July 03, 2006

We be saucy lasses. Arrrrrr!

Captioned: "We've discovered that silliness abounds when we wear Cat in the Hat Stripes because we like lots of good fun that is funny. Read on only if you have a sense of humor."

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
Click here for the gratuitous, totally silly "We be saucy pirate photo."
(Alternatively titled, "Captain Destructo has a toy pirate sword. How could I resist?")
[What's that? You want CLOSE-UPS?]

Hazy days by the sea. Casual evening barbecues where saucy wenches are welcomed. Bailando en la playa hasta quién sabe qué hora en Acapulco, Ixtapa, Cancun, Puerto Escondido o Las Hadas durante la temporada de lluvias. (Dancing into early morning hours at Mexican beaches. Been there, done that oh so many times...could've used this top back then). What you see above - Cat in the Hat paired with weathered linen skirt - is how I plan on wearing Cat in the Hat in those situations. We be saucy knitter lasses!

But of course, I want to wear Cat in the Hat in the city, especially during mid-season weather when it's not yet warm enough to go without a light jacket or cardigan. As you know, I LOVE to layer my clothes and Cat in the Hat is perfect for that:

This is another stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
Click here for "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! shot."

Fashion footnote: I also plan on pairing Cat in the Hat with:
Loose-fitting khaki pants.
Form-fitting dress.
Navy blue layering tank or cami.
Kicky beige skirt.

Project details: This project is a hybrid design of my design sketch here and the cropped sweater in Rebecca 29. I rewrote the Rebecca 29 sweater pattern and used it for specific design elements, but I made a number of changes in order to 1) approach my own design sketch and 2) suit my body measurements. These changes include shortening the body, cinching the waist and modifying the neckline so it would sit just so on my shoulders. I used the same yarn called for, "Bali", but worked my red and white stripes instead of the brown, cream and turquoise stripes in the Rebecca design. I knit the sweater to my own measurements, which fall into a 34-36 European size. And....I think that's about it. Now it's time for dance, whack Rabbit, dance (as always, I give you much silliness).

In closing: This easy, quick little sweater is now among my favorite things I've knit. I love the wide neckline (which, incidentally, hits at the spot right where I want it and didn't slide down despite all my whack dancing) and cropped waist, but best of all: The stripes are just so Cat in the Hat!

