July 08, 2005

Hey! Check out where I am on my Fiery Bolero:

The Fiery Bolero. Olé!
(Pictured with the cursed measly half skein of Cathay remaining.)

I finished it up and started on the neck edging, which required my picking up about gazillion stitches. Okay, I lie. It isn't really a gazillion stitches but it sure feels like it is. Anyway, last night I was happily knitting along on the neck edging, working those short rows [how I love working short rows] and watching Les Dents de la Mer*, when I got to the last two rows and decided to take a look at the amount of yarn I had left. Uh-oh! [Insert ominous approaching shark music from Jaws.] Less than half a skein. I'm not sure if I am going to have enough yarn to finish the back edging and cuffs! I started looking at my swatch to see if I could rip that out and glean a few centimeters out of that, which is pretty sorry. And that, my friends, is why it's a good idea to always get an extra ball of yarn even if you're sick and tired of doing that because you could open a yarn store with all the oddballs leftover from previous projects. Now I'm going to be fervently praying to the yarn gods while I nervously knit the edgings: "Please, yarn gods! Let there be enough of this bad boy Cathay so I can finish the Fiery Bolero and wear it on vacation! I shall place chocolate at the altar, er...my stash closet, for you!" If that doesn't work, I'll have to order another skein when I get back from vacation, and wait for it to come in. That'll learn me, good and proper.

*Otherwise known as Jaws; remember that movie? Scared the bikini off me when I saw it back in...oh, never mind. Suffice it to say that I saw it when it came out in theaters. A long time ago. Oops! My age is showing.)

Oh, but there's more. I couldn't resist surreptitiously getting in a few rows on the Flowery Cardigan, even though I should really be packing for vacation, going to my hair appointment and sweating over the measly half skein of Cathay I have to finish my Fiery Bolero.

Wanna see the whole enchilada? Oh, go on.

This is the back piece, which has similar construction to the Fiery Bolero as the sleeves are knit on. See those extra stitches at both ends? I just began increasing stitches for the sleeves. The fun part! Should make for interesting travel knitting. And I like knitting this little cardi so much that I decided to knit the matching diaper cover that goes with it, and just bought a couple of extra skeins of Phil Eponge in order to do that. The diaper cover has a big flower right smack on the bottom. Awwwwwwwww!

Now, for my travel knitting. I'm taking:

1) A few skeins of GGH Scarlett so I can start knitting my Rebecca cardi, already. I swatched for this project a while ago and haven't even started. J'ai honte! Maybe I'll do a few rows of ribbing while I'm away, just because.

2) Some skeins Phildar Quietude so I can work on a vest for my dad. Rows and rows of ribbing for a vest destined for a man the size of a rugby player! In gray flannel yarn. Who loves ya, Dad???

3) All the Phil Eponge slotted for the Flowery Cardigan. Let's hope I have this as a near-finished project by the time I get back.

And wait! There's even more. Before I go, I give you some artsy snapshot slideshows taken when I was in Paris:

The family and I are heading off to the Loire Valley and Paris for vacation. There will be updates when I get back. See you then!

