July 06, 2003

Barry Manilow would love this tank.

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"...her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..."

You know what this means, don't you? Oh yes. The tiny Copacabana tank has begun. Last week, as a matter of fact. However, I was so engrossed in shopping at the sales, sales, sales that progress on the back piece of the tank went at a snail's pace. But! I finally finished the back piece on Friday evening, and immediately cast on stitches for the front piece, which is going much more quickly now that I'm dedicating more time to knitting. I admit that Saturday was spent (again) at the sales, sales, sales [scored: two wicker chairs, sneakers, clothes, throw cushions and even more Y-A-R-N*], but today was devoted entirely to visiting the playground where my husband blew bubbles with the kid [awwwwww!] and I sat on a bench like a little granny and knit halfway through the front of my tiny tank.

The tank is being knit on 5.5mm needles using Copacabana yarn in Aquatique. Metal needles, as I found that the yarn was sticking to my bamboo needles too much. Copacabana is a neat 100% viscose ribbon yarn, which means that I most definitely will not press it to block it and that I can hand wash it only. But it drapes much better than cotton ribbon, I think. Unfortunately, Phildar has just discontinued this yarn [!] but I'm managing to snatch up the last of the skeins for some online knitting buds, Claudia included. We're knitting this tank together, only hers is a gorgeous red and boy, oh boy is it gonna look spicy. Check it out!

*Yes, the sales are still ongoing (until August 2), and I've pretty much gone whack, especially in the yarn stores. I just can't let good deals pass me up! I'll show what lovely yarns I got later. (And I'm also thinking about sharing some of the booty with fluffa! readers. Woot!)

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Hey granny-girl, you hang out with some cute guys! My back & front are done. I decided to wet-block rather than steam, so the pieces are drying as I type. Your colorway looks so cool and aquatic. Oh, and what's that about sharing booty???
Oooh...can't wait to see your yarn haul from the sales. Since I'm on a strict yarn diet until Rhinebeck (we'll see how long my resolve actually holds out!) I have to live vicariously through the yarn shopping of others. :)
Yarn sales are going until the 2nd of August? You must be in yarn heaven! The tank looks great, by the way. Oh, and feel free to share all you want!
I love the colors of the tank - they are reminding me of the seashore - is this the tiny tank you showed us before?
Neat that you are using copacobana. I have some here, and it is about one project away from being knit. I'll be interested in hearing how it is working for you.
I can't believe they're discontinuing this yarn already... wasn't it one of the new ones for summer?!
I love the colour you chose for the tiny tank, it looks really peaceful and relaxing. Loved the granny photo as well!!
I'm all for this tank, because Barry and I go waaaay back. You son and husband look extremely cute, by hte way, and I love it that we are getting ever closer glimpses of you too! Waits patiently for yarn pictures.........
Ok I'm absolutely salivating over this!
sounds like a wonderful weekend in sales land!! oh la la! the boys are looking very cute and fun -- but not as cute as you, you not-a-granny lady!
DISCONTINUED!! Yes, I shriek! I just finished my pullover from Printemps 03 in pink Copa and I've ordered the Ete Famille for more patterns using Copa. I have to go shopping now!!!
What an adorable tank! And beautiful colors, too! *perks up ears* Share in the yarn bounty, you say? Do tell!
What an adorable tank! And beautiful colors, too! *perks up ears* Share in the yarn bounty, you say? Do tell!
Cute tank. Lucky me, I got to see Claudia's in progress and in person! That ribbon yarn is very neat and the colors are so fun. What ever would possess them to discontinue it so soon? Enjoy those sales!

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