July 06, 2004

Cotton ribbon, combined knitting and Josh Lucaaaaaaaaaaaas!

[Zoom in, zoom out.]

My summer knitting has begun! Remember the Phil Ruban cotton ribbon I bought during a stash enrichment expedition back in May? Lovely caramel-colored? Well, last week I pulled it out of the stash, and started knitting a cardi with three-quarter sleeves and a lacy leaf-pattern around the neckband [pattern from Phildar été 2004], so that I could have a nice little garment to throw over my sleeveless halters and strappy tanks. Oh, how fancy!

So far, I am rolling along happily on this cardi. Last Saturday morning while running errands with my husband I took the beginnings of a sleeve and came home midway through the sleeve cap. All knit in 10-15 min spurts in the car. I've finished both sleeves and the back piece, and last night I started one of the front pieces*. It's like eating chips; I have to knit another row, and another, and another... Phil Ruban, how I love thee! And in order to keep you from missing out on any of it, here are some pictures of the sleeves as they progressed:

Note: I am using combined knitting for this cardi. I also used it when knitting my sister's poncho in this yarn. Phil Ruban is a flat cotton tape, and when I was using my regular method of knitting (knitting the knit stitches from front to back and purling the purl stitches by wrapping the yarn over), I was getting a striped effect even though my tension was even. This was happening because working the knit stitches from front to back was distorting the flat yarn, thus making my knit rows look "thin" in comparison to my purl rows. So I decided to work all my knit stitches through the back loop, and then untwist them on the wrong side by wrapping the yarn under my purl stitches. It works. [Look, Ma! No stripes!] Combined knitting rocks my socks.

P.S. The color of this yarn as my camera picks it up may show up differently on some browsers. It is copper/caramel as featured in this entry, and is the same color as the one shown in the pattern book.

*Last night I knit 50 rows of the front piece while drooling over Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama, which I had never seen before. Good golly Miss Molly, let's just add Mr. Lucas to the top of my list of crushes right NOW. (Funnily enough, I saw him in A Beautiful Mind, and he did absolutely nothing for me in that movie.) But there is something about him in Sweet Home Alabama that makes me want to sit down and knit something for him. Anything! SOCKS, even. Want some socks, Josh? I'll use some US1 dpns and extra fine 4 ply. Knitted 'specially!

