July 03, 2004

Kicking off the summer bucket portion!

Tan in a bottle - check.
Cute summer bucket - check.
(From a vintage magazine ad for tanning lotion.)
[Click here to see the whole ad. It's priceless.]

Are you ready start your summer bucket hat for the Bottom's Up Bucket Knitalong? (Fake tan in a bottle that looks like lighter fluid is optional.) Summer buckets and related bucket hat entries will now be posted over on this page, so follow me there.

Wait! Before we go, let's share some yarn goodness, shall we? It's hard to pick a favorite among the spring bucket hats when there are so many fun photos and cool bucket hats to see, but in the end I kept coming back to the same ones:

Donna from Random Knits and her daughter's blue bucket.

Every time I see those photos of that happy girl with her perfect blue bucket hat and matching tutu, I could just die from how wonderful it all is. I'm sending the first prize yarn to Donna, with an extra present especially picked out for her daughter. She deserves it. Look at how she works that hat!

Honorable mentions for both fabulous bucket and cool photo go to:

Amisha's sunny multi-colored hat.

Knittingirl Rhonda's sand and sea bucket.

But that's not all. In addition to the prizes of the spring and summer contests, I will be giving other prizes for various reasons at the end of the entire knitalong, but those are going to be a secret and a surprise until then. You'll just have to stay tuned. And aren't I just terrible with all this suspense?

Still, there's even more. Outside of all the prizes mentioned above, Julia had an interesting idea. Why not have a "reader's prize" for best bucket photo, sponsored by the readers? I won't be sponsoring any of these prizes, but I'll be hosting the vote and following up with the sponsors. If you'd like to be a sponsor, let me know. If there are people interested in sponsoring, I'll list them here and at the end of the knitalong we'll have a vote on the reader's favorite. [Update: No cash donations. Goods, only. And they will be sent by the sponsors directly to the prize recipient. Plus, the sponsors are ALL ELIGIBLE for the reader's prize. Donating something won't put you out of the running.]

Have a good weekend, and many congratulations to the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated and for making this knitalong so fun!

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19 comments to this entry:

Ha! I love the tanning lotion/lighter fluid ad. What a hoot. Where do you find these things? I have recently stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy it. You have a great voice and wonderful photography... not to mention awesome knitting. I look forward to reading more. Happy knitting!
I love vintage things! The graphics, the colors, the whimsy...yum :o) My mother was a red head and when we went boating she wore her red bucket hat! I have fond memories of her in that red bucket!
Oh I forgot to say...that man freakishly tan!
That ad makes me think of handbags, for some reason. Gucci leather. I love the tutu picture, as well! I made another bucket in time for the summer bucket-along, and have another in the works!
I am excited to do the next summer one.. I am still on the freakin RIM haha..
I'm so glad Donna won! Her photos were TOO CUTE for words. Got my summer bucket done -- just gotta take the photos . . .
i love vintage. and great photos of some very lovely hats. i'm willing to help sponsor a reader's choice prize. let me know what i need to do.
Great choices for the bucket contest! Those were definitely my favorites. I love the idea of a readers' choice. Lemme look in my stash and see if I've got something to sponsor....
LOL! cute add...I'd send it to Jay Leno with your comments. My BUP is beyond the brim but not quite at the crown shaping. Congratas! to Donna & cute photos.
****YAY********* I told Em, and she's dancing around the house with excitement! :) And to win amongst such talented and imaginative knitters, too. We had a blast, thanks Becky!!
Wow, not really sure what to think of that guy, is he tan or did he dye his hair? You always find the greatest vintage stuff. Congrats to all the winners!
I love that TanFASTic ad! But I love Amisha's bucket even more.
Hey Becky, if you need another sponsor I'm in - I have some yarn and maybe a book to contribute... Lemme know! Way to go, bucketeers!
Hi B! Still waiting to see you appear with the lovely Audrey. I'm up for either my original $5 paypal donation (if lovely french yarn is the way you want to go), or I can alternately brew up a yarn donation if that is easier (the Cascade 220 was really fun to work with and would make a great fall bucket). Perhaps we should vote on what we want to do? Amy Boogie had a vote tally system on her site a few weeks ago, so there is such a mechanism out there....
Oh yes, who can forget the gorgeous blue ballerina with her bucket??? This was a fun knitalong! I really enjoy seeing everyone's creativity. My sister is going off to camp soon and I'll be making her a lime green bucket for camp! So very exciting!
Thanks! There were also a few people who wrote via email and offered to sponsor the reader's prize. I've decided that donations in GOODS is the way to go. No cash, but feel free to donate whatever goods you like. You can send it directly to the reader's prize recipient. It'll be fun! :-) P.S. to Julia: Audrey pictures will probably have to wait until I get back from vacation. I'll try, but I won't promise. I leave on Sat, and won't have time for a photo shoot before then. Plus, it has been too hot to wear Audrey!
That ad is fabulous! I guess it would take lighter fluid to get that dark!
the rim of my bucket hat doesnt.. stick out like yours does.. it won't even if i try, it flips up if i try to make it.. any idea's?
I finally finished my bucket hats and took pictures! Wanna see? http://talking-dog.com/yarnaholic/archives/000217.html I like the first one the best, myself. The little fuzzies are so cute.

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