January 21, 2003

Strawberry Shortcake.

I finished my husband's cabled sweater! Frankly, I'm incredulous. It's amazing how little knitting I'm really able to get done during the day what with looking after the toddler-child (also known as Captain Destructo) while trying to crank out some work (web-related) and even more work (non web-related). But Saturday and Sunday evenings were spent seaming the sweater, and yesterday afternoon was spent knitting a 7 cm mock turtleneck on a pair of 3.5mm circulars, and then casting it off using kitchener stitch for 2x2 rib, which has got to be one of the most tedious things next to removing old wallpaper with a spatula. But, my efforts were rewarded because within ten minutes of casting off the neckband, my husband arrived home from work, saw the finished sweater lying on the table bathing in its own little aura of light from heaven with shouts of "Hallelujah" from Handel's Messiah, and immediately pulled it on. It looked great! I really wish I could show pictures of the sweater now, but my husband has gone to work wearing it today! That, to me, is the ultimate compliment. (I'll have pictures for you in a few days.)

But we do have knitting pictures. Here's a strawberry fruit cap (the yarn is a wool/acrylic blend called Climat. Super warm, yet machine-washable) I knit for a friend's child:

These caps are kitschy-cute, and very easy to knit (I recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to try out circular needles and stranded knitting). I'm ambidextrous and use both hands equally, so I had no problem catching on with the two-handed method of color knitting. My floats were way too tight on the first row of green dots, though. When the hat was stretched, the green dots would nearly disappear! I had to use a tapestry needle to loosen them up a bit. And I couldn't find all five of my 3.5mm double points, so I had to do the decreases of the top part of the hat using only 4 needles, which made progress a little slow. Oh, and working with one less needle doesn't make it any less fumbly, either. I always feel like I'm playing a game of pick up sticks whenever I use double points.

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i cannot wait to see the hubby's sweater!! i took a photo this weekend to get up some finished projects, and figured out a way to finish another. but then one another has stymied me, it is just butt ugly on and horrible and will need to be ripped out or redone or altered or something. it certainly put me in a bad mood let me tell ya!
doh -- i meant "one other" not another. and p.s. love the hat! so fun! :)
did you use ann norling's fruit cap pattern?
Kinda silly for me to recommend a pattern without specifying which, isn't it? Yes, I used the Ann Norling fruit cap pattern :-)
Great hat! I always wanted to make the strawberries, but thought it would be too girlish for the boys. Yours looks super. Happy to hear that your husband loves his sweater! Like everyone else, I'm anxiously awaiting the photos.
thanks!! i thought it was the ann norling pattern. it's just too cute! thanks for letting us know that it's an easy pattern. i've been wanting to get that pattern for awhile but was scared it was too difficult. i only but wish i had your knitting talents and skill!!
That hat is so cute - I love it! if only Brooke didn't already have a million hats I'd whip one up for her... Its so rewarding when someone so obviously loves what you've made for them isn't it? I bet your husband was so proud of it at work today, I can just imaging him showing it off to his colleagues (in a manly kind of way!)
Love the hat... it's perfectly sweet! Can't wait to see the pics of your husband's cable sweater - such a compliment - rushing out the door to show the world. ;)
I just had to laugh at your entry...I also call my toddler "Captain Destructo"! There's just no keeping up with their messes is there?! Can't wait to see a pic of the hubby sweater. Mine refuses to even discuss a knitted something for him!
Well done Becky ! You knitted that cabled sweater really quickly.It can be hard to find knitting time with a small person around ;-]

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