January 29, 2003

I am in junk food heaven.

I sincerely wish that I could get some serious knitting done, but quite frankly, I am too busy making oinking noises while I dive like a glutton into the enormous suitcase-sized box of American treats that my adored blog reader and friend Janet - a.k.a. The Taco Bell Fairy - took it upon herself to send me as a surprise when I casually listed in a weblog entry all the junk foods I miss from back home. Movie theater popcorn, candy, lemonade, refried beans...it's endless. My eyes bulged when I saw what was in the box. And that is why Janet is, without a doubt, the Queen of the World.

Holy Amazing Snack Foods, Batman!!!

In the box please note the four skeins of Lamb's Pride worsted wool in some of my favorite colors - beige, orange and pink - which Janet included so that I can try out some felting. F.E.L.T.I.N.G. I am in knitting heaven right now.

Speaking of pink, be warned that February will be all about knitting pink around here. Pink? Yes, pink. Oh, the suspense!

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Pink? Uh-Oh!! :)
Woohoo! I love pink! Especially when teamed with red. You're going to be one cool rockin' Valentines chick!
You could use your Lambs Pride and do the Fuzzy Feet Felt-Along with a bunch of us, if you want! (the link is on my blog)
oh. my. god. I am so jealous. you are so inviting me over for dinner. :P
Pink and red...Leisl has telepathy. Thanks for the tip, Sarah, but Janet and I are planning on doing something that we can use all year 'round (it's not a bag, either. Oh, how mysterious!). Kim, if I had any more taco bell left over I'd invite you. But the hubby and I already gorged like greedy guts on the tacos and burritos. Hee hee.
Oh felting!! I love to felt!! I found a pattern for felted maryjane's and I am soooo tempted to do them *hehe*
Hi, There was a post: http://www.jenanne.com/mt-static/archives/000458.html#000458 that talks about how the lighter colors of Lamb's Pride don't felt. I wonder if the beige qualifies? The Pink is definitely okay. Good luck!!
How mysterious indeed! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
ooh- that is the best box of goodies! Yarn and taco night supplies. Gotta love taco night! :)

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