July 04, 2002

Tube top is finished!

I finished my tube top the other day, and yesterday I washed it in the gentle cycle of my washing machine so it could dry flat overnight. I'm really pleased with the way it came out. I'm pretty small (did you think the name skinnyrabbit.com was pulled out of a hat?) so I modified the pattern by cutting two centimeters off the width of the garment to fit my size. Additionally, I added on one extra centimeter in length as I'm long-waisted. It's a real custom fit. Here's a peek at the finished garment, and if the weather permits I might just wear it this weekend!

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That looks lovely! Is the weather still summery in France - London has jumped ahead to Autumn already with plenty of rain :( What's next?
it's so cute! I want mine now! ;)
rabbit! hat! a becky pun! hee hee.
Squib got it! :-) And my next project is a Rebecca pattern. A Rebecca by Rebeca. Hee hee.
that is a Very cute top!!
I am diggin' the strappy tube top. Looks fantastic.
Thanks for the compliments! Hopefully, more photos of the top coming soon. I haven't had a chance to wear it as the days have been so rainy.
Oh wow! I love your blog. All these knitting blogs seem to be popping up all over the place I found you via someone.waferbaby.com) Very clever stuff, and the tube top is a gorgeous colour!

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