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Have a fantastic holiday. Fab knitting,as always.I'm sure the bolero will soon be done,one way or another,and looking fab on you !
I ran out of yarn for something I was working on on the weekend and my sister jokingly told me to get out the yarn stretcher ... funny girl. The bolero is looking great. I can't wait to see the little flower jacket all done. If my brother and sister-in-law have a little girl I want to make that... It is too cute! The Paris pictures are great. I love the stained glass one.
I hope the yarn gods are good to you. Enjoy your vacation! :)
First can I say how incredibly freakin jealous I am of your art? I am NUTS over the impressionists! We spent WEEKS talking about "Dejuener sur l'herbe" (sorry for sp mistakes) in art history. My fave is Monet, and his haystacks. YOu must have been in awe! I agree about that extra skein. I feel dumb bringing it back, but I hate having single skeins. Sounds like you are going to have a great vaca! Enjoy, and be careful!!!
Have a safe journey and WONDERFUL time :)
That Eponge yarn looks like it works up into a very interesting texture...can't wait to see the flowers. And a flower on the po-po! Too cute. That'll be one lucky bebe. (I really should learn how to do accents....) Have a lovely vacation. Hurry back. We blog-stalkers get lonely and bored and then we have to actually do productive things. Oh, and I'll be praying to the Gods of Cathay for you. Hope that yarn holds out.
I have been salivating over the French countryside courtesy of the TdeF coverage. Jealousy abounds. In solidarity, I will offer up chocolate at my knitting altar for Enough Yarn.
The bolero looks great! Hope that you have enough to make it to the end. Enjoy your vacation!!
Love the bolero progress, Becky. It looks so great! You know I had a whole bunch of that Eponge and I handed it off to Heather--I love the progress on that Flowery cardigan--from the pictures, the texture looks like terry cloth :) Have a good weekend!
I just finished a kid sized Bolero, thinking I might do one for me, or not. I don't know that I could pull it off quite like the 8 year old! But I think you will look smashing in yours. Love the PJs! Where are yours??
Have an excellent and safe vacation, Becky! The fiery bolero is lookin' mighty pretty! =)
Oh those pictures are great!!! I must visit Paris some time!!! Love the bolero and the flowery cardie!!! Have fun on your vacation!!
Have a great vacation Becky, wishing you much progress on all your great projects! Love the slideshows.
Have a wonderful holiday, with plenty of knitting! Cathay is great, isn't it? And since I've finally dusted off my knitting needles, and corrected some flaws in my knitting technique (thanks to Annie Modesitt, whose site I first found through your blog), I think I'm going to let myself be tempted by some Phil'Eponge shortly...
This is great! I'm never going to need to actually visit France, I can just keep checking your site for pics of trips and adventures.
I was looking at your pictures and noticed that one looks very similar to the one I just finished. I was working on the Phil Eponge, flowery sweater. It is so pretty and so soft. Looks like a towel
With all the knitting you're bringing, are you gonna have room for clothes? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have enough for the bolero, it's terrible when you get that close. The diaper cover sounds so cute :)
Enjoy your vacation!
I'm using the Cathay, too! It's a tricky little thing - if you don't watch it carefully, it splits :). The bolero looks lovely, I hope you have enough!
Oh the bolero. How fiery! ;) I'll place some sacrificial chocolate on my stash for you, in the hopes that you have enough Cathay. Also, all the art is lovely, but you really got me with the stained glass pictures. I have a long-standing obsession with stained glass. In high school (long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away) I did an independent study in batik and made pieces that looked like stained glass. I even made my mother drive me into New York to see the Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibit at the MoMA - for "research". Have a great time on vacation. I'll be here working, green with envy!
Have fun on Vacation!!
Enjoy your vacation! Maybe if you offer up a chocolate bar and a glass of wine, the yarn gods will stretch out your Cathay. If not, you can drink the wine and eat the chocolate and try to forget!
have a fun and sun-packed vacation! loved the paris slideshows. i just got a copy of rebecca29, and i love to make that exact cardigan you're going to be working on. i caught myself saying that whenever i see someone is making something beautiful! is this sort of bad? can't i think of something original to make?
Hehe...I like Jennifer's idea to offer up chocolate and wine. If I don't run out of yarn I'll drink the wine and eat the chocolate. You know, to celebrate. I'm happy to see that some of you like the stained glass photos. I'm intrigued by stained glass, and am a huge fan of Samuel Bing and Art Nouveau; art glass and jewelry from that period are among my favorites. (The stained glass I showed is part of the Art Nouveau exhibit in the Musee d'Orsay.) Thanks for the well wishes! I'll be sure to take snapshots while I'm away. Okay, better get back to packing now. (We leave tomorrow morning, early. Eeek!)
Have fun on Vacation, Becky! Oh. my. god. I can so relate to your running out of yarn situation. I learned that "buy an extra ball of yarn" lesson the hard way. ugh.
Have a wonderful and safe vacation! Take care. ;)
