July 08, 2004

Why, it's a completed Audrey!

Why, it's a completed Audrey!

This is the stand-still-like-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the really big sweater picture.]
Psst...wanna see the neckband?

Audrey's been finished for over a week, but I thought I was going to have to wait to wear her because the weather has been so hot. But I got lucky, because storms came in and it was raining this morning. People were actually walking around wearing lightweight sweaters! So I pulled Audrey out and decided to wear her for a late afternoon stroll around La Croix Rousse. And here she is, making her debut as she walks down the side steps of the town hall on the main boulevard:

Here is the action shot, taken at the town hall.
[Bonus: "Vintage" shot of Audrey on a Piaggio Vespa!]
[Click here for customary dance shot in technicolor.]

I love this sweater! I wore her with white cotton capri pants and some snappy patent leather flip-flop sandals with heels. That little ensemble made me feel like I should be sitting on a vintage-style Piaggio Vespa*. So I did! Hehe.

*Big props to my husband, who came with me to La Croix Rousse and is the one who took the pictures. The boulevard where the Vespa is parked is busy, and there's a cafe right smack in front of it. Four or five older men were sitting outside the cafe, and they grinned and waved at us while I posed on the Vespa [hello, I'm a dork] for the shots. It was fun, and we couldn't stop laughing!

