly). oh my gosh, wiltord!
Nice view~ Pantaloons are looking good too.. Craving for biscuits with jam too (no petite beuree and bonne maman around 'ere) =]

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