July 07, 2006

Lacy cardis are like white shirts.

You can never have too many of them, I say. Therefore, I bring you a lace cardi for my first summer knit:

Click HERE to see the whole enchilada.

It's a right front of Crinkle, the scrunchy lace cardi from Rowan 39, which I'm knitting in black. (I was supposed to be knitting this in tandem with Claudia, and she's already got her orange Crinkle almost knitted up. We should call my version "Rip Van Crinkle", because it seems to have taken me 100 years to finally cast on for it.)

Anyway. Right front of Crinkle progressing nicely. I'm looking forward to working some rows on it this weekend. I love mercerised cotton in the summer. [You have to read that last sentence in singsong followed by a "la la la laaaaa!".]

In other news, on Monday I started working my summer job as an "assistente modéliste" at a studio owned by a design team of two talented women who are alumni of the fashion school I attend. It's busy, but I'm lovin' it! In the four days I've been there I've made one custom backless dress with lining* and a top with lining and attached wrap. I've also deconstructed a skirt, made corrections to it and then put it back together. Next week I'll be working on prototypes for next season's collection, among other things. It's all very inspiring as someday I want to have my own design studio and label.

*There are no instructions and no patterns with notches and seam allowances and whooshes and whirls. The only thing I had to guide me was a prototype dress. I used the industrial machine and cranked out the dress in a day and a half. It was great practice! The woman who ordered the dress came in to pick it up, and when she tried it on and admired herself in the mirror I felt so darn proud of myself I felt like screaming into a bullhorn "Hey everyone! I made that dress! Woooooooooot!" Good thing I didn't have a bullhorn handy, eh?

And while we're on the subject of the design studio, look at what I brought home from there today:

It's a fabric extravaganza!
[Revs sewing machine pedal.]

Leftover fabric I got from the design studio's summer and winter collections! All for me and my fabric-lovin' heart. During my off time in August I hope to cut and sew through some of this fabric, because it's just so darn fabby and good-lookin'. (But first I'll be finishing my "pantaloons" and designing the skirt I mentioned a few days ago.)

Still reading? Good, because I have two other miscellaneous things to show you:

First: About an hour ago I made a pillow for my dog Lucy, because she keeps flattening her fancy dog beds until they look like raggedy pillows. I made one side in denim fabric (and I stitched an "L" for "Lucy" on it, like Laverne used to have an "L" on her sweaters), and the other side in a hawaiian-inspired fabric. I finished the edges in contrast thread and reversed the seams for a rustic look. Yee-haw! I'm showing a photo of it because Lucy got all happy when I tossed it on the floor and said it was for her. Awwwwwwww!

thumb.jpgSecondly: Who's been following the FIFA World Cup? I know I have. I'm a fan of the Bleus, and if you heard someone screeching all sorts of wacky soccer-related stuff on Tuesday evening, I apologize because that was me getting all hyper during the match between France and Portugal. For giggles and in honor of the final match between France and Italy on Sunday [allez les Bleus!], I show you a photo of yours truly with number 11 Sylvain Wiltord (of the Equipe de France and formerly of the Olympique Lyonnais), taken back in February when he (and a few other players) showed up at the school to autograph look-alike dolls students had made for a charity auction. Sylvain is one of the nicest people I've ever encountered, and he took the time to visit the school and look at our work. When he heard that I have a son who's a soccer fan he came into the class and gave me an autograph for Captain Destructo. So everyone say, "Salut, Sylvain! We'll be cheering for you on Sunday, and we love your knit hat!"

