July 09, 2003

Almost finito!

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Oh, just bind off, already!

My tiny tank is almost finito! I'm about to bind off the front piece, but I haven't done it yet as I'm considering ripping out a few of the rows and reknitting a bit more tightly. The first half of the front piece is knitted as I swatched, but my tension loosened up during the last few rows and I fear it may stretch out when I block it. This ribbon yarn (like a lot of ribbon yarns) is, as Claudia says, "a stretcher". It stretches width-wise after washing - and that is something I noticed when I swatched and blocked my swatch. So I went down from size 6mm to size 5.5mm needles and did the ribbing on smaller needles as well. However, I can see that the stitches in the top rows aren't as tight as the rest of the stitches, so a rippin' we will go. I don't mind - better to have a garment that fits than a garment that hangs on me like a wet sarape.

Something else I noticed about this yarn: it's not 100% colorfast. I wet the yarn and placed it on a paper towel, and when it dried there were very light blue smudges on the paper towel. If you're using this yarn to knit something, don't knit it with other colors and I recommend you toss it in the wash with other things only if you want it all to come out the same color. Hand-wash only, just like the label reads :-)

Now that this tank is almost finished, I'm already having a hard time trying to choose what I'm going to do next! I can do one of several projects from Sarah Dallas' Vintage Knits, a ribbony top from Bouton d'Or, something from Rowan 27, 31 or 33...or maybe something from Phildar's Evasion or Tendances catalog (again)? Or! I can work on my Rowan Calmer top, knit a matching tank and cardi in pink for my goddaughter, or start a sleeveless vest for my child, a.k.a. Captain Destructo. Then again, I can always finish my other projects, like my pretty cotton jacket or my husband's cotton raglan, but the weather is too hot for either of those right now. In my frenzied desire to knit everything I'm probably going to end up with too many works in progress and nothing to show for it. Oh, what to do?

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My vote is for the Rowan Calmer top (very pretty) or the matching tank and cardi (sweet!). Bummer about the bleeding yarn. Maybe you want to make sure it's all bled out before wearing it on a hot, sweaty day? Good thing you found out before getting caught in a rain shower. ;)
my vote is for rowan calmer too...since i have the yarn for that one in my stash, maybe i'll knit along with you?? when are you starting? :) i have GOT to at least finish the knittin' of Lil Beck, even if not the finishing, by the end of this week/beginning of next. But then i'll need something to work on. (i mean not that i don't have anything to work on, but....)
There must be a knitting virus going around. Last night all I could think of is all the yummy yarns waiting to be knit and swatched like a mad woman. Glad to see you are also in a frenzy at the thought of your next project(s).
Me too! I'm swatching and knitting up a storm! I vote for the Tendances catalogue just because I'm knitting my way through it!
Ummm, well, I'd say the sleeveless vest for the Captain. It looks very cute, and I'd like to see more of his dancing pictures... So what's a 'sarape'?
Moi aussi vote for the Rowan Calmer top. It looks so sweet and summery. But how does the lacy bit work? Do you sew some lace onto the top of it, or did she slip a little something on underneath? I think I'd like to make it - as soon as I find some more l'argent de poche!
I vote for the little twinset-it is toooo cute! Where did you find that pattern?
Ooh! I'd do the matching tank and cardi! But don't temp me, I must finish at least one of three WIP, all of which are summer wear. Summer will be over before anything is finished if I start anything else at this point. I did just finish Sitcom Chic though, so I am pretty pleased about that.
I didn't notice any color bleeding on my Copacabana -- but then again every skein has been soaked and unkinked at least twice (!) so I think I'm safe. What did you use for bind-offs on the front & back of Tiny Tank?? And I vote for pretty jacket. You will *so* want that to wear as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler. You know you will.
Well my vote is to see something from the Vintage Knits book (since I have the same book). Which ones are you eyeing? I have yarn for the kid soft long-sleeved sweater with the cable detail on the ribbing and the linen drape short-sleeved lace-patterned sweater. But having said that, there are more that I would love to make from that book.
I am so eager to finish my argyle socks so i can move on to a tank. All of those you made are so lovely & motivate me to knit one, too. Something for myself at last! Which was your favorite tank to knit? I might try the calmer, especially if you decide that's your next project. Either way, thanks for the inspiration!
Okay! I think I know what I'm working on next. [Tee hee!] And of course, it's more than one. I have *no* self-control, whatsoever. Marrije, this is a sarape: http://www.sunlandimports.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/sarapered_l.jpg (They're very heavy blankets. According to that site, they can be used as tablecloths. Interesting. I've never seen one used as a tablecloth, and I wouldn't because they retain dust like you wouldn't believe :-)) Claudia, I'm doing just a traditional bind-off to match the cable cast-on. I was going to do a decrease bind-off but it looked a bit chunky. (And I don't think the color bleeding is too much of an issue - the swatch was literally soaked when I tested it but the smudges it left were very light.) Karen, I don't plan on doing either of those (yet) but I do have Cotton Glace and Linen Drape to do one of the tanks and the ribbed sweater. I also want to do the lacy cardigan. Kim, my favorite so far? Hmm...I'm stuck between the tiny tank and Smooch. Joy was nice, too. Heck, they're all my favorites!
hey becky - my swatch is on its way to you...don't know when it will make it there (5-7 days they said?) but i hope it's not too unforgivably late. :) as for your upcoming projects - i won't even bother casting a vote for my favorite, cause everything you make looks fabulous - you should seriously consider marketing those knittin' skills, woman.

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