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Looking lovely! It's great when the knitting just rolls along - time for one more row? I think so!
Love that colour! Looks very edible :)
Wow, you race through another wonderful project. Amazing. And yes, Mr. Lucas is quite the yummy dish in that movie, which is really the only reason for watching it, that and her hair which mine was modelled on for oh so many months till I grew it out a bit.
1) What a super pretty color. LOVE it. 2) Mm Hmm on Josh Lucas! Yowza! 3) My how fast you knit! Always so inspiring. ;-)
Honey, you've got the best taste. That cardi looks delicious.
Wow, I love that color! I can't wait to see the finished cardi (in about 3 days, I bet, with your speedy fingers). Ditto Leslie, you do pick great projects.
I love the look of the yarn all knitted up. Way to go, woman! Since I live in Sweet Home Alabama, I can say that yes, we do have cute guys like that Lucas boy--man, he's a hottie--, but not nearly enough of them. Most of the girls do look like Reese, however. More Miss Americas from the Deep South than any other region! Yessirree!
The cardigan is lovely! The color is really yummy. I'm having trouble understanding what you mean by purling by wrapping under. I guess I have to go home to try this out. I love Sweet Home Alabama...probably because I think Reese Witherspoon is the sweetest chick with a great attitude. I'm assuming Josh Lucas is the guy with the dog? He is a cutie in this movie. Didn't even notice him in A Beautiful Mind!
That is a gorgeous color and a gorgeous pattern. Is the beige as rosy as it looks? I was looking at the Phil Ruben colorcard and din't see anything like it - what is the color number?
Thanks, everyone! But I have to give part of the credit to the yarn. It knits up so nicely. Right, Jackie? (Love how your tank came out!) Evelyn: When I purl, I usually wrap the yarn OVER. Wrap it UNDER twists the stitch if it has been knit from front to back, or untwists the stitch if it has been knit through the back loop. Since I'm knitting my knit stitches through the back loop, they're becoming twisted. To untwist them, I'm purling my purl stitches by wrapping the yarn UNDER. Check out my link in the sidebar: Annie Modesitt (one of my favorite designers!) has a very useful page that illustrates this at her site, modeknit.com.
i've probably watched that movie about 35 times now, no joke, purely because he's such a hottie. too bad he's dating your favorite salma hayek.
*swoon* Josh Lucas is scrumptious!
Very beautiful, wonderful yarn and a nice pattern. But how is Audrey doing?
Love the yarn! I just love how ribbon yarn turns out once it is knitted up - quite different than it looks wound up. The yarn color on my screen looks like a taupy-pink, but in the pic of the cardi, I can tell it is more of a rusty/orangie color. It looks great so far!
love the color and have to check out your knitting method. sounds very cool.
Gorgeous! That cardi is going to be so lovely. You've really gotten far! You've almost got me sold on the Phil Ruban. Just in time, no? (I just saw your little "dance rabbit" button - so cute!)
Hope you had a great 4th of July. First of all I love the color of the cotton ribbon. Second, I've been wanting to try combined knitting. Do you like it better than regular knitting? Do you think the stitches come out more even, especially the purl stitches? I've heard it's wonderful. I'm curious to know your opinion. Thank you!
I forgot to mention that I LOVE knitting with Rowan Calmer. I have never liked cotton until I knit with Calmer. It's like heaven. I know your knitting Audrey with Calmer. I love your Audrey!!
That is just a stunning color!
So, you're the one that bought almost everything at the store ? I should I've known that... Is it official : are you addicted ? Because, even if I've seen that movie more that I should tell, I wouldn't knit while watching it : too many dropped stiches :)
You make me want to try cotton ribbon yarn. I know what your talking about though about one more row. HBomb is always running up to me and sighing, "Not another row!" Like I'm doing it as personal torture to him. He is learning to count higher and higher this way though....hee hee.(he counts the stitches to the end of the row to make sure I don't start another one while he's not looking)
Wow! Fingers of fury! I love watching the knitting projects go from start to finish. What a concept. Love the cardi, love Josh Lucas!
Hi, Is Josh Lucas the blond friend from a beautiful mind? I havn't seen the Albama movie yet. Your ribbing at the bottom is PERFECT, amazing work. Looks excellent. I could use a cardi like that my self, especially since I want to make Honeymoon...and in the office I simply must have something to warm me up as I freeze my A** off here. The color this time came out as rusty pink, very pretty...I also check the true color that looks to me like rusty brown also very nice =)
I checked up Josh Lucas on IMDB.com and I totally did see "Sweet Home Alabama"...I'm so SENILE sometimes. Yes, he is scrumptious =)!
Thanks for the info on the combined knitting. I want to try it out, and now I want to try knitting with ribbon yarn again!
What a beautiful pattern! It will be a treat to watch it come off your needles. I really love the details around the neck.
Oh I love the colour of your yarn. Mmmm I agree about Josh what a guy. Off to check your sidebar to see what you mean about the stitches.
Becky I am almost done with my first HAT EVER!! Whoo hoo!
I find it very sad that Phildar discontinued that yarn before I ever got a chance to try it. In your experience, do similar yarns come back again under different names?
I'm totally blanking on Josh Lucas right now...must go look him up. That pink is so fabulous! The cardi is so cute, and you will be extra pretty when you're sporting it! Yay! I had the same problem when I was using Katia Idea, but I never thought of combined knitting....next time, I'll know.
ooo...THanks for the combined knitting tip! I just started knitting a sweater using a flat tape yarn and was running into the same problems. I will have to try that out!
Hi there. I wandered onto your site a few weeks ago and love your choices of projects. If only I was so advanced. And if only I could speak French, for I love the Phildar patterns but they don't seem to be available here in Australia ~sob~
First chocolate, now caramel, how yummy! That's such a pretty cardi, it will be fabulous! I should try combined knitting, I've had the same trouble with ribbon yarns looking stripy.
Becky, it's a strange coincidence that we're knitting phil ruban at the same time!I can't wait to see your cardi! Unfortunatly, I saw your advice about combined knitting too late! My Groseille was already finished (and it's not so bad after all)! Anyway, it's a good tip which I shall try next time! Thanks a lot Becky!

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