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beautiful! the neckband is georgous. :)
oh god, is that one sexy sweater on you. Seriously, va va va VOOM. Red was such a perfect color choice.
Oh Becky - it's gorgeous ! The cafe blokes probably thought you were a model, I hope you sucked in your cheeks and pouted ! My Audrey has stalled a bit as I have so many other projects on the go but I'm going to try to finish it for the autumn. Promise.
Becky your sweater is fantastic. I love it! i think you should purchase a Vespa of your very own so you don't have to just pretend, as I think this sweater does indeed belong on the back of a vespa.
It is GORGEOUS, and I would expect no less from the knitting wiz rabbit!
You know, I was tempted to ask you what had happened to Audrey after that report on all the amazing Phil Ruban cardigan progress! Absolutely FABU. It will be all I can do to not go home and start my Audrey tonight! (Why not? Because there are now 25, count 'em, 25 wips, and even I have SOME limits.) Of course, there is the argument (which has just occurred to me) that once you start something, it is no longer stash, so new wips are really just part of a laudable stash reduction program...hm...I think I may have something there....
Just beautiful. It fits you perfectly. I just adore the whole ensemble. The pants and shoes look great with Aud. That backdrop is gorgeous as well. The vespa shot is tops!
Wow Audrey turned out great! Absolutely love the colour and neckband...heck, everything aboutit :)
As always, job well done! You look like you belong on the back of that Vespa, red was definitely the right choice!
The neck band is amazing. You did a beautiful job! ~Patty
Love, love, love Audrey. You look fabulous as always! The neck band is divine!
Wow, Audrey looks great! I am so envious of everyone who knitted her, I don't think I would look good in it at all. I love the color! I was wondering if you would sit on the Vespa for a picture. As long as it's owner didn't call the police, a good time was had by all! :)
Audrey is beautiful and you're one hot chick-e-dee in Audrey! I love the Vespa shot!
Kudos on Audrey! I love the Vespa shot-perfection!
I'm so glad you got a photo of Audrey on the vespa - it's perfect!
Wow, it's absolutely beautiful! I love the black & white shot on the Vespa, of course, and your kicky sandals give the outfit a to-the-minute look. Wow, wow, wow! (Woof!)
Hi ! Audrey is lovely. It is perfect wearing by you. I love the lace neckband especially. Well done !
Great looking model wearing a great looking sweater!!!!! Once again you are an inspiration to me. I am going to work on my Audrey tonight. (I'm on the sleeves, with the front and back already finished.) In fact , I just decided, in honor of you I will finish it this weekend and wear out to dinner on Bastille Day. Honest, we go out ever July 14th to our local restuarant where they celebrate it with Marie Antoinette and Louis in costume (among other things). Every half-an-hour they behead the two of them!!!! They also have a trained bear????? Now, figure that one out, maybe it's an Alaskan thing??? Oh well, I'll take pictures. Once again good going girl.
You look gorgeous and soooooooooo 'Audrey'. I love everything about this sweater and the vintage vespa shot. Beautiful!
Wow. I know you will take the following comment in the right spirit: Nice rack. Snaps all around for the cheeky Vespa pose.
Becky!! Gorgeous, really and truly, just plain gorgeous!! I bow down to your knitting!! (and fabulous figure!)
Beautiful!! And whose Vespa did you borrow?
OMG!!! I'm so glad you hopped on that Vespa! Did you ask permission or did you just do it? You are my knitting idol. The neckband is so beautiful. The color rocks on you! I'm wack dancing for you. Bravo!
I personally don't have the courage to knit Audrey because of my roundness! I never wear anything with ribs cos it makes me look fat! You really succeeded in carrying off your Audrey. Congratulations!
WOW. Audrey looks absolutely stunning on you. The color! The collar! The shape it flatters! Woo hoo! I can't wait to see the next project.
Lovely lovely! Will we get a closeup of those nifty shortrows that you dropped hints about? I'd love to see the detail and hear about how you did them.
Becky! I was just thinking "Is Becky done with Audrey yet?" Audrey looks lovely on you. What nice photos! I especially love the Vespa shot. The fit is great, too. Viva Skinny Rabbit!
It's so beautiful! It fits you so well...ah, qu'est-ce que je suis jalouse! Il te va cent fois mieux qu'au mannequin!
Fantastico! Audrey is fabulous and I totally love the Vespa shot. I can just imagine the guys in the cafe watching - funny if the Vespa owner had been among them!!!!
Oh, honey, you look gorgeous! You just made my night at work here with that one Vespa shot -- I think that should be the goal of all the audrey-alongers -- to get that one fab photo op. Amazing, doll. I love it.
Really gorgeous! It fits so well, and it looks SO perfect. I love your vespa shot (I want a vespa!). It's like when you made Elfin and suddenly I really wished I was making one, now I really want an Audrey too. You're a star!
Wowie wow wow! It looks fabulous! Great work on the neckband -- thanks for the close-up!
Ha ha ha - great vespa shot. Anyone that did that around my neighbourhood would be beaten up! Beautiful sweater. Superb fit. Would look even better with black pants. Can't wait to see what you do with the new season's Phildar.
