January 27, 2003

Je suis trop sexy pour mon pull...trop sexy pour mon pull...

Here it is: The ribbed and cabled sweater I knit for my husband. I'm very happy with the way it came out, and it's a great fit! This sweater is, without a doubt, the garment in which I have invested the most time and effort, ever. I used the tubular cast-on for the sleeves and hem. I short-rowed the shoulders instead of binding off for shaping. I picked up stitches for the collar and knit it in the round, then used kitchener stitch to bind off the collar. Steam blocking and finishing took days, literally. If I could bill the hours I spent working on this sweater like the way I did at the firm, I'd be getting a whopping productivity bonus at the end of the year. But I'll settle for a trip to Tahiti. Honey?

As I've taken a few days to upload pictures for you, I decided to compensate by uploading a number of them. (Which means that unless you've also got a DSL connection, this puppy might take a few minutes to load due to the number of kpbs on the page. But pictures are always fun, so it's worth it.)

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That sweater is amazing! It really looks great. And your son is so adorable (still) :)
wow. that's a great looking sweater. this is the first time i'm making a comment on your blog, but i've been a frequent reader. i really like your layout and design. great job!
Wow, that sweater is amazing! :) And your son is so cute dancing along with your husband. It made me giggle.
You know that scene in Wayne's World where Wayne and Garth get to go backstage at an Aerosmith concert and when they see Steve Tyler then get down on their knees and say, "we are not worthy, we are not worthy." well, I'm doing that now.
Hi!! Wonderful sweater for the hubby! I've been patiently reading the progress!! I wanted to email you about the Phildar catalog your translating, but my browser wouldn't allow email. Could you email me and let me know a price? Thanks so much!! By the way, your son is quite a dancer!! Very cute!!
it must be a lot of fun to hang out at your house. can i come over?
Love the sweater!! It looks fantastic ... definately worth a trip to Tahiti !
I'm loving that jumper! It looks simply marvellous. As for the magic dancing family pics - all we need is one of you, and we'll have the whole set!
oh my!!! you are just a whole family of crazy dancers aren't you? :) hee hee... the sweater looks amazing. i bet people fall over in shock when he says "oh my wife made it. she made it by hand!" very beautiful. and such the professional finishing job!!!! p.s. is he doing the cabbage patch at the end there? (captain destructo is saying to himself "finally, i've got them all dancing with me!!")
Awesome! I really love that center cable and how it's repeated on the sleeve as well. And those seams are amazing. You are such a perfectionist. :-) What a great looking family you all must be in your dapper Phildar duds!
How beautiful, I'm so glad to see the pics of his sweater!! You do amazing work - great finishing. It must be so much fun to make things for those two guys, both tres adorable!!
That sweater is just as fab as I knew it would be. I also love the pictures of your dancing men - JD looks as though he is saying "look at my dad - isn't he cool!"
Fantastic.Superb.Truly wanderful work. It's the best bit of finishing I've seen in a long time. Easily worth a trip to Tahiti !
all this time I thought your kiddo got the hamminess from you... now I know he's got it two-fold! ;)
Beautiful sweater Becky, very inspiring! Love your fun pictures too!
not much left to say except...Brava!
Thanks for the compliments! I never fail to get a smile or laugh when I read the witty and fun things you all write. Leisl, there is a picture of me somewhere on this site modeling one of my sweaters while I pretend to dance. I just can't remember which sweater it is! And Carolyn, the hub was doing the cabbage patch - rather strangely, I might add - in the last picture. How did you know? Hee hee.
Your sweater is amazing!!.............and I could hear your husband singing as I scrolled down the photo's. LOL
Making sweaters like these gives us a new appreciation for the winter months. Don't you think? Very, very nice!

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