January 23, 2003

Oh new projects, how I love thee...

I've started a new project! I'm turning some skeins of oh-so-lovely Legende into the child's tweedy coat on page 23 of Phildar's Tricotez Calin. (Surprised it's Phildar? I surely hope not). I'm using some brand spankin' new Crystal Palace bamboo circular needles that are so much fun to use, I feel like taking them everywhere I go, waving them in people's faces and saying, "bambooooooooo, baby!" Okay, I joke. But it's no joke that I love these needles - the stitches don't slide around and each stitch looks so perfect. Knitting with these needles makes me feel like trilling out a chorus of "the hills are aliiiive, with the sound of music". Just like Julie Andrews, but tone deaf.

the hills are aliiiiiiiiive...

I swatched, got the gauge on the first try, reworked the pattern lengthwise to suit my son's whopping 7 cm above average height, and have knitted halfway through the back. Alison from the blue blog (whom I have to thank for my fabby bamboo needles, by the way) is making the project doubly fun by doing two of those jackets for her twin boys along with me. Be sure to check hers out as well!

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Becky, I can't wait to see it finished! I love that jumper, it's so adorable. Almost wish I had a little critter of my own, just so I could knit one up! By the way, The Sound of Music is the bane of my existance. For obvious reasons.
hoo kay, big chuckle for the day! I thought you and the first person to comment had a little inside joke about The Sound of Music, until I finally noticed her name. I laughed so hard I had to blow my nose. I can't seem to get number 23 to come up. whaaaaa. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.
i love those crystal palace needles. they are so expensive, though! $12 (in boulder - might be cheaper elsewhere) is a lot to pay for needles, but you're right - they really do make a nice fabric.
Ohmygod! I spelt 'existince' wrong. Sorry everybody. (PS: That was a joke)
when you're done making the one for captain destructo, why don't you make another one a few sizes bigger for me!! :) hee hee...
I love that coat - are you going to draw a little critter on the pocket, as well?
Leisl, please tell me that your last name happens to be Van Trapp. Tee hee. Did you get the picture to come up, Janet? If not, let me know so I can send you a photo of it. It's too cute to not share. Patricia, you bet your needles I'm doing that little critter - it's done in the orange yarn using intarsia. I can't wait to get to that part.
Hi Becky, can you tell me where I can purchase an English version of the giranimals patter? Thank you so much, Corinne

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