July 08, 2003

It's total yarn-o-mania, I tell you!

Cotton and ribbon and lycra, oh my!

Got yarn? I do. Lots! See above photo. Oh, and here. Don't forget here, too. Oh! Is that Rowan 4-ply cotton I see before me? Phildar flamme coton, falaise, coton microfibres, bouton d'or rabanne and balzane...yep, I'm swimming in yarn.

It's those blasted sales, I tell you. When I buy yarn, I usually buy it with a project in mind. Apparently, it's dangerous for me to walk into a yarn shop and buy yarn that's on sale when I don't have required yarn amounts for projects on hand. I went into the yarn shops, had a fit of madness complete with beads of perspiration on my forehead, and snatched at full bags of discounted yarn, while I sing-songed out loud, "This lot is for a tank and cardi...this lot is for a sweater for the kid...and this one's for the heck of it. Ring it up, lady." When I finally came around to organizing my new yarns into ziplocked bags, I discovered that I had [surprise!] bought two to three times what I actually needed for my projects. Either I think I'm an XXXXXXXXXXL size or I'm planning on knitting three or four exact duplicates of the same garment. So! I've decided to start sharing bargains with fluffa! readers. Wanna dive into my stash and come out with some choice French yarns? It'll be an ongoing thing and I've already got something for you up at my "stash diving" page. Expect more, soon.

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Girl, that is *some* haul of yarn! I bow to your shopping prowess. I'm preparing to prowl the stash diving page for non-blue, non-pink and non-white offerings! Swatch in mail today.
OK, OK, swatches will be on their way soon. I just love to procrastinate about seaming those ends, the thought of you having to work the edges on the whole blanket will inspire me though. I promise! Gorgeous yarn shopping and lovely plaisance available to buy.. I only wish I had the space :(
AWESOME stash acquisitions! and very nice of you to share it too :) can't wait to see what else you're going to add to that page! LOVE seeing all the swatches! can't wait to see some close ups ... I'm curious to see what everyone sent in :)
yes from now on i will be referring to you as E.E. (Evil Enabler). mua ha ha ha ha (evil cackle of my own)!!!!! great post full of great lovelies and yes my swatches are blocking right now so should be able to put them in the mail tomorrow hopefully... there is never enough time to knit!! just wanted to add that thought in there
p.s. the free rowan pattern right now on the site uses 4 ply cotton. it's a halter. i think ya might like it!
Bring those swatches on, ladies! I got sewing to do. (Can you just read the eagerness in my writing?) And sorry, Carissa. No closeups of swatches; we must wait for the finished blanket. And aren't you supposed to be sending me a swatch? Hmm? Carolyn: See the blue Copacabana in there? Gee...I wonder who it's for. [E.E. whistles innocently.] P.S. The 4-ply, sent over by our British Connection, is for a tank and cardi. A twinset! Oh, how posh :-)
Mmmm, yarn! Great haul. And those swatches are amazing. How wonderful that so many people have sent something in. Best of luck with all that sewing!
What a wonderful crop of swatches! And there must be many more on the way... The plaisance looks yummy, too :-)
Hmmm I mailed the swatch to you before we took off for Kelowna ... just about a week and a half ago. It should be there soon .. I sure hope it gets there in time.
Oooo - I am so jealous of your stash enhancements! Especially the Rowan cotton, what a great color. I am on a strict yarn diet (since February! Eeek!) and delete all sale notices from my inbox immediately. Isn't it amazing how gravity increases around sales and just sucks you in! Can't wait to see what you make out of all this beautiful stuff.
I LOVE the way you yarn-shop! Throw caution to the winds, my friend!

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