Well Becky-O you are already on your way with the fam! I am so jealous of all the vacation you guys get over there. I have a measly two weeks.... Hope you have a blast and I can't wait for all the updates! Yipee!!
The bolero will turn out beautiful - as all your projects do! Have a wonderful holiday and can't wait to see your finished work. Donna P
Have fun with the Rebecca cardi! I zipped right along until adding all the stitches for the sleeves, but now the rows are twice as long so I got bored with it. I will finish it *sometime*! Hope you enjoy your vacation
Have a great holiday! I love all your knits!
Have a top holiday. I expect lots of knitting pics, hopefully with you wearing your cute summer dresses, with finished bolero on top, glass of wine in one hand and tell tale chocolate smudges around your mouth (tee hee!)
Have a fantastic vacation!! I hope the yarn gods feel charitable; I can't wait to see the finished Bolero! I love the baby outfit. If my BIL and SIL have a girl, I'm going to do that one!!
i just started knitting with that phil eponge and oh the results, it's definitely the softest spongiest yarn around, i love it. and for baby knits, it's perfect, you're right! first a cardigan for me ;), but then maybe i'll make something for my nieces.
Oh good heavens, what a horror! I will also sacrifice Toblerone on the altar of my...uh...mouth!
I've been reading your blog for a while now, its definately up there on my favorites! And wow, you knit so fast, how do you find the time to get all your projects done? The fiery bolero looks like it will be gorgeous, definately on my list to do. Have a great vacay, hope you get lots of knitting time in :o)
I am squeezing my eyes tightly and thinking over and over, "You will have enough yarn. You will have enough yarn." Maybe if I click my heels together too?
ooh, can't wait to see the fiery bolero all finished! we've all said that prayer to the yarn gods.
you're AMAZING!!!! HOW do you get ALL of that done?!?!?! I LOVE looking at your finished projects and your "step-by-step" construction pix!!! C'est vraiment MAGNIFIQUE!!!!
I did short rows on a 2x2 rib baby cardigan last year, which was a bit tricky to work out. I finally got it, but made the mistake of not writing down how I did it. I was a bit confused on whether to knit or purl the wraps. Any suggestions? Did your bolero pattern explain how to do this, or did you just figure it out? It looks great, as all your projects do!
Hey! I have a 3/4 skein left over... I made the second smallest size and I had enough. I'll send over the rest should you need it. :) Lookin beeeeeautiful!!
I love that Phil Eponge. I'm totally going to have to make something with it. Have a great vacation!
The fiery bolero looks so beautiful and soft. I bet by the time you read this, you'd have already known what the yarn gods decided for you in this particular project! I hope the outcome is in your favour. The Flowery Cardigan really looks very soft and spongey, I'm sure baby will love it!
Becky, have a great vacation! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your yarn will magically multiply so that you can finish the Fiery Bolero!!!!
Wow!!! The photos of your Paris trip are amazing!1 I love that kind of art also. Hope you are having fun!!! Fiery Bolero looks great.
Now that I'm back from my vaca, I can wish you a fun and safe vaca! So you guys didn't get enough castles in the loire yet, huh? I hope there will be some bike riding if it's not too hot. Enjoy yourselves!
Wow, I love that fiery bolero. Funny, it didn't look that interesting to me when I got the mag in the mail but now I MUST MAKE IT. Love your pix. 'Specially the "dancing" shots. tee hee!
A little behind on the commenting here, but oh oh oh! Love the shot of the Mary Cassatt painting in the second slide show! (I'm not a dork and mistaking that, am I? The pretty young woman bent over handiwork in Cassatt's beautiful colorways, er, palette?) Yeehaw for Par-eeee!
I'm just drooling over that balaro! Must get that issue of interweave knits!! I can't wait to see the finished piece!
hay there...i'll pray with you. Love the Renoir pics. my cookpics is broken, my little captain had a tantrum and threw it on the floor...Oy! hubby and I aim to get it fix before we go on vacation.
I loved your Bolero so much I went and bought the summer 05 isue of IK. Are you done with it yet? =)
I am so looking forward to seeing the Scarlet jacket in progress. The swatch is so beautiful the sweater is going to be a knockout!
What a fantastic blog!! I love your site, the pictures/slideshow of your blocking techniques just great! An absolute daily must read...
I can't wait to see the finished bolero, I think that I might be in need of one too. Have a fantatic time, whereabout in the Loire Valley are you off to? (There are some truly gorgeous places to be visited).
Where is Becky? I miss her! :)
I'm back! I've got lots to share, but I need to get settled first. I'll update soon with photos and new projects I've got in the works. See you soon! :-)
I saw your comment on Bonne Marie's site and knew you were back. Hope you had a great vacation! (did you take your sewing machine with you?)
(drumming of fingers on table)
Hi Becky, I wanted to let you know that I've just finished making a Peppermint Twist and am absolutely delighted with it! I'm off to my knitting group in Chester, England, later today to show it off. The photo of you wearing your Peppermint Twist looks so much like me wearing mine. We have a very similar figure - I am known as Skinny Spider in our house!

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