July 10, 2008

On vacation!

As of today I'm officially on vacation and on my way for a visit to America. Yay! I really need it because I've been insanely busy - I was practically chained to my drafting board and sewing machine for the past few months, so this a going to be a great, relaxing time. I'm not taking any knitting with me, but I plan on visiting some yarn stores while I'm there and hope to find something that inspires me to knit something bigger than a cuff. (Last time I visited I taught my sister-in-law to knit, and I am SOOOOO grateful that I did that because now she's a big-time knitter and is going to take me to all of her favorite yarn haunts. Can you stand it???)

Cuff knit using lightweight silk bourette.
Perfect knitting for hot weather.

P.S. I knit this during one of Captain Destructo's karate tournaments.
He ranked second in his category and passed his yellow belt. Awwwww!

I've got my camera, my laptop [gotta love wifi] and a couple of circs going along with me, so I hope to share some updates while I'm overseas. Plus, I have to show a photo of Captain Destructo before his front teeth grow in because he looks cute with his toothless grin. And he's so big for his seven years that he almost fits into my shoes. If he had been born a girl I bet he'd be wearing them right now. Dudes! Where's the time going???

Thanks for checking in, and have a great summer!

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