January 31, 2006

All over the place today...

I got new stash!


German knit goodness from Rike's Wollmaus: Rebecca 30, the latest Rebecca 31 for spring and a batch of GGH Amelie so I can knit the fluffy bolero from Rebecca 28. Lots of cool stuff in the spring Rebecca 31; I haven't even begun my Amelie bolero but I'm already thinking of knitting one of the spring designs. Spring can't get here fast enough. And aren't I such an incurable yarn glutton? I know, I know.

I started a new project!

I like to call it "The Holey Sweater".
(I mean, look at all those holes. Ventilation, bay-bee!)
[Hey! Click here to ZOOM OUT.]
[Psst...Wanna see my tubular cast-on? Oh, GO ON.]

I'm knitting a pullover (Phildar Automne 2005) in a wool/acrylic [ACRYLIC...aaaaah! I like acrylic!] blend called "Quietude", which is the same yarn I used for my dad's Papa Vest. I confess: I'm not a big fan of wool pullovers because I get too warm when I wear them, but I'm making an exception for this one because it's lacey and has a wide neck. I like me some good ventilation.

The lace pattern for this sweater is very straightforward and I'm having fun knitting it; I cast on for the back last week and am about to reach the armhole shaping. [Click to see the back in all its rumpled, unblocked wackiness.] The hem is worked in 2x2 ribbing, and as this yarn is so wonderfully malleable I took the opportunity to work a tubular cast-on, which I do for all my projects that are worked in yarns that render nicely in it. [Wanna see a closeup of the cast-on? Sure you do. Click here to see it.] I'm such a sucker for the tubular cast-on.

[As I've mentioned previously: Look at Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting and Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook for my favorite tubular cast-on methods.]

And there's more: I got mail! From my friend Evelyn in Chicago: a LOAD of fabrics from her stash. Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics which are destined for use in my future school design projects. And I also got something else: My friend Leisl in Australia surprised me with some Australian candies! Fizzoes, Musk Sticks, Cadbury chocolates, Sherbet Bombs and some Yowies for Captain Destructo. WOW. [P.S. The Captain is now Leisl's number one fan.] Merci, mes amies! :-)

