January 26, 2004

Greetings from jetlag limbo.

Strikin' a pose in the tank Aunt Becky knit for me, yo.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I got on Christmas morning when my niece and goddaughter Becky* opened the package containing the tank I knit for her, went to try it on, scrambled back out wearing it and gave me a tight hug while squealing, "Ooooooooooooh, thank yooooooouuuu!" That, my friends, is what makes all the knitting worthwhile, and then some.

I wanted to knit the tank's matching cardigan before I left to visit my family for the holidays, but I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to start it. I decided to take the yarn with me in the hopes I'd at least get to start it, and it's a good thing I did because jetlag-induced insomnia, powdered donettes and a gazillion cable channels made for excellent early morning knitting time. I got to watch all the films I've missed while cranking out some knits, and one of the things I finished was the cardigan:

Isn't she just the prettiest in pink?
[Click me and I will give you another view.]

The pattern (from Phildar's Pitchoun Spring 2003) originally called for the ensemble to be knit in white, and the front edges of the cardi were to be finished with flowered bands of hooks and eyes. These bands were available at Phildar boutiques in white only, so I decided to do away with them altogether and use eyelet buttonholes instead. I worked garter stitch bands on the edges of both front pieces and sewed on some matching pink flower-shaped buttons [closeup] I found in my local mercerie right before I left on my trip. The entire cardigan was knit, blocked, and finished while I was visiting my family. It was great fun to work on the cardi with the family looking on, and my niece flattered me by wearing it into the ground when I finished it. Of course, we took the customary skinnyrabbit.com action shots** of her wearing the things I knit for her:

My niece is such a sweetheart, she deserves an entry all to herself so updates on other knitting projects will follow later this week. I've missed my online knitting buds and it's great to be back!

*Yes, my niece is named after me. Awwwwwww!
**I took the shots in the atrium of my parents' house so the sun is filtered, but it was definitely there. Temps averaged 23-26 degrees celsius most of the time and we all walked around like it was spring. What a shocker to come back and be smacked in the face with icy wind and freezing temps. But then again, this kind of weather is EXCELLENT knitting weather. Hehe.