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I think Crinkle in black will be tres tres chic. And your little Lucy looks so happy with her new pillow!
What a busy life you have... but for now it is all about the SOCCER!!! My daughter and I have been watching the matches and have never liked the Italians (crybabies if you ask me) and hope that France overpowers them. You go France. Love the crinkle, good luck with the job.
Alison of The Blue Blog knitted her Crinkle in pink and Claudia in orange ... all girly colours. It's refreshing to see a black one ... it looked more navy to me on my screen. My husband (that means me too!) would certainly watch the match on Sunday ... we may even go to a pub to watch with the crowd again (a small crowd, I must say!). Allez les bleus!
Dribble over the fabric stash - and the footballer! Allez bleu! (From an English woman with French ancestors!)
Oh my... I was about to comment on the post, how great the fabrics are and how adorable Lucy is with her new pillow - and then I got sidetracked in the sidebar. I made my first visit to the Gem Sweater museum. I think I need a moment.
Mm, black Crinkle! Is it un-demure of me to agree totally that lacy mercerized cotton cardis are perfect for summer when I just started one? ;) I'm super jealous of the fabrics!!!
What a fun post! I love seeing all the new things you are doing and making and - you met a famous soccer player!!! WOW!!! I'm going to commission you to make me a dress when you have your new company. No, I'm not going anywhere, not getting re-married, I just want to sit around in a fancy fluffa dress. I'll wear it to work. ;-)
How cool to get his autograph for your son! Sounds like a talented and nice guy!
Oooh, look at all that fabulous fabric. I'm drooling. The pillow is fabulous - Lucy is a lucky dog.
Flashing your stash of awesome fabrics - not fair! Any ideas or are you still in the "look & admire" stage? That's what I do when I purchase crafty swag, then I arrange everything all so prettily!
Wow, your job sounds fabulous! it's also fabulous that women still buy custom clothes. I fear not so much here...Looks like they're paying you in fabric. Nice.
You have been busy! But then, you are always busy! I have been so tempted to learn to sew lately. All the wonderful things you sew is definitely motivating. Now...where to find the time...
Allez les Bleus! I'm a whack soccer nut, too, and I have such fond memories of being in France during the '98 cup that I've been cheering for them all along. I missed the epic game against Brazil because moving , but we've pillaged the internet and pirated a video of it. Speaking of which, how scurvily piratic is Cat in the Hat? Watch out, M. le Hubby - Johnny Depp won't be able to keep his hands off you!
That cracks me up. Did you make another lacy black cardi or was that Claudia? Oops, I think that was Claudia. Anyhow, I've seen Crinkle popping up on the blogs and it is a cute pattern. I like the pillow you made for Lucy, very cute. Your job sounds wonderful. Great fabrics you got to bring home too. So sweet of Sylvain to pass along an autograph. Good luck to team France!
ooh, Sylvain is CUTE. And that fabric looks yummy! But my favorite is Lucy - schmoo on a pillow! I love it!
Hee hee..."Schmoo on a pillow". I LOVE IT. During the match this Sunday I think that all us Bleus fans should group here at my blog with tri-color wigs and some wine while we chant "Allez les Bleus! Allez les Bleus!" As for the design studio fabric, there will probably be more. Okay, scratch that. There will *definitely* be more. (Me like fabric.)
I so did not want the French to win, I wanted the Germans. I know, the Italians kicked them out. But I still want the Germans to be the victors.
I wish I could say that I feel bad for Chris because the French are playing the final match instead of the Germans, but doing so would require that I lie. Allez les Bleus!
Wow ! you have actually met one of the Bleus!!! I won't show this picture to my daughter who's football crazy... But we'll be watching too on Sunday. Allez les Bleus! Love the fabrics by the way and am looking forward to see your Crinkle.
Crinkle will be perfect in black! I love all the fabric, and your job sounds like so much fun, albeit a lot of work. That soccer player is cute!
your cardigan is lovely, and I wish I had the umpfh to finish more pieces for myself instead of only knitting things for the little people in my life. perhaps even more exciting though is the news that you also are a Bleus fan! I have to admit a tiny bit of the hots for Zidane : )
