January 29, 2004

Vacation knitting:

We call this the "garbanzo beanie".

Meet my little brother's wee head as it sports what we call the "garbanzo beanie". Knit using Lion Brand* Wool-Ease Chunky, size 6mm's and 2/2 rib. He wanted something that really hugged his head in true beanie fashion, so I made it for a 21 inch head instead of a 22 inch head. That's right - my brother's got a size 22 inch head. I myself have a 21 inch head. My sister, for whom I knit a bucket hat, has a head the size of a child's. We are a family of wee heads.

Modeling the "Rocky Coach Hat".

Here we have my dad's "Rocky Coach Hat". He wanted something "black with a cuff and maybe with a pompom". My dad is built like a football player and for some reason, the pompom (which I have never seen him wear, EVER) just doesn't seem to be a part of his style. So I nixed the pompom and the hat, which I think looks a bit like a French fisherman's straight out of a Marcel Pagnol novel, was a hit with the pater familias. My little brother kindly models the hat for us, as my father was unavailable due to his being occupied with packing my suitcases in the Rover because I decided to take photos of the hat two minutes before my return flight in true Skinny Rabbit Procrastination Fashion. This hat was knit with Lion Brand Wool Ease, size 5mm needles and Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns as a guide. My brother sports a "vacation goatee" and hair gel by L'Oreal.

But that's not the end of my vacation knitting! We close this show with a pair of mittens and a mini version of the garbanzo beanie for the kid:

Below zero weather?
Let's go back to Grandma and Grandpa's!

In the shot above, the kid pretends to warm his hands before a fire, which would be a good idea as it is SNOWING here and below zero. Send hot chocolate.

Brown, blue and green stripes.

The hat and mittens were knit using Phildar's Pure Laine and size 3.5mm needles. The hat was knit freestyle without using any pattern at all. The mittens were knit using Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns as a guide, and while watching Life as a House which has got to be the biggest tearjerker ever, right up there with The Color Purple when Nellie and Celie finally meet at the end and Dead Poet's Society when Ethan Hawke stands up on the desk and calls out to Robin Williams "Oh Captain, my Captain!" Gets me every time.

P.S. There are no dancing shots of my brother wearing his garbanzo beanie, but here is a photo of him KNITTING one morning after breakfast. He is going to nail my bee-hind to the wall for publishing this photo of his grubby morning self, but I couldn't resist. (I taught him how to knit while I was over there, by the way. He caught on quickly and worked 3 inches of garter stitch in 20 mins!)

*This is the first time I've ever used Lion Brand yarn. I am now a convert, and to prove it, I cleaned out the Hobby Lobby of its selection of Kool Wool.