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Yay! You're back!! And what a super-pretty niece you have. She looks wonderful in her pretty pink set.
A skinnyrabbit fix just in time! I almost didn't survive the fluffa withdrawal. :-) Hope you enjoyed your vacation from the online world--we're glad to have you back. How satisfying to finish your niece's cardigan during your visit. I'm glad we got live-model pictures!
Sooo glad you're back!! I was starting to shake from Skinny Rabbit with-drawal! The tank looks priceless! Great job :)
its double becky...why its two, two, two treats in one. a cutie patootie little girl modeling a faboo knitted gift!! glad to see you back on the blog front.
Welcome back! Very cute project and cute child to start out with. Glad to hear that you had a good time here in the states!
I'm so glad you've returned! I'm delurking to express my extreme happiness at the revelation of [k]new knitting [k]niceness. Cheerio!
So pleased to see you back. What a gorgeous model in the most beautiful knitted top and cardigan. Stylish indeed. Glad you had a nice,warm,break. So...did any shopping ?
You're back! Hooray! What an adorable niece - she's got that dancing gene, too, I can tell!
Becky! Damn nice to see you back. Becky Jr. is super cute. Isn't it just the BEST to get Knitting Appreciation!
Welcome back! Bravo on the wonderful job on the tank and cardy. Your niece looks great wearing it.
Wow, that turned out so well! Looking forward to hear about the rest of your time away...glad you're back!
You're niece is beautiful. And the tank is perfect on her. Great job! How rewarding knitting for such a lovely and thankful recipient. :0) PS - So glad you're back!
Welcome back! I was just about to go get my beckadone (okay, so I was trying to think of a clever equivalent to methadone, but it didn't work) shot when you reappeared! Your niece is GORGEOUS, and that sweater set? Incredible, of course. I hope you had a relaxing and wonderful holiday with your family.
Becky, Let me join the chorus of pathetic people who were tired of going to Fluffa (I went even though I knew you weren't there, just in case you phone-blogged or something) and seeing Elfin day after day. You're back!!! I love travel knitting because if you only bring one or two things, you actually get the gratification of finishing them. The pink twinset is perfect on your niece and namesake, who is also, as it happens, a Tank Girl. Welcome back and don't leave us again; we're fragile. xox Kay
Didn't mean to say anybody ELSE is pathetic. Just me. Although I would like some company.......Kay
beckeeeeeeeeee!!!! i'm so glad you're back! you're niece is the cutest! :)
OMG that is the cutest cutest set you knit for her! What a lucky little girl she is! Welcome back!! We've missed you!
Nice to get a Fluffa fix this a.m. Your little neice is a beauty! And so are her new threads.
kay - i join you in the land of patheticdom - i must have checked here twice a day every day for the last....how long was it you were gone, ms. fluffa? eight years? criminy! on the other hand, obviously all the free knittin' time was wonderful as this bubblegum pink outfit has your usual panache. :) now bring on the other items!!!! more skinny rabbit please.
Yes! You're back! The knittingblogland is just not the same without you. Compliments on the sweater set. And your niece is just beautiful.
Glad to have you back! Your neice's tank and matching cardigan is exquisite! I would love to make one for my daughter. Can you get that pattern, or one like it here in the states? I wouldn't be able to read it in French, so I am wondering if you can recommend something similar written in an English pattern. Thanks. Suzanne
yipppeeee...glad you are back. love the tank set. and what a wonderful color. can't wait to see more...
welcome back! I kept an eye out for you too. Such a warm welcome you've returned to! that tank and cardi are so cute. Is there an adult version in the works perhaps?
Looks like you've had a lot of us folks missin' you. So glad you had a nice trip. mk
Cardigan and tank both look fabulous. And your neice looks a little like me!
i was sort of starting to worry you'd gone for good. well. worry is a bit over dramatic. love the cute little twin set.
Welcome home. Your niece is adorable & 'pretty in pink'.
Woohoo she returns! Glad you're back! I will just echo everyone else and say that your niece is gorgeous and looks stunning in her pink knits, which are also stunning themselves! I love the action shots. Cute buttons as well. Have you finished Elfin too?
Yay! Missed you! Your niece is adorable and even moreso in her tank and sweater. Is everyone in your family born to model?
YAY!!! BECKY'S BACK! I missed you! And your niece is so adorable, how great that sweater set looks!
Great to have you back! The cardi and tank are stellar. Your niece is one lucky gal. (and so cute too.)
Bon jour!!! Awww, you have a Mini Me!! ;-) I am SO glad you are back! Happy New Year!
No longer will I forlonly sit in front of the pc, moaning "Skinny wabbit, where ARE YOOOOOUUUU?". Welcome back, kiddo. Faboo tank and cardi. Do you take orders ;-)
Missed your entries!! The cardi and tank are so cute - but not as cute as your niece! The vogue pose is classic!
my home page returns!!! i was missing your updates so WELCOME BACK!!!! i am blown away by your niece's adorableness (&, of course, the beautiful pieces you made for her). is she model bound????
glad you're back!! the cardigan and tank look so cute on your niece!
That set is just adorable! Hope you enjoyed your vacation and welcome back! :)
Glad you are back and had a fab trip. Your niece is sweet and love her tank and cardi. You said middle of January!!
Hurray! You are back! Glad to see that you had a wonderful trip home and that you are not too depressed to come back! And what about that twinset! MARVELOUS! You are a knitting goddess!
