July 10, 2002

Viva swatching.

I've just started a new pattern from Rebecca 23, and boy is this yarn chunky! I'm using size 6mm's and although I know there are much bigger sizes, I feel like I'm knitting with those huge sticks Lily Chin is holding on the cover of her book, The Urban Knitter. Still, I can see why people like knitting with chunky yarn. I did my swatch in about five minutes flat. Definitely quick knitting.

Speaking of my swatch, I'm grateful that I still insist on knitting one before starting any project. I tried out the swatch on 5.5mms and the gauge was small in comparison to the pattern's gauge. I would have had to knit an additional 20 rows if I had started this project using the 5.5mm's. In most cases width is more important than row gauge, but this particular pattern has a special cabled design that must be worked over exactly 106 rows, no more. Adding those extra 20 rows would have looked awful, and if I had just gone ahead with the 5.5mm's I wouldn't have noticed until the very end. Thankfully, the size 6mm needles worked out great on my little swatch. So viva swatching (even if it's a drag sometimes)!

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I'm so glad you're trying big fat needles with chunky yarn. It's my favorite way to go because of the instant gratification factor. I usually have one chunky project going while I'm doing something else, that way, when I get frustrated on the progress with the tiny needle project and I can pick up the other one and see some action. Oh, and a cable design over 106 rows? You rock, girl.
that's fab! can't wait to see it grow. you've pounded into me how important gauge is. i was relieved to see that the wigwam sweater is coming out true to my swatch. it's impossible to measure the bugger on the circulars, so it was a bit of a treat to try it on when i ripped it all back. see? i'm insane, too.
Hey .. i love the yarn. You are more gutsy than I am though. I am not good with white. White and I don't have that great of a relationship and I would be worried to knit with it since I would probably stain it just as I was finishing it and would end up having to either undo the project or dye the yarn. I can't wait to see the pattern since Rebecca's stuff isn't as readily available here where I am!
It's true, damn it, swatch, swatch, swatch. I too have found there is just no use in skipping it! Love the Chunky Yarn project you have going. I just found last year's Rowan Big Wool book, and I too want to get some large needles. Sounds like fun.

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