July 05, 2005

Is it Tuesday already*?

I don't know about you, but once the heat wave passed I felt a serious need to multitask. And when I multitask, it's time to play Let's Click a Thumbnail:

Go on, click a thumbnail:

spring2005_fierybolero_thumb.jpg summer2005_babyschtuff_flowercardigan_thumb.jpg summer2005_sewing_petitesundress_thumb.jpg

1) Now that the heat wave is over, I'm working on my Fiery Bolero, bay-bee! [Project details here.] It's a pretty laidback knit, as it's worked entirely in one piece. (Sleeve construction is done via increases.) And have I mentioned how much I love Debbie Bliss's Cathay? She deserves a gold star on her forehead for coming up with this one. I liiiiiiiiiiiike it!

2) Remember the Phil Eponge I bought to knit a baby Flowery Cardigan? [Project details here.] July was going to be my starting month so I pulled the yarn out of its ziploc and got cracking on the back piece while riding in the car to Isle d'Abeau on Saturday. I was there all day and evening, and managed to work on the piece a few times during the day while visiting with friends. I didn't get a chance to work on the cardigan while riding in the car on the way back because it was midnight and I was busy digesting the champagne [!] and honkin' enormous barbecue we had for dinner. I look forward to knitting it, though. The back and front of the cardigan are knit in one piece and there's some colorwork which should make it fun.

3) Of course, I'm still playing with my new sewing machine, Nymphea. The bi-yearly SOLDES (or sales...magic word, that) started in Lyon last Wednesday and one of the (many) things I bought was some lightweight fabric at La Maison des Tissus in La Croix Rousse, which is just a walk from my home. Of course, I couldn't resist the call of the flowery fabrics so on Sunday afternoon I pinned, cut and started sewing one of them into a petite sundress. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaa!

*We head off for vacation next Saturday and this week is my son's last week of school, which of course means that he has been invited to parties and playtimes and lunches. I've got something going on every single day this week, but I'd love to finish my Fiery Bolero before I leave so I can take the baby Flower Cardigan as my travel project. Send an extra pair of hands.

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you're really inspiring me to pull out the machine. great projects. i tell you...the summer just seems to eat up knitting time. gotta love summer though. just gotta get out and enjoy the sunny weather.
you know July has arrived when the streets seem dead empty at points. August is the same way. Although, I must admit, I kind of like it. At points I can almost feel as though I have the city to myself.
I love the flowery fabrics you've picked out - very summery and feminine.
Your projects look great, Becky! I love the bolero (you and Heather are like transatlantic twins!) and the sewing projects are coming along so well. Hope you have a nice vacation! :)
I LOVE the fabric you bought and can't wait to see the finished sundress!!
I love Phil Eponge, its soft and springy. Did you see the new Phildar mags? I think I may pass on this one. I'm in a rush also to knit up my summer tanks, thank goodness that list is pretty short. :) I'm quite sure you'll have those projects done by the time I finish posting this comment, Speed Racer (Knitter)! Enjoy your vacation Becky!
This little flowery cardigan is really cute. Hope you find time to knit it during your holiday so we might see the pictures on your return. Have a nice time anyway...
Wow - look at you go with that sewing machine! That sundress is gonna be sweet!
May you have strength to get through the week. I barely made it through my son'd last week at school!
Look at you zooming along on the bolero! Finishing this week? Count on me to be lollygagging on that one through at least the end of the month. But, this totally works for me. I'll have the fluffa finishing guide ready and waiting when I get there! It is fabulous yarn, isn't it? Once I got started on my bolero, I didn't feel so silly about all those other Cathay projects that got added to the stash.
Kids there have school right into July? The kids here in Ontario got out a week late this year, June 28th. And when we visited the States last month, school was already over for them, at the beginning of June!
I love all your new projects! Especially that fabric you used... :) Have a great time on vacation next week.. I am so jealous!
vacation, that sounds wonderful! and lavender is my favorite! can't wait to see the sundress you're making. it should pair well with the bolero!
I can't wait to see the sundress/wack dancing shots! It looks great and both fabrics you chose are lovely :O)
Have you cloned yourself? That's the only explanation I can come up with to explain how you get so much done! I can't wait to see pictures of all of your finished projects and I hope you survive the last week of school with no lasting scars.
ooh...lookie! Enjoy the bolero! I wore mine this weekend...totally loving it! You'll definately get mileage out of it!! and so far, no more snags and lots of complements! Yay Bolero!
Wow! A sundress already! You go! I still need to practice with my machine, that and I have a few pairs of pants that need hemming.
Love the fabrics you've picked!! Very summery. Enjoy your vacation....can't wait to see what you accomplish!
I had sewing machine envy, and now I have fabric envy! I've been wanting to pick up sewing forever. Lucky you who has a husband who buys you crafty things. Mine says knitting keeps me from him too much...maybe in a few years...
Love the fabric you chose for your sundress! Can't wait to see everything!
Thanks! I'm planning on going back to the fabric store to pick up some more. Browsing fabrics is as fun as browsing yarns. Hee! Thankfully, the Captain has his last day of school on Thursday so things should calm down by Friday. (Which would be good, so I can try to update the blog before I leave.) The school year may seem longer in France, but it probably isn't because schools do not have classes on Wednesdays; school weeks are only four days long. So while kids over here end school around July, they have shorter school weeks throughout the year.
I'm looking forward to seeing all your projects Becky! The sundress looks so cute!
big oooohs on everything! great fabrics. and that bolero and sundress are dee-lovely. degroovy, degorgeous, and more... i've beaten my machine into submission (sort of) and am back to working on my skirt. i may get another used machine from a friend. i'm convinced my duncery is because of my SEWING MACHINE, and not ME, at all. :) hope you have a wonderful needleworky vacation!
Oh yeah! Sexy little sewing project that perfectly matches that Fiery Bolero! I see your grand, sexy little plan...
I would lend you my hands, but they'd probably just slow you down! Cute stuff going on there...can't wait to see the bolero...I think I might try that one soon...
I love the bolero - and the fact that it's matching the new sundress. Tres chic. And just the thing for a holiday. I hope you get it finished on time!
The bolero is turning out beautiful ... and the sundress is going to be lovely! Can't wait to them done:D
That little cardi is going to be heavenly!!!
That sundress is gonna be so cute! Good luck with the bolero. Enjoy everything else going on though :)
See, my sewing machine is SOOOO deep in the closet that I can't even bear thinking about pulling it out. But you make me wannna....
Waouh !!! I love the Fiery bolera and I would like to knit soon !!! The sundress and the bolero !!! What a sexy apparel !!
Ok, that's it. Let's go in dutch on that extra pair of hands. You get them 4 days I week, I get them three days a week. My the frequent flyer miles those hands will rack up. ;-) Oh, and super pretty fabrics, btw.
So how many balls did it take for your "Fiery Bolero"? It's looking really fine!
You have inspired me to get out the ole Kenmore sewing machine that my mother purchased for me when I graduated from college. In those days it saw a lot of activity but sewing was replaced by cross stitch, then needlepoint, and now knitting, although I did a fair amount of sewing pj pants for myself last summer. Can't wait to see the Flowery Cardigan. Hope you had a great vacation! Thanks for the great website.

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