January 30, 2007

Knitting? What's that?

Just kidding :-)

I still know what knitting is. But I've done so very little that I sometimes forget how to hold the needles!

Alright. I'm kidding again. About forgetting how to hold the needles, that is. I still know how to do that. (And work the yarn, too!) But I'm not kidding about getting the chance to knit as much as I'd like. Sometimes whole days go by without my being able to knit a stitch. I'll explain more about that below. In the meantime, I do have proof that I still knit when I get the chance, and here it is:

(Yep. Been watching the Cars DVD lately.)

Still-life photo entitled: "One sleeve on another resting on table", or
"Please, let's reach that sleeve cap ALREADY."
[Click here to zoom out.]

Remember my Cabled Jacket? That last time we talked about it I had finished one single, solitary sleeve. Well, it isn't all single and solitary anymore. In spare moments here and there I've been working on the second sleeve, and the last time I checked I was about to reach the sleeve cap. Can't wait for that moment, because once we reach a sleeve cap with its gradual decreases we're looking at an almost finished sleeve. Kaaaaa-CHOW.

That's the only project I'm working on right now, but that's gonna change soon because I've got a two week vacation coming up in mid-February and I plan on just kicking back and knit, knit, knit. I haven't seen any of the new spring/summer knitting stuff that's come out so I don't know if I'll shop around and start something for that season, or just cast on for another winter project from my stash. However, I'm tempted to do the former because I'm getting so little knitting done that I figure I'd better start something for spring soon so I can have it ready by the time the warm weather comes around. In any event, I'm getting the urge to start something fresh and get it done during vacation because I miss knitting. [Forlorn violin music starts playing in background.] Sniff!

just a small peek at one of my projectsNow, as to why I'm getting so little knitting done. My second year in fashion school is BUSY, but really productive. An average of two big projects are due once a month, so much of my free time is spent on school projects and my inspiration sketchbooks. I want to take a haute couture specialization for my third year, and a rare few students are selected for it. So that's why I've been working particularly hard on my projects and developing my creativity to the max. And even though my knitting is getting neglected in the interim, my efforts are paying off. We just got our first semester results in and, if I say so myself, mine aren't half bad. They're even better than last year's :-) Margaritas all around!

Anyway. Back to knitting. In preparation for my mid-February vacation where I'll get a chance to just kick back and KNIT like a fiend, are there any cool new knitting patterns for spring and summer worth my checking out?