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I'll admit it, I like to act snobbish about Lion Brand, cause its so inexpensive and *gasp* acrylic...but its actually quite nice to work with for the right project....
aloha- love the beanies and mittens. i, too, am working on freestyling a few caps for friends(yes, it's 80 degrees here, but we still insist on covering our heads when it dips into frigid upper 60's weather...heh). it is my first time working out a project without a pattern...i'm trying to figure out how to decrease without encountering any little frogs on the way...scary. do i hear the croak of an ol' bullfrog? ahhhhgggg..... wish me luck...and so glad you have returned safely from your trip. peace...
I also have bunches of Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and some Kool Wool in a kickin' shade of green that I used to knit the mitts from Weekend Knitting (Melanie Falick), and that I'm fringing my poncho (Jen's Poncho from The Knit Stitch) with. Lion Brand rocks! :-)
Okay - I've tried but my head can't figure it out. How do you make a ribbed hat where the decreases for the shaping of the top of the hat don't mess up the ribbing pattern? Any tips that might turn on that lightbulb in my head?
Love the hats, especially the Rocky Coach hat. My son would love your version! Nice to have you back!
Cool beanie pics. The little one is very cute warming his hands in his new mitts. Lion Brand is really doing a good job of making good quality, inexpensive yarns. Great for projects where a little acrylic is a good thing or a lot of yardage is required. "Kool" that you picked some up while you were over here!
Someone likes Lion Brand (Not just me)! The kniterati usually diss that brand - so refreshing to hear it's ok & not something to be vaguely ashamed of using (like it's in bad taste or something). Love the hats on your family! You even got your brother to knit?! I think a region of H-- will be a little frosty crisp on the day I ever get *my* brother to knit!
Becky you do realize you have the cutest little child ever (and I dont even like kids) right? Can I nick him sometime to model my knits to get more hits at my site?
Oh, I am sooooo glad you are back. Crazy how one can miss someone one has never met!!!! Lion Brand here I come. Thanks
Mmm hot chocolate (it's 70 here and I still want it). Did you get any of the Mexican hot chocolate when in TX? That's the best! Cute hat parade, did you make one for you?
I love those beanies! Very snug looking. And I love the photo of your brother knitting - great stuff! I hope he keeps it up!
Love the "garbanzo beanie" - my brother would love for me to make it! He's such a hat guy - skier, mountain man! What pattern did you use? Man, oh, man - your little man is just tooo cute for words! I never thought to use Lions Brand - I always shy away - maybe I will just have to make that hat! For me - in pink!! Since my ma stole the bucket oh chic!! You are always so impressive!!
i'm not ashamed to say to say i use lion brand all the time, i don't know why anyone would be. peace
Becky, I am so psyched to hear that Lion Brand worked well for you. I have been toying with buying some since the new Vogue came out with an extra cover featuring Lion Brand Yarn and free patterns. Their homespun looks great. I went to Michael's the other day (gasp - it was my first trip ever - that is how much of a snob I've been!) and eyed the Homespun in person, but couldn't quite push myself to buy yarn so cheap that wasn't on sale. Now I'm ready, I've just got some tweedy coats, etc to get out of the way first! Thanks for leading the way, you trailblazer, you. Julia P.S. Your niece is beautiful and her tank/cardi set is adorable.
Wow, that was a very prolific knitting vacation. I'm impressed. Love the beanie hats.
The hats look adorable, I'm sure your son was thrilled to have his very own beanie, just like his uncle. I too love Lion Brand, especially for people who are not suffering in quite such a chilly climate as I am - some of my favorite projects were made with Lion Brand when I was too scared to spend big bucks on my experiments.
Your family is so cute! Your brother is very kind to model for you...I have to twist Jacob's arm every time. The hats looks fabulous...and I love the mittens! I think mittens are so fun now, since I tried and it was easier than I thought. Lion-Brand is fun, fun, fun. I've made a bunch of kitty hats and devil hats with it, and it's perfect for those kinds of projects!
In my experience, unabashed guy knitters are chick magnets. Well, if they are the kind that likes chicks--both those that do and that those that don't abound. I keep meeting more and more interesting men who are learning to knit or considering it all the time.
ah, back when i was a single lass, in 1995, i spotted what i presumed to be the love of my life...a hip, hot guy on the T (boston subway) knitting away on what had to be his first scarf (he was concentrating so hard as his finger awkwardly wrapped around the needles, holding on for dear life). how could you NOT dig that? turns out the *real* love of my life does not knit...but i'll never forget that moment when i downright swooned at back bay station. so, ya, i 2nd the chick magnet effect...go becky's brother!
There are some Lion Brand yarns that I really like - the Microfiber is nice, Kool Wool is awesome, Wool-ease is nice - esp. the really big variety. I really dislike their boucle, however. And I detest Homespun. I did a knitting class for my daughter's 4th grade class... bought $100 worth of wool-ease. That is a _lot_ of yarn, and its nice feeling _and_ washable. Big pluses!!!
