July 02, 2003

Crab stitch? We got your crab stitch, pally.

Crab stitch? We got your crab stitch, pally.

I added a row of crab stitch, or reverse single crochet, around the armhole edges of my Smooch tank and hello! I love it! The double chain selvedge is an excellent foundation for this edging, and not only do the armholes look more finished, but the crochet edging compliments the picot cast-on at the hem nicely. I am now so thankful for that crochet craze my mother had during the 70s. Remember how everybody was doing granny squares? Well, my mother was, too. [Thanks for teaching me how to crochet, Mom!] Crab stitch is illustrated in Nancie Wiseman's Book of Finishing Techniques, or you can find written instructions at the Crochet Cabana.

In other news, today I am heading off to my favorite local Phildar boutique (yes, the one where the owner kisses my son in greeting...can you stand it?) because the bi-yearly SOLDES began today, which means that there are major sales going on in France. Big time SALES. The very word makes me break out in goosepimples of excitement. Prices on some merchandise are slashed by 40-70 percent, and the owner of the boutique is going to divide my purchases into several lots so that I benefit from accumulated discounts; we've already discussed it over the phone and I nearly tripped over the phone cord in glee. Pray for my bank account, friends.

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Relax, take a deep breath and then SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP!! I so wish I was there with you, which Phildar store are you going to? Say hi to Ms Grumpy for me if its the right one. Hee hee hee
uhoh!!!! sounds like a dangerous proposition!!! can't wait to see the grab bag you come home with!!!!!
I love the trim but should I add it? (Have book) At the rate I am going, every knitted item I have made this summer will end up with ruffles!! I am mentally preparing to try my first granny square. ps Re: Shopping trip -- SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP!!!
Oh my am I jealous! I just ordered a bunch of phildar mags, but have no stores to buy their yarn, I will have to gawk at yours instead :) can't wait to see it!
I love the edging, it does look just like the bottom bit - it gives it a really professional look! Have a good shopping trip, don't restrain yourself!
You are *so* getting no help on the old checkbook balance from your friends here in CommentLand. Here's a message from anti-stash-girl: Yarn. They'll make more. But be sure to show off what you get!
Excellent idea! When I tried doing crab stitch for Pagan, I couldn't get it to look as good as yours came out (it being the first time with the crochet hook and all), so I left it. I'm going to keep it in mind now as something I could always add to Smooch later. It really matches the edging perfectly!
Enjoy the sales!!!! I've only just discovered Phidar books and think they are lovely. :)
OOooh la la! That edging is perfection! You do beautiful finishing work. I wish I could go to the sale with you! I'll be there in spirit as Your Personal Enabler going "More, More, MORE!"
Sigh. Paris. In the summer. When sales sizzle. Do you pity those of us living in tiny hamlets like Denver? Dreaming of the City of Lights, Leslie
Where can I find Phildar magazines in the U.S.? That jacket you're working on is absolutely beautiful! Please drop me an e-mail with any suggestions. Thanks!
I knew I could count on my fellow knitters for words of encouragement. [Tee hee.] I entered the shopping melee with bravado. Came out unscathed, but with empty pockets. I scored some great stuff, though! Will share after I go back to the store for the rest. Yes! I'm going back (and to other non-knitting related stores) for more. I might drop by Anny Blatt on the way. Still praying? Good. Karen, re Phildar mags [no one post recommendations here, thank you!], you can order them in FRENCH at Phildar's site. There are also a few translations available at some boutiques. Do a search engine query at google or yahoo for "phildar in English" or something similar. I've never seen these translations but I've heard that a few of them are, in a word, awful. Good luck! (If you have trouble finding that pattern in English I can provide a translation of it for a fee. Write me via e-mail if you need it.)

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