Your niece looks great in that set! Nice job. Hope you had a great time and welcome back.
yeah!!! You are back! Is it just me, or is your niece just too cute? Love the pink too...it is my new favorite color! Love how the set looks together too, the way it lines up. Sigh.
Yup, I'm with Carolyn, I was checking regularly and, yeah, feeling despondent when the same picture of Elfin popped up day after day after day. So happy to arrive for the prettiest girl in the prettiest pink twin set! It's a stunner--and those perfect buttons? Classic! Welcome back! (and I wouldn't mind seeing Elfin updated, wink wink)
Wow, Becky, that is a beautiful cardigan and tank set you made for your niece. She is just darling in all her poses! Welcome back!
Welcome back, Becky! Obviously we missed you. The shots of your niece are priceless ("Stand still" -- ha!), and the tank-and-cardie set is great. I'm glad you had a good holiday and nice weather, too. And did I mention that I missed you!
Welcome home! We missed you! Your niece is a doll!
Welcome back Becky! And I totally feel you on that weather thing, except I spent a few days in Chicago on the way back. Nothing like going from 20c to -12c in just a few hours to shock your system. Of course, when I got back here, it suddenly all felt really mild. So I suppose it was a good thing. PS: your niece is such a cutie!
Hi, if ýou didn´t mentioned that Becky is your niece, I would say she is your daughter. Almost like a twins with xx age gap :) Glad you post again.
Elle est de retour, enfin!!! Glad you're back. And yes... it's cold in France! Now that's a pretty twin set for little Becky. :)
Hurrah! I'm glad you're back! I was wondering if my browser had some really old cached version of becky going on... (Yeah I'm pathetic too Kay). I hope you had a fab time with your family - both your niece & the pink ensemble look really sweet.
W-E-L-C-O-M-E B-A-C-K!!! And very nice to see a new entry!!! Your niece is a heartbreaker (thought for a minute you've posted you childhood pic of yourself). And there's you again with needles flying gettin' that cardie finished in record time. How does she do it?
Welcome Back Becky!!! Like Kay, I've been pathetically checking for your return daily, I missed my Fluffa fix! How can one survive without a daily dose of the whack dancin' skinny rabbit?? The twinset is spectacular!! And your neice is a hottie-in-training! Glad your vacation was relaxing.....now it's time for some serious Fluffa knitting content.....start with Elfin, perhaps? :-P Glad your back, Becky!!
Yay! Let me join in the chorus...welcome back and we missed you. Can't you tell? Not that we're being shy about it... The pink tank and cardigan are divine, and your niece is the cutest thing. I love how she's posing for the camera! It really does run in the family! Hope you stay warm!
Oh, I was starting to worry you weren't coming back (seems a lot of bloggers have been dropping out of blogland lately). Glad you're back and that twinset is the ultimate in cuteness (especially on your niece). The kids in your life really are hams, aren't they? ;)
YIPPIE! Great Cardi! Glad you're back.
Welcome Home!! Glad to have you back - I missed reading about and seeing all your cool knitting!! WOW - so impressive! I love the cardigan and your neice is so adorable!! What a cutie pie - dancing for the camera- terrific! What a nice aunt you are - I bet she will cheerish that outfit! PS - I finished my bucket o chic My mom loves it so much - she is keeping it. I will send and post pictures. It took forever to felt!!!
Welcome home! Becky looks adorable in her sweater set - gorgeous. Love the buttons & everything. Bears a certain resemblance to her auntie, too!
So glad you're back! You write a good blog. :-) Your niece is cute! And the twinset is adorable.
she's a sweetie & the pink is too cute! sooooo glad to have you back. fluffa rules!
Thank you SO MUCH for the warm welcome and for the kind words about my niece and her ensemble. It is great to be back online and among such great knitting buds! A few ask about Elfin : I promise it is coming soon to a skinnyrabbit theater near you, but probably not this week as I haven't taken any pictures of it yet. I need to employ the aid of my photographer, Mr. Le Hubby, and his schedule is pretty tight. Hopefully this weekend. P.S. to Emma, I did get some yarn shopping in there, but not of the caliber I was hoping. Still, I couldn't come back yarnless! I plan on showing pictures of what I did get, and of the beautiful yarns a couple of pals sent me while I was at my parents' house :-)
Oh goody, you're back! Been missing you, Becky! The pink twinset is well worth the wait. It's so pretty and your niece is such a sweetie. Love the poses :o) ps - I've uploaded some wedding pics so drop by when you have the chance.
Can we say Becky withdrawal. OMG. I am so glad you are back and posting. It sounds like you had a great time. That cardi and tank is so precious! Hopefully Cameron will be as excited about stuff he gets from me when he gets to an age to appreciate what his mom knits *G* Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.
Your niece is so pretty! Y está guapísima con su conjunto rosa! The tank and the cardy look really great on her!
Welcome back. Your niece is beautiful and the sweater set looks gorgeous too!
Welcome back Becky! Happy New Year!!!! I love everybody's hats. Your niece is quite a model and she looks very cute in her pink ensemble.
hi Becky, Your neice would look beautiful in a burlap sack (one of my mother's sayings) but you certainly did her justice with your pretty in pink twin set! Doesn't it feel wonderful to see how much something you handmade is appreciated?

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