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first comment!= ) way to go on your fashion school! i'm terribly impressed, but definitely missing your knitting. here's hoping you get to knit all you want over vacation and we get to see something cool soon. i really need my wack rabbit dance shots!
Congrats! Would love to hear (if you care to share) of some of the things you are doing with your sketchs and creativity exercises.
Thanks so much for the support! While I really enjoy what I'm doing in school, I wish I could knit more. I can't wait to make up for lost knitting time during my vacation :-) I still have the imposed tailored suit I made that I'd like to show. As soon as I get it back (it's still at school) I'll snap a photo of it and share it. Thanks for the interest!
I think some yarn shopping is in order as a reward for those grades! (hey, we reward our kids, why not ourselves?)
Congrats Becky!! Second in your class is awesome! Bet you do not miss being a lawyer for one second. :) Check out the interweave knits spring preview - it looks great and everyone around the 'nets has loved it. Also, there are some excellent Japanese knitting books out there - check out "little purl of the orient" for some photos and links. Glad you are well!
Look at you go! 2nd in class, I'm so impressed! Sorry you've had such little knitting time, but it sounds like your hard work and dedication are paying off in spades in school. Way to go.
Awesome results! Good to know your hard work pays off, right? The spring IK is definitely worth taking a look at. It's been a mild winter so I'm still on a wool kick. I also find that I wear more knitwear in the winter and fall.
Congratulations!! WOW!
The new Interweave Knits mag for Spring has some really nice tops. Also I like some of the zypher summer and spring designs. I don't know that any of them are new but I think that they are cool.
Spring knitting, spring knitting! Who wants to knit for winter when the spring is just around the corner? Big congrats on the grades!
awesome job done ya smarty chica! keep pluggin away and the cabled jacket...she'll be done.
Congrats, that's a great result!!
Congrats! That is so great! I hope you get selected for the specialized course.
Dude, second in class?!!?!? Rock on! You are so awesome. I hope you still have time to blog when you are a super famous haute couture designer. ;) Enjoy your vacation! Hope you get lots of relaxation and knitting in!
Yay for being second in the class! And during your vacation - knit, woman, knit like the wind!
Oh yay! Woo HOO! Tequila and fresh limes all around. Congrats on the rewards for all that hard work. Hang in there until vacation time. ====================================== Note by Becky: And a special toast to you! :-)
congratulations!!! so, so happy for you! you are a rockstar. we miss you but i am so inspired to hear of your joy & success in school, and the wonderful creative process that this has been for you. the 2 weeks of knitting sounds like it will be so relaxing... enjoy :) hugs amisha
Félicitations pour les magnifiques résultats!
Congratulations on rocking your class results! Not that I'm really surprised - I know you've got it in you to do an haute couture specialty. As for upcoming spring knits, the new Interweave preview is up and it's a good one. And I'm planning on tackling some of the sleeveless tops from Knitting Nature this spring/summer. But I'm really waiting for the new Rowan, of course...
You are officially a smarty pants!;) All your hard work is definitely paying off. YOu'll get more chances to knit when you are running your own haute couture house and have all the little peons to do the work!!
Congrats on your awesome fashion school placement! I'm willing to bet you will get chosen for whatever special courses you want to take. We all know the rabbit is busting out will fashion sense!
Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment.
Congrats. Honestly, I'd expect nothing less. If you are gonna do it, you are GONNA DO IT.
Hurrah! Congrats on your achievement--you totally deserve it. I must admit I'm lazy and had I knitted while still in school, my grades would've suffered. I'm doubly impressed.
Congratulations! Any chance we could see more of the fashion on the knitblog? I for one would really enjoy it!
That's wonderful! Congratulations!
Good luck on your fashion aspirations!
2nd in the class? Congratulations, Becky - that's awesome.
Congratulations!! I know I'm impressed....
WOW WOW WOW!!! Second! You did do better than last year! SO proud of you. And love the shexy top!
Go skinny rabbit! Love the skinny rabbit even when she isn't knitting (vicarious European vacation anyone?). You must post pictures when you get the chance, I love sneak peaks at your designs. :)
Wow - congratulations on being 2nd in your class. I can see you've been busy. Hope you get to enjoy some knitting time soon.
Great job! (And I'm also proud of myself because I actually understood that without the translation... small victories.) With marks like that you're sure to be accepted into haute couture classes. Just don't forget the little people when you're profiled in Vogue. Try to share some of that creative genius with your fellow knitters. Represent! :)
Yay for high marks at school!
Woooooo! Congrats on your rank! Miss you, but it's great you're doing so well! We've been watching Cars lately too. :)
I think my favorite spring stuff is in the new interweave... haven't seen much spring stuff yet! :)
Woo hoo Becky!! It takes a Lot of hard work and mega talent to get second in class, and I have no doubt that it is pretty competetive, too. Congrats, and enjoy your time off!!
That's awesome - I'm very proud of you, and I'm looking forward to whatever pics you can show of the projects you create for school. Congrats!
Congratulations Ms Rabbit! Totally excited for you!
I'm having trouble believing there's anyone ahead of you in the class - maybe 2nd is the highest they award because they don't want the students getting fat heads. :) Can't wait to see what you've been working on to earn those stellar grades!
Congrats! I always enjoy the glimpses you give us of your sketches.
As I once wrote on my Spanish 1 test, très bueno!
yay! congrats on being 2nd in your class! I've been enjoying your updates on your projects for school.
Congratulations, what great work, hope you have a fun february holiday. The knitting garden has the new Rowan preview up, sorry can't get the link to work!
Congratulations! That's quite a feat! I'm sure you'll be selected for the haute couture specialization next year, and we can all say "we knew her when!!!" :o) Now I must check the spring IK preview...
Congratuations!! Haute couture specialization sounds exciting. As for knitting, I really sympathyse. There is so little time! I am also back at university and I have been trying to finish a sweater that was so almost almost almost done in September (2006).
Kickin' some ass over there! Aren't you so glad you went back to school??!?!
I am totally with you on the Kids Movie Language Infiltration. In our household, it was Finding Nemo that made the most impact. Glad to see that how to knit has come back easily, it's like riding a bicycle. And couture, you are a fine candidate in my opinion!
Wow, 2nd in your class. Congratulations, that's very impressive! Can't wait to see what you knit up over vacation.
Second in your class Becky? Way to go girl! Captain Destructo must be so proud of his Mom! I'll drink a margarita to that...smile! The cabled jacket is going to be so chic!
Congratulations on your terrific grades! You must be so pleased! I'm so glad to see your Ultra Femme. It looks terrific on you, and might be something for me to try when I finish up some of my current projects. I liked it in SnB Nation, so feminine! I think the Project Spectrum color for June and July is black, so that's a perfect excuse. Enjoy your vacation and I hope you get lots of knitting time.
That's fantasic, 2nd in your class!!! You rock! I wished I could click on this sketch because I wanted to see a close up of it. It's looks stunning.
congratulations on your fashion accomplishments! can't wait to your vacation knitting results. the new rowan magazine has some wonderful cotton cardi's and tops -- check it out. i think marie wallin's designs are really interesting -- she just may be rowan's new kim hargreaves.
congratulations, my friend, though it's no surprise... i'm behind on the hot new patterns myself. but that's always been the case.

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