Wow! It fits you perfectly. So gorgeous! And I think it's really cool that you took pictures on the Vespa. Hurray for Becky! :-D
You know...that color looks on my monitor to be like the original color yarn Coral...though I remember it was the...red...Amour(?) that you knitted. Tres chic! Collar as usual prefection. Darling that attention to detail! IMHO I would have like the neckline to be maybe lower and/or wider (only my opinion of the original design not your workmanship). Did you lengthen the body of the sweater or does it just appear that way (your husband takes 10 pounds off with his photography not the other way around!)?
Perfect, absolutely perfect. Great inspiration like this sends me knitting-crazy into the weekend!
Wonderful! I especially likes the vespa picture.
WOW! if the comments were animated, you'd see my eyes pop out of my head, all cartoony. It's beautiful! (I'd been waiting for some inspiration to seam up my Audrey... I think I found it.)
All I can say is, unbelievable. I'm just going to have to make Audrey now. Perfect, perfect fit!! Gorgeous color. Love red. What size did you make? I love the calmer. Enjoy wearing her!!!
Audrey with those colours are gorgeous on you. You did an absolutely wondeful job on it. P.S. love the vespa shot.
Thanks for the kind comments, everyone! I'm glad you like the Vespa shot :-) Re the color: It's "Amour", a deep red that doesn't want to be photographed as it really is. But it's definitely deep red. MKaye: That sounds hilarious! If I ever make it to Alaska, I'll have to plan it for July. Claudia: Darts or no darts, ribbing in Calmer does wonders for the rack! Shirley: I did lengthen the torso, but I think that the model wearing the sweater in the mag is very tall, because most of the posed Audreys I've seen don't have wrists poking out of the sleeves like the model does, and the torso of the sweater also appears to be really short on her. Re the neckband: it could be made wider and/or lower if one works more lace repeats for a longer neckband. I opted NOT to do this because I did not want a wide neckband for reasons of convenience. I knew that if the neckband were constantly sliding down a shoulder or if I had to keep on adjusting it or straightening it out, I wouldn't wear the sweater. Lindsay: You read my mind! I've got black capri pants that I'll wear when I want to take Audrey out in the evening. Eilene: I made the extra small size, but I lengthened the torso by 2 cm because the sleeves are long [I'm soooo glad I knit those first!]. If I made this sweater with 3/4 sleeves, I'd shorten the torso. I hope you decide to make Audrey, too. Really, Calmer makes for fabulous knitting.
Oh my goodness, your pictures and captions always crack me up! That sweater is fabulous, and what a model -- hubba hubba!
Awesome work! I've been admiring Audrey for awhile now, but decided not to torture myself with a sweater that will be finished when the heat waves hit. I've heard so many good things about Calmer that I'm dying to try it out. Do you think it would be suitable for a bucket?
Kudos to the hubby for such fabulous photos! Yea for Vespa shots! And to you too, of course! Love the neckband and the color. I think I have to try knitting with Calmer someday, from all the praises I hear about it.
Audrey looks fab and I love the Vespa shot. Did you ask the owner or did you just hop on?
Speachles. That is what I am at the moment! Gorgeous! Fab! Very impresive! You should send it to some fashion magazine, really :)
You look really lovely! And thank you for the tip about the number of lace repeats in the neckband. When I saw the photo in the book, I had visions of it constantly slipping off my shoulders -- my shoulders are like that -- but now I'll have an idea of how to prevent that if I make it. Thanks again!
Wowsa!! You are one hot chica!!! What a beautiful sweater, and you are absolutely adorable in all your whack poses. :) Great job! LOVE the neckband!
Wow ! Tres fab. Fab,fab,fab !
You are so cool!
Beautiful sweater! I have the Calmer for that one too, and now I want to start it after seeing yours. Very flattering.
hee! great with a Vespa and everything you outdid yourself. But we all want to know did the vespa's owner know you were using his precious as a photoshoot prop or was that a covert shot?
Becky, your sweater is très chic!
I love your sweater! It looks just perfect!!! And the Vespa shot is just too fun! It is dangerous to visit other people's blogs, because now I want the same sweater...
I cannot believe this post has been up since yesterday and I somehow missed it. I must be letting work interfere with blogging again.... Audrey looks fabulous, as all of your FO's do. Like everyone else I love the Vespa shot and would place it front and center. Can't wait to finish mine. Probably by the end of this month.
OMG ! Ton pull est magnifique et il te va mieux que bien !
gorgeous knitting! and i love the color. love the vespa. sadly, the closest i've come to owning one was some stationary with a cute drawing of vespa on it.
Wow, the sweater is gorgeous! Really, that is simply the most beautiful one I've seen. And I can tell it's been a huge hit by all the posts on the site! You are simply the fastest, most prolific knitter EVER. Love the vespa shot- you should send it to Rowan and see if they'll include it in a future book. They could create a section showing all the everyday knitters who knit their stuff and pose with it. Oooo - you could also send in a pic of your Elfin cardi in the woods shot!