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Perfect sweater, perfect post. You are one of a kind. Sincerly. Okay, inhale, and think. The details of the sweater are super: the fit, the striping. And even the length. I don't like short sweaters, and tend to avoid them, but the idea to layer it like that, gold star on your forehead. And your slideshows are priceless, as usual.
Very cool! Congratulations on a perfectly executed knit!
Another beautiful knit! The neckline shows off your collarbones perfectly.
Fabulous! I knew it would be, but that is so above and beyond! Just love, love, love it!! You could make a fortune with the pattern (hint,hint)!
Becky, it's simply adorable and you wear it with style! (I'd expect no less of course). The entry is delightful and makes me smile!
Arrrrr - that do be a mighty fine sweater there m'lassie. How do those pantaloons be a'comin'? Arrrr (etc...)
That is an absolutely adorable sweater, and it looks absolutely fantastic on you! :)
Arrrr! This is just so lovely! I love love love the "show your midriff shot"!
The sweater, of course, looks wonderful. Right, and you gave us the design specs so that we could replicate it in some for if we wanted to, good. Now, uh, how do I get my abs to look like yours?
What a great sweater! The neckline is just perfect! Your ideas for all the different ways you can wear it are cool...love the slideshow too! Can't wait to see your next creation.
I love it! And I would kill for a waist like yours. (But I wouldn't exercise, of course not! :-D)
You are funny. That sweater is so cute!
Beautiful! Great knit!
You are so funny. I love the sweater! Looks totally fabulous on you. I would give my left leg for your figure. ::sigh::
Ay yai yai! I love that cat-in-the-hat red-stripey top on you!
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Love the fit, especially around the collarbone. Love the layering, also--you've totally inspired me to wear more clothes layered in similar fashion.
What a beauty and....so are you! I love how you can pair it up with so many things too. Very high fashion.
You've done it again - created a beautiful piece that looks smashing on you!
I love it! Very cute and looks great on you.
Now, THAT must be the photo shoot of the century!! WOW! I'd like to see that live - when do you plan to start publishing videos?? (Watching you dance was the closest I got to knitting today - have been at work for 14 hours now, with no hope of ever returning to my home adress due to &#¤#!" computer disaster!!)
I ♥ Becky. You make us smile, you make us laugh. You have the most amazing body (those abs)! Heck. Now I sound like a deranged stalker, but seriously - you make the internet a happier place.
Killer cat in the hat sweater - killer ABS! I want to knit it, but need to stop eating chips every other day. :)
Lovely sweater. I love the neckline. Unfortunately, my abs are not nearly as lovely as yours, but the sweater rocks!
Oh wow - cool sweater! I love the shape and the stripes - very nice!
It's wonderful! Boy don't I wish I could still wear things like that! Loved the dancin slideshow! :)
Wow, that looks fabulous! Great job.
Total success!!! And the stripes are indeed so cat in the hat! Bravo!!!
You crack me up! Hilarious post and awesome (or is that Arrrrrrsome?) sweater! Oh, and did I mention that I have now promised my eternal soul and a pitcher of margaritas if I could just have your abs? Oh, I didn't? Well. Just sayin'. Maybe I'll just drink the margaritas myself and try not to think about it.
It looks fantastic. You did an awesome, kickbutt job. Will you knit me one?:-) Great abs by the way...
Cool! When are you going to stop doing "hybrids," start designing your own things, and selling the patterns? The world is waiting - didn't ya know? Great sweatere, and I'm looking forward to seeing other things completed.
okay. Love the sweater. The term "skinny"rabbit is very fitting! If only I had the figure to wear something like that. You look great!!
Yar! Ye be possessing some mad knitting skillz, yo! Ye be welcome on my ship any time, dancing wench.
Oh so very cute Becky! It is so fresh and sporty looking. Once again you did a fab job on the modifications and the fit. Absolutely Perfect! Have fun wearing it around.
Kiss them for me... I *LOVED* that song! And I *LOVE* your sweater! Love both looks, you saucy pirate! My sister and I were marveling at your talents over the weekend. I can't wait to say "I knew her when" when you are a famous fashion designer! :)
Now, that's hot!
So very adorable and very flattering! But one thing I've been wondering... can one do "talk like a pirate" in French :-)
That sweater is so cute... and very Dr. Seuss! I love the layered look although showing off your fab abs is not a bad thing either. Another perfect knit!
It's awesome, Becky! Your impeccable sense of style strikes again. If I had abs like that, I'd be in cropped stuff all year round, weather or no ;)
That turned out so well! I love how versatile it is! YOU are the MYKU!
Picturlicious! So fun to read your blog. You write good pirate speak! I like the slide show(s) and the fashion FYI's, and the play by play of the hybrid specs. Most of all I love the piratey-cat-in-the-hat theme. No, actually, most of all I love that sweater! When I first saw it in Rebecca, I thought, "eh". What you made is somthing very nice! If that were mine it would be a fave, (yay layers)! ~Would you, could you, make a knit? To wear, with flare, and to perfectly fit? Would you, could you with a sketch? Would you, could you with a cat-in-the-hat pirate wench? Arrrr! Ahoy, me mateys! Would you knit, could you knit, it any better? This awesome rabbit in an awesome sweater!
Beautifully fitting knit. Nicely toned abs!
How completely adorable! I have to stop coming here, I'm feeling inferior knit-wise. lol. One of my favorite shirts is a half shirt, it's a button down but only comes to right below bra strap-I wear it layered too. You *must* open a boutique someday. Your talent demands it :)
Congratz on the completion of this project. It looks fabulous on you. ;) Love the different styles you used to portray the same sweater!
Arrrr... that do be SO Cat in the Hat! Great job, me heartie! :)