You always choose such pretty patterns! Your dog loves his new pillow I can tell! It's so cool to hear about your day at work and what you made.
Do you never sleep? Lucy is so adorable on her new pillow!! And how fun will it be for those of us who know you now to say later, when you are a super fabulous clothing designer (as opposed to a super fabulous knitter/designer), that we knew you when? Sniff, sniff, it makes me feel so special!!
Allez Les Bleus!!! How cool about Sylvain. It's always nice to hear they are nice people too! We'll be watching on Sunday too, we should have a virtual World Cup party.
"Schlemiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!" Sorry. I loved that show. If I hadn't already made a black eyelet cotton sweater (good ole Alice) I would have loved to make Crinkle in black. Good choice!
Impressive. At first, I was very impressed by the story of the backless dress, and the perfectly finished pillow, but I think that in the end, I'm even more impressed by the fact that you've met Sylvain Wiltord. (Remember the Euro 2000, and his goal in the very last minute of the final?). Let's concentrate for Sunday now...
Now why didn't I think of Crinkle in black? It looks great! Do I spy a non-Addi circ? It's all very inspiring as someday I want to have my own design studio and label I can totally envision this for you and I cannot wait!
Oooh, goodies! So exciting, your 'summer job' sounds - and the benefits, too, in snazzy 'tissus' for you to mold to your will! I always wanted to make my own patterns. You're amazing & inspiring!
What a fun post. A little bit of this...a little bit of that... How great that young Sylvain was a sweetie! I'll keep an eye out for him! Gooooaaaaaalllll!
I love that you're making Crinkle - such a cute pattern, and I'm sure yours will look fab. Alison (of the Blue Blog) just finished one in pink). Have fun!
What fabrics! Wow, I would love to be able to have them. You're lucky to get the job in the design studio (but I bet you got it because of being a good student, not because of being just lucky). Crinkle in black is a very fresh colour choice. What kind of ribbons have you thought of? As for football, sorry, but my team is the Italian. But I'm pretty impressed by how the French team has got better during the cup. Their first matches was far from impressive.
So much in one post Becky! First of all, I can't wait till the final match tomorrow! I don't understand a lot of the rules of the World Cup but I've been watching it. The French team seemed like they have surprised some people with how well they have played. I love Lucy's pillow, especially the cool Hawaiian print! It sounds like your summer job is really amazing!
sounds like you are learninn lots at your work. AND you like it. That is always a bonus! Lovely fabric too. But I just have to say:"forza Italia"! hee hee
I totally agree with you on the lacy cardi thing..you can never have too many of them! I wish I had more of them actually.
1- Tu as raison, le Licorne noir est vraiment agréable à travailler et "passe-partout" pour les petits pulls d'été. 2- J'adore les proportions de Crinkle !(il FAUT que je m'abonne au catalogue Rowan tout de même !) 3- Lucy est trop mignonne sur son coussin tout neuf ! 4 - Wiltord ?!! Wouh ! Allez les Bleus !!!
You meat Sylvain?! This equals me being crazzzy jealous. But it's okay! All I can hope for right is a French victory for everyone.
Crinkle is fab. Alas I will not be making it as I can't just buy the pattern for that, I need to get the whole darn mag...and Roawn is out of my range...i'll be using local cotton yarn all summer for the most part. I can say with much delight that I haven't watched ANY game this whole world cup.
what was Zidane thinking? Wait, aren't we all here watching soccer together? I thought that was the plan...to meet at your fabulous blog and cheer on the bleus.
Hey, Lucy is a pampered pup! Wow, I am soooo impressed with your designing, sewing, whippin' up fancy couture! Put me as your first customer when you open your design studio.
What a strange coincidence. At our end of Winter sales I bought a black Levi jumper (machine knitted - yuk) solely because it had a big L on it, just like Laverne. (And me, Linda.) My teeneger who never saw the show thought I was pathetic!
Your Crinkle looks great! I'm knitting a Crinkle in pink. I have the back and about half of the two fronts done. I love working on this pattern. I added a bit to the length because I am tall. I hope that it looks okay.

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