LOL at Claudia's 'nice rack' comment. There is always one person willing to vocalize what everybody else is thinking! Hmmm, perhaps it's time to rip open my cherished bag of Calmer, suck in my tummy, and get started. Or perhaps first a few sit-ups? Vespa shot was no less than we would expect from a committed blogmistress. Congrats! xox Kay
nothing but smashing!
:clap: I am so happy to see it with the Vespa skooter. It's beautiful. Thanks :)
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I think I'm suffering from major sweater envy. The neckline is out of this world. The fit is perfection.
Hi Becky, I have a quick question. In the neck pattern for Audrey, it says YFRD (yarn forward). Is that a yern over? Because in the back of the book, it also says YON (yarn over needle). I'm confused and since you already did it, I figured you would know!! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!
Daaahling...you look marvelous! Fabu! I love the vespa picture - so cute! I'm glad to see that your hubby supports your efforts to get those tres glam shots to your famished fan base! We all adore your knitting adventures! Can't wait to see what's next!!!
WHOAHHHH! That is one hott sweater!!! I'm so envious.... I wouldn't be able to pull that sweater off nearly as well as you because : your fabulous dark hair looks waaaaaaaaaay better with red than blonde hair would!! Vertical ribbing would accentuate the roundness of my tummy, but it sooo accentuates the super-skinniness of yours!!! Seriously, you look fabulous in this... I think it's my favorite thing you've ever knit!!!!! Oh, and btw, I haven't ever had that many cherries, but thanks for the heads up... I'll make sure to steer clear of those!! :0)
That Vespa shot is it! That one goes into the hall o' fame... Also, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that sweater enhanced the boobages.
Hi Becky, I can't see all the pictures just yet, because I'm at home and we have a dorky computer...but at work I'll go up again. However, from what I've seen so far let me just say that you look HOT in your Audrey! I've won a bid on ebay for ROWAN 35 in case I get brave enough to make one my self. The neckband is EXCELLENT and so very pretty, you are an excellent knitter.
simply gorgeous. I had my doubts about the collar, but it looks perfectly executed.
how gorgeous!!! you did a great job on audrey and i love the color.
oh oh oh! it looks beautiful! I love the neckband, and the ribbed fit is just so flattering!
Okay, I'm at the office now and I can see all the pictures, let me just say you are one very cute dork on a vespa =)
Very,very nice this pattern,and you are great on it! Congratulation! Where i can find this lovely pattern? Regard's, Catharina from Brazil. See you
I love looking at your knitting and reading about it. It inspires me. I am planning (hopefully in the near future) on making the peppermint sweater from Stitch n' Bitch. I will be in Paris next monday on a layover on my way to Northern Ireland so we will be knitting in the same country.
That sweather is seriously gorgeous! ^_^ What a great job. It looks amazing on you.
Merveilleux! Ce pull est sublime et les photos lui font un bel hommage. Comme d'hab! :)
Oh, Audrey is so perfect! And you, m'dear, are simply breathtaking. Just stunning. Hope you had a fantastic vacation!
Vive le Audrey!! Fantastic job on the sweater Becky!
l.o.v.e the picture of you on the vespa ~ you've got guts girl! Smiles all around. Audrey is georgous and so very well suited to you - it fits you like a dream.
Audrey looks great Becky! Beautiful knitting as always.
Vroom! Vroom! That sweater looks fab!
Audrey is just *lovely*!
Hi! This is my first time visiting your site, and can I just say WOW! Your knitting is gorgeous! I was getting lost in the Gallery, and I love that leaf-edge baby hat. Looking at some of your finished projects, I was reminded of wedding cakes. Not in the way they look, but in the delicate beauty, and care and perfection. (Yeah, I get poetic a lot, but geez... I'm so impressed!)
beautiful... gorgeous... charismatic... oh, and the Audrey sweater is nice, too. :) The neckband is a work of art - perfection. pearl
Fabulous! I think the fashion stylists ought to take some notes from your blog...we love that you show the close up details and describe exactly what mods you made to make it a sweater you would WEAR! You do the knitting PROUD, and the Vespa shot belongs in the knitbloggers Hall of FAME. Rock on, rabbit!
Your Audrey is just beautiful... it looks wonderful on you! Excellent color choice.
WOW...thank you very, very much for all of the kind and encouraging comments re my Audrey and photos! My socks are officially rocked :-) Mary: The number of repeats you do for the neckband basically establishes the size that the finished neck will be. I did 18 repeats and the neckband sits perfectly around my shoulders, with no sliding about. I look forward to seeing yours! Eilene: Both are the same; they mean "yarn over". Yarn over is before purl stitches, and yarn forward is before knit stitches. Carrie: Welcome! That leaf-edged baby hat was the first thing I knit using double points. I have fond memories of it :-) To everybody who is considering doing Audrey, feel free to join us at the Audrey Knitalong blog, hosted by Theresa: http://keyboardbiologist.net/audrey. Lots of sharing of info and other fun.
OMG how beautiful. It's just perfect and looks *fantastic* on you. Va-voom! :D

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