I've decided it's now time for you to begin your employment as my personal designer. All this would require is for you to hop a plane to Australia, move in, take my measurements, and start designing (oh and tell my kids to be quiet while you work, and okay, you can take the odd phone call from le hubbie). I'll even go so far as to help you with the knitting, but the sewing's all yours. I know you understand that your exhibiting such PERFECT design for yourself leads us all to believe that we could have - and deserve - the same, but since these design skills were handed out randomly at birth and I DIDN'T GET THEM, you'll have to share. I know you understand. Bravo Fluffa. The Cat in the Hat is a triumph.
What a happy-making sweater that is! Anyone seeing you wear it has to smile. Are the French familiar with Dr. Seuss?
Your sweater turned out great! And it looks fabulous on you...of course. You look hot girl!
Les rayures qui finissent exactement, l'encolure danseuse (ou bateau ?!)...Wahhh ! Perfection !! Et il te va parfaitement !
its perfect! I love it! The roof is on fire shot is too good hehehhe
Hi Becky--LOVE the sweater! I love the stripes, though I'm a polka dot person myself. I LOVE the sweater by itself (not layered)! It looks GREAT. Becky, I have a question--are you a California girl, by any chance? I love your blog and you look and sound sound like you are from around here (Los Angeles). I'm guessing you are an ex-pat? I enjoy reading about your life in France. Take care! Joy
It is perfect! If I had a body like yours I'd never ear anything but cropped sweaters just like that :)
hehe, I meant WEAR not ear
I LOVE IT! So cute! (and I wish I had your flat stomach :) )
You are ROCKING that sweater, Becky! I tried to think about what it would take for me to design a sweater like this for myself, have all of the stripes align just so...and my head almost exploded! I think there are maybe two of Earth's approximately 6 billion citizens who could design, execute, and wear this sweater so well. You're one and the other is...*tries to think who the other might be, comes up blank...* Ok, you're the ONLY one who could do it! Congrats! Sleep well knowing that you have found an area in which you have truly supernatural talent.
Love the sexy Cat in the Hat sweater. It's sooo HOT! And I love the neckline. BTW, a girl I knew in high school changed the spelling of her name to Siouxsie because she loves the group so much. Great dancing rabbit!
You are a delight, Becky! Thanks for the smiles! Both outfits look smashing ;o)
I'm not sure which I envy more -- the lovely sweater or your figure!
Oh so cute! Now you must wear it with a leetle black beret, oui no?
Oooh, that sweater is totally faboo! :)
you are one saucy little pirate! looks fun and fab - and those abs... how do you do it living in the land of FOOOOOOOD! xoxo (don't forget to baste those seams, lassie!)
Fab-o sweater! Ummm, my abs look JUST like that! If we're standing in a funhouse mirror, that is. Great shots! You're a brave lady.
Rockin' abs, matey! And the sweater's pretty nice as well! You're making me think I need some stripes, though I think blue is my red.
That is just *amazingly* saucy. I love seeing how you style the great sweater into a fab outfit. Believe me, I'll be looking for your Crinkle styling!
Vast ye knitting skills, Cap'n Slappy. Them be some fine theads. It'll be perfect for pillaging your local wool peddlers an' comin away with some fine booty. Congratulations on yer fine completion of that sweater. Again, the plank will be awaitin.
Cute as the oh-so-proverbial button, Becky. And, as always, beautifully executed.
wow...sassy, gorgeous and more! Looks terrific on you and so so chic to boot. !!!love it!!! x.o h
First off, you have GOT to rename this "stand still like a mannequin" shot to something like, "show off those fabulous abs" shot! Very nice. . .
Wow, who knew that the cat in the hat look could be so great.....You look terrific. This fun project really turned out well! Also, the teeny bit of your hairstyle that was showing looks great too...:)
Becky, you are too cute! That's a neat idea to layer the Cat in the Hat top over the camisole so your tummy won't catch a chill during the cooler days. ARRRRR!
Oh, fabulous. You look smashing and the sweater looks great in both variations!
It looks very saucy and Cat-in-the-Hat-ish! I like it. :-)
Exactly as I imagined it would be - looks fantastic on you! Enjoy!
The Cat in the Hat NEVER looked that good!
Wow...I haven't visited your blog for few weeks and voila, your sketch is transformed! I think it looks fantastic, layered or not!
Fabulous sweater, more fabulous abs. How do you do it??
Honey, you look gorgeous! I know the captain is getting to be older now, but you'd never know you ever had a child. I sure hope that when all is said and done, I can look like that again after baby #2. I didn't ever get back down to that after the first one, but now I'm inspired. Work it girl!!
Ok that is wicked. I loe the top with and without the cami. Great job!!!
I love your Cat in the Hat Stripes Becky!! You have absolutely the best figure of all the modeled knitting I've seen to date!! I can only dream to look like that again...smile!!
WOW! You look fantastic in that cool sweater! Congrats on your perfectly executed & designed knit - stylissima! (Made that last word up - probably not a word in any language, but meant to be super-superlative.)
Thank you so much for the encouraging and MOTIVATING comments! I always enjoy reading all the funny, clever and nice words you leave. Seriously, you all make keeping a weblog worthwhile. I give you all a group hug! :-) I started working at a design studio on Monday and I've been busy there like you wouldn't believe. But tomorrow I'll post an entry so I can show you the new stuff I've been working on. (As for me pantaloons, they be almost finished! They just be needin' some hemmin' and buttons. Arrrr! )
Too. Saucy. Stop it!! You are too pretty and your knits are too fabulous. Love, an admirer!
VA-VA-VOOM! Did Mr. Hubby wriggle his eyebrows at this one too? I love the look both ways, a little racier with no under-layer, and then more demure but with a hint of racy with the under-layer in place!
Tssss. HOT!
You wear it so well! Fabulous look for you, darling!!
that's a great sweater! it looks great on you and at first i thought i would not make something like that for myself cause i hate showing my belly, but then i saw the layering pic. what a great idea!!! you are awesome. keep up the good work!
damn, gurl, you have a flat stomach. might as well show it off!
I love it!
aye, awesome work, becky!
Another fab sweater. I wish I had the abs to pull it off like you!
Oh my! It looks so good that I'll have to knit one for myself!

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