Just tell your brother that a blogger is obligated by the Int'l Code of Blogging (the ICB) to post a photo of any male captured in the act of knitting. Nothing personal, just business. Lion Brand? Come to mama! Here in NYC we have a fab supplier, P & S Fabrics. All colors, all thicknesses, it flies off the shelves and they stand on stools to replace it just as fast. Say the word and I'll send Lis to get you some on her lunch hour. (Er, I mean I'll hop on the subway and get it myself.) Also a good source of Patons although their Patons' selection is not as deep as their Lion. Patons UpCountry and Real Wool or whatever the merino is called--both are nice and both are pure wool. Excellent hats, and way to get the family involved in the blog project. Love, Kay
Love the hats - especially the garbanzo beanies. Might make myself one - after the still unfinished bucket. I'm guessing that you've done the decreases in the purl part of the rib - right? I'm impressed that you got your brother to knit. I have no chance with mine... so far haven't even managed to convert my sister!
"garbanzo beanie"! Ha! Yay for photos, too. I suspect you've got piles of them that you'll be doling out to us over the next little while. Or at least I hope so! (I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease for my hot water bottle cosy and loved it, and thought "I'd like a whole sweater of this, please.")
Though I've used WoolEase, I became bored with it because it was the first yarn I ever used, and I was *so* ready for different stuff, just to be different! That Kool Wool looks appealing; if I were not yarn dieting, I'd check it out! Welcome back, my dear!
No one has mentioned Lion Brand "Thick & Quick Chenille." I have used that for two scarfs from a free pattern I got on the Chickknits site. It is nice to work with and looks very impressive (especially to non-knitters) after it is knitted up.
Cute hats. Cute guys. I'm holding out for Elfin though. ;-)
Dang, I missed you!!! Glad you're back, glad you're safe, glad everyone loved their gifties so much, glad your bro let you take a pic of him knitting (too funny), and glad you're back. Wait, I said that. *whispering.... rogue, rogue, rogue......*
WELCOME home... Your brother is muy guapo, baybee, morning or otherwise. And knits TOO! What an atomic combination! And fabbula on the beanie front - one can never have enough head huggin' fun - in Chicago's single digit temps, I've been wearing one to bed...
I, too, resisted the call of Lion Brand, but it's really not bad stuff! Love the Cotton Ease. The family pics are so great. Your brother is a good sport, even in his morning, non-Loreal-gelled state.
I'm using Lion Brand for several of my projects. As a beginner, it's better for me to start out with something inexpensive. I'm glad to see that a few others really like it. So I don't feel so bad for not getting the more expensive yarn. Maybe someday, I'll splurge for rowan or noro, but for now, I'm sticking to the cheaper stuff while I build up my experience. :) Those hats look great. I love the beanie! I hope my rib hat comes out half as good at that beanie.
Loving the hats... very very nice... and, speaking of acrylic yarn... quick Q: can you block it?? Or can you only do this with like cotton, etc.?? Hmm.
i'm with claudia -- bring on the elf! (p.s. love the color combo on the mini garbanzo. hey that rhymes!)
What a cutie! The hat and the brother! Oh did i say that, i'm married... tsk, tsk... Once again, your work is inspirational.
yea!!! Becky's back!!! woo hoo! love the garbanzo beanie...must have pattern....Also, I'm so glad that others love the Lion Brand yarn like I do!! I heart the Wool Ease and the Homespun, I've made many a first project with them. (And have many more planned) PS my favorite new word...kniterati (thanks Meg!)
Becky you are so prolific. I can't believe you finished so many projects while on vacation. The hats look GREAT! And I'm glad to hear you're spreading your knitting knowledge around. We need more male knitters.
Good god, woman! Do you only allow devastatingly gorgeous children into your presence??? Your little niece and your son (as usual) blew me away with their supreme cuteness. :-)
Love the hats--especially the garbanzo beanie. Lion Brand should pay you for advertising! I too was a snob about it or any other acrylic yarn, but then I touched how soft their Microspun was, I bought a bunch last year.
I'm so glad you're back! I love your hats, they look awesome. And your brother! Wow, he is a cutie! (ahem, so is your son.)
Thanks so much for the kind comments, everyone! Mr. Bro hasn't nailed my bee-hind to the wall yet, so I think I've been forgiven for posting the picture of his morning self on my site. Your nice words were a big help! :-) Re the garbanzo beanies: I knit them both without following a pattern. I knit my brother's flat because I didn't have my 14" inch circs with me, and I knit my son's (on finer gauge) in the round. As a result, the decs (and their placement) were done slightly differently between the two. As soon as I get some free time, I'll write up and share the patterns here.
C'est tres adorable! Can you give me pointers or a pattern for your garbanzo beanie? Your self-starting story has truly inspired me! I am off to making my first sweater soon after I finish a hat for a friend's baby!

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