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Hi! I've been reading your blog consistently but I'm not much of a noter. I was working on that pullover not too long ago too and I enjoyed it alot. Its a lovely knit but not many people are knitting it. Can't wait to see your finished project with the wacky shots. =)
We have a knit-a-long started for this sweater over at http://www.tendancesknitalong.blogspot.com/ and would be honoured if you joined us. You could definately help us get back on track with this KAL with your speedy progress!
Hi! De-lurking to say I love your blog, and I'm also knitting this sweater. So I'm putting in another plug for you to join our KAL (see Jade's comment)! Looks like it'll be lovely! Beautiful fabric too. Isn't mail fun?
Oh I love Rikes Wollmaus! Even with the conversion into dollars its a better deal than buying a lot of differnt yarns in the US. That stitch pattern looks gorgeous. I love those Phildar patterns. :) (and don't tell, I like a lot of acrylics too!) Can't wait to see how that and the bolero turn out!
Jeebers! Check out the stamps! I'm blaming the lady at the post office for that one - I just paid the postage and scuttled out of there! And I'm glad the Yowies weren't too crushed in the journey. Hooray!
Great new sweater and that fabric is yummy (well, so's the yarn for that matter). The Captain is just adorable!
The sweater is going to be so pretty! The stitch pattern is very interesting.
The stamps on the envelope are AWESOME. The lady at the post office deserves a prize. P.S. All Yowies were in perfect condition. They traveled very well :-)
Thanks Becky! I just ordered that book and hopefully will learn tubular cast-ons and intarsia. (I love that word!) And I love the pullover!
I adore that stitch pattern! Really, really beautiful. I should learn French...
Well, aren't we knitters all incurable yarn gluttons? =) I love, LOVE the designs in Rebecca and Phildar, though it is hard enough for me to find Rebecca here, let alone Phildar. I just looked at the Phildar website--while the price of 5 Euros per copy is appealing, must I really pay 29 Euros for international shipping to get my French "modèles"? *Sob.* I suppose it's all for the good...I should really pay off my semester tuition first. Heh. Anyway...the fabric being formed for that sweater is fantastic, and the cut of it is going to look fabulous on you. You have the best snail mail pals.
what a cute sweater to make. i love the lace pattern. and isn't tubular cast one the greatest!!
LOVE the package-opening slideshow. Your puppy definitely looks like he wishes he were a boy--though a boy would *not* be allowed in the back windshield... he doesn't know how good he has it as a dog! :)
I LOVE that stitch pattern so much. Can't wait to see it done. You have the best taste!
I like the Phildar sweater! I was supposed to get that issue of the magazine for Christmas (ordered online from Canada), but it still hasn't arrived... maybe a nice Easter present or something.
mmm! I'm knitting a bolero on the sly! in an earth tone...are we on the same wavelength...or what? :)
Hey Becky! As soon as I saw the close up stitch I just KNEW it was the Phildar sweater I've been hanging onto *in french* to knit up. Just need to get it converted, ohhhh i'm all excited now to knit it, yours looks great! Can't wait to see the end product!
Yay updates! Sweater looks great. How do you manage to knit so fast? I just manage to amass a lot of yarn! heh. heh.
You will LOVE that Amelie bolero, and with speedy rabbit applying herself to it, you will probably finish it in the space of a weekend. Plus I'll admit, seeing anyone add to their stash makes me feel better about the yetmoreyarn I ordered over the weekend. And don't those fabrics look happy in a new, loving home! It will be great to see where your creativity takes them!
What I love with Phildar's pattern is that you can easily follow them even if your French is more than rusty. And how all measurements are clearly written out on the picture (Rowan, take note on this one!) The pattern on your Phildar is very interesting, and the ggh yarn looks very fluffy! Nice choices.
ooooh yummy yarn... and the bolero will be divine (oh to be a skinny rabbit). love the holey jumper! gorgeous! and your fabric additions.... man, talk about beauty overload. and you are -so- worthy :p
Hi Becky! I really love that Phildar sweater. I'm sure it'll look wonderful on you as usual! The Captain is looking so grown up now... but still adorable!
yeah I get to see who it looks before I decide on making that holey sweater :) It is the only one I liked in the Tendance Automne!
that's a very nice sweater, very tempting indeed!
what a fabulous stitch pattern! and that amelie bolero yarn looks like a dream. ooh, good candy! reminds me that i need to get some sweets consumption in before Lent rolls around.
The holey sweater is wonderful and I can't wait to see the finished product! You're such an inspiration to me to finish what I start.
Love the stitch pattern on the back of that sweater---what a 2fer--great texture and great ventilation :O)
I think I found your blog through the ring, but I'm not sure. You knit amazing stuff! Love the sweater!!! And, I, too, would love to quit being a lawyer.........
The incredibly cute doggie in the rear window is totally cracking me up. What an interesting lace stitch.
Holey sweater, Batgirl! That's a really pretty stitch. Looks good. Yeah, yeah, pretty yarn, pretty patterns, pretty (well, gorgeous) fabrics. Now, let's get to the good stuff. Great candy haul! We can get Yowies at the expensive food store when we visit my mom. (The store's called Foods of All Nations but we all call it Foods of All Dollars. Aren't we witty?) Anyway, my daughter (18) and I (51 - but who's counting?) both love Yowies. I eat the chocolate and she gets the doodads inside. She has a Gallah, a Frilled Lizard and a Nudibranch, one of the strangest creatures on this green earth. Fizzoes sound like fun but what on earth are Musk Sticks? I just keep getting visions of Musk oxen...not something I really want associated with my candy.
Well, seems like I'm not the only commenter to find this stitch pattern fabulous... I'm already on my way to my local Phildar store to get a copy of this catalogue before it's too late! And the people at Phildar really know how to use acrylic in a good way, IMHO.
Oh, I adore that sweater. And the color is gorgeous. I'm with you on the too-warmness of wooly pullovers, but I'd make an exception for that sweater. I've seen many a blogger coo over it, but you're the first I've seen knitting it. Can't wait to see the finished product.
You always knit the lovliest things! I can't wait to see the finished sweater.
Hi Becky! I've had a crazy month, so am catching up with your blog! As usual, FANTASTIQUE! I love that Phildar sweater pattern. Can't wait to see it on you.
That stitch pattern is so pretty, Becky! Looks really beautiful in that color too. :)
That fluffy bolero is going to be beautiful Becky. The pullover you're making is really gorgeous. I love the colors you've chosen for both projects. Guess I'm going to have to pick up one of the books you mention to learn the tubular cast-on method. I use a method where you twist the stitch before slipping it onto the needle and its fairly invisible as well.
I love that pullover - the design is fabulous!! And I hear ya' about the ventilation - my office is blistering one day then frigid the next, and we're never quite sure what to dress for. I am always looking for something that will both be warm but can give me a little air if I need it!
That sweater is just gorgeous. Absolutely adore it. Pullovers can get too warm, but hopefully the wool/acrylic mix will help with that, as well as the pattern being holey/lacey and the scoop neckline gives it lots of ventilation, which is a big plus. I may have to shop for that pattern. It's really quite cool. I bought the Montse Stanley book but find his style of writing difficult to understand when looking through the book, although it has loads of illustrations and information.
OOH ! I really like the stitch pattern on the holey sweater - it reminds me of the Rowan Froth scarf ? Should look great :0)
your knitting is always so inspiring! love the color...love the stitch. aloha, becky!
the brown sweater is so cool! and i'm glad you're making the rebecca bolero, it's so cute! when i was reading your blog, i forgot the name of the yarn is amelie and thought that you were making a bolero like amelie wore in the movie, but then i couldn't remember if she was wearing boleros... i do remember her chunky shoes, it was the nineties...
Neat stitch pattern! I like your choice of patterns, everything you do is so chic.
Fluffa,I am really loving the neckline of this pullover sweater.

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