January 26, 2005

A quick post for all the cool people who visit on Wednesdays.

Dinner's a-callin', but here's a quick post so I can show you the lapel of one side of the front piece of Salina:

[See more! Click here to zoom out.]

I photographed it bathing in the sunlight, because the fabulousness that is Felted Tweed in Crush requires that it be so. And doesn't the sunlight look glorious? Well, don't let it fool you. It's nice and sunny out, but temperatures are the lowest they've been since the cold season began. I headed outdoors today and had to hold my hands over my ears in order to keep them from shrivelling up and falling off from the cold. Okay, I exaggerate. But it sure felt like my ears were gonna fall off! It really is that cold. Next time I'll wear a hat, even if it gives me hat hair and I look like a dork in it.

Back to Salina. As one can see, one side of the neck of the front piece of Salina is completed. [Please, click here to see an expanded view of the front piece. You must see more of the front piece, I tell you!] I had fun knitting it. The lapel is created by gradually increasing the number of stitches worked in moss stitch. (That's right; it's a knitted-on lapel. Finishing is going to be a breeze!) The other side of the neck still has to be completed, but I can't do that because it has a knitted-on buttonhole facing. And I can't work the buttonholes yet because oops! I forgot to buy buttons for Salina during my notions shopping on Saturday. I want to have the buttons in order to see what kind of buttonhole will work best, so I guess that means I'm going to have to mosey on down to La Droguerie to check out the buttons again. (Like I need my arm pulled to do that.)

And while we're on the subject of fiber bathing in sunlight, look at this:


Crystal Palace Fizz Stardust sent as a surprise from my pal Silvia! This yarn makes me want to roller disco, bay-bee. (Here, look at this closeup of its glittery strands.) Wrist bands? Trim for a hat? Boa-like scarf? The very color of this yarn has got my niece's name all over it, but I think I'm going to end up using most of it for myself!

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hat trim, hat trim! maybe auntie-niece hats and boas? :-)
I am enjoying the purpleness of it all as I watch the snow fall here (again).
Can't.resist.temptation! I want to cast on for Salina so bad I can taste it! :-) Maybe in February.
Salina is looking good. I think I'd make everything in that Rowan book if I could.
I'm still thinking of the sunshine you have! Haven't seen it for over a week! Salina is beautiful and I love how the color is created.
I love CP Fizz. I just recently bought some in lime green. Thinking about incorporating it into a felted bag. Can't wait to see what you do with the Stardust....
*de-lurks* Salina is beautiful!! I'm in love with the heathery-ness of the purple. And moss stitch always looks so...yummy and chewy. It's gonna be gorgeous. Your purple post might just pull me out of my green obsession!
I love the color of Salina. And the texture change rocks. As for the fiz, They would rock as trim on some opra wrist warmers. Tres Punk Rock!
Your poor cold ears! I had cold ears, too, but now I have a funny-fuzzy-flappy hat to keep them warm. Your Salina pic doesn't show me how lovely the lapel will look...(tapping foot)...I know you'll fix it...must be patient...
Dinner calls me too, but I frequently ignore it and knit instead. This is one of many reasons the hubbie cooks. ;-) But Salina looks positively de-lish. Great yarn choice.
a knitted on lapel...we must have a slideshow of the progress...In-ter-est-ing...hm I really have been dying to try that felted tweed...ebay is calling! ooh I am a super cool wednesday reader...yes yes! :) keep on truckin...salina will be modeled soon...
Mmm, that Salina is so yummy! Grape heather is quite a lovely colorway, though I seem to like all the colors of that yarn...
You have such a head start on Salina I won't dare race you to the Ribby with my interim project, but I'm in for a March start! Just say the word and I'll happily shove the other WIPs aside. As for your purple dilemma, my niece got a little knitting machine for Christmas and cranked me out a sparkly, hot pink, TOTALLY tubular scarf in yarn like the Fizz. It is SO not me that it's a real kick to wear it!
Cold is good! It forces you to stay in and knit yarny goodness!
Salina looks great! You forgot the buttons when you were shopping, does this imply you bought buttons for Willow? Looking forward to see your finished winterprojects!!!!!!!!! I made a cardigan from last summer Rowan magazin with the same lapel construction as Salina, and the solution works very well.
Loving Salina - it's one of my favourites from Vintage Knits also.
Jenny's comment made me laugh out loud. I love it! Hubby gets a good headstart on cooking when I start my evening knitting sessions early. And sometimes we'll have a before dinner drink, too. Knitting + wine is goooooood. Re Salina: I think this sweater would look good in practically any color. I had a hard time choosing, especially between the two purples: Crush and Sigh. (Sigh is a deeper purple than Crush.) Crush has a hint of red to it, but my camera seems to have a hard time picking it up. I forgot to mention why the stitches are on a stitch holder. The moss stitch, as I mentioned, is the lapel. Then the stitches are put on a stitch holder so the neckband collar can later be knit using them. (I notice that Willow has a similar collar construction, by the way. I like it; less fuss!)
can't wait to see you rock salina and that's some fun fizz you got there. take care!
Salina is lovely. I'm wondering how I managed to miss that pattern book entirely. May have to rectify that position this weekend! I'm jealous of all that felted tweed finery - I've wanted to knit with it since your Elfin. Hhhhmm. More shopping!!
salina is beautiful! i really love that color.
Love the color of Salina. I'm looking forward to yet another flawlessly finished FO... (That Felted Tweed does look great. Tempts me to break the yarn diet, but I'm going to be strong...)
Fabulous color! I have to tell you I'm going to a screening of Keanu's new movie Friday...if he's there, I'll snap a picture for you!
Salina is looking great...although I want to type Saltine. And the Fizz is cute too. For the froufruity yarn--it is very nice stuff. :)
oh, felted tweed! I love that yarn, I really enjoyed it when I knit Elfin Jacket: it's warm but so light at the same time. You've chosen a beautiful colour. I spotted Elise in Vintage Style (encore une cache-coeur)...and Jolie in yorkshire aran.
Hi, I'm new here and I've been browsing your site. Your work is amazing and a great inspiration for a newbie like myself. Thanks for sharing it with us ;o)
Thanks, and welcome! Re the wonder that is Felted Tweed: I notice that others like it for the same reason I do. The lightness and warmth. Elfin is still, hands down, one of my favorite knits to wear because of that. Plus, I like the fine gauge. P.S. to Sarah: I hold you strictly responsible for my near fetish with Felted Tweed. And, my dancing in the forest ;-) P.P.S. I know that I'm not the only one who is jealous that Christie may possibly see Keanu in the flesh!
That tweed looks so cozy and I love the color. As always nicely done Miss Becky. I could use some of that cozy yarn here in New England. We just got hit with like 36 inches on snow and below teen tempatures. I wish I was back in Florida! But alas, I am getting tons of knitting done due to being snowed in! I think that your Captain would have a blast here building snow forts! Keep warm! Hot chocolate always works for me! Don't forget tons of whipped cream!! Yummy!
Loved looking at your stash. I'm about to start the Ribby Cardi, too. What color yarn did you end up getting? I'm using the chocolate truffle. Can't wait to see yours!
Salina is looking great. I am currently knitting with the same yarn in the same color, but for Bloom in Rowan #36. It's fun to see the same yarn used in different creations. Last night was actually the first time I had dinner made for me as I knit away. It somehow just tastes better after going directly from a knitting session to hot food on the table!

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