January 15, 2007

Ultra Femme!

As featured in the Official Sweater on Real Person Photo:

*Psst...thank you to Monsieur Le Hubby for taking photos of me in my knit top even though it was his birthday and all he wanted to do was lounge around in his jammies all morning. Love the hubby.

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Hey! Click here for a couple of whack dance rabbit shots.]

Project details: Ultra Femme from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation using GGH Samoa and GGH Soft Kid. I knit the lower ribbing in the extra small size and the upper mohair portion in size small. I had to go down to size 3.5mm or 3.25mm (I need to check my previous entries to remember which) in order to get gauge on the mohair portion. (Remember the frogging and reknitting I did? Ugh! So not fun.)

Look, Ma! I made a ribbon!

I didn't buy a ribbon for this top. Instead, I cut a couple of lengths of heavy satin fabric I had in my stash and machine stitched a reversible belt. I did a rushed job of it because I was eager to wear the top [Impatience, thy name is Rabbit], but I may make another one that's a bit wider. I'll leave the length as it is, though.

Darling! Shall we go out for some before dinner cocktails?

What else? Oh, yes. I also gotta tell you that the mohair portion, if knit at the gauge required in the pattern and in black yarn, is not too see-through. Therefore, there ain't nothing between me and this top but a lacy bra, lassies! And even if the top were see-through (which is what one is led to believe from looking the light pink sample sweater layered over BLACK bra in the book), there would still just be me and my bra underneath the top, and nothing else. Nothing wrong with a little shexy every once in a while, people :-)

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Very, very becoming! Oh, that I could wear fuzzy, natural fibers without clawing at my own flesh. Forget shexy - I'd have to fully line the thing to be able to tolerate it. You did a great job, and I'm glad to finally see it. The holidays are fun but not so good for the knitting. ======================================= Note by Becky: I can't usually wear mohair close to my skin because I find it really itchy, but this particular kid mohair blend doesn't bother me at all.
A lovely finish for your top! Hope you did get to take it out for drinks!
And the crowd goes wild!!! It's fantastic. It makes me want to make one, except I kinda have 5.5 weeks of pregnancy left, and I'm not entirely sure what my body will look like post-baby, since I've never had one before. But the photos are most definitely inspiring! ====================================== Note by Becky: What wonderful news! Congratulations!
Ultra Femme looks great on you. I am so impressed how you can look at a pattern, knit it up, and then make it look waaaay better than it does in the picture.
It looks so good!! I love it! And happy birthday to the hubby
It looks fantastic on you! I so look forward to the whack-dance shots :)
Even better on you than on Ms Manne Quinn! Great job - and well done on having the erm ... commitment to rip out the mohair. ====================================== Note by Becky: It's a good thing the sleeves are tiny! If they had been long I probably would procrastinated on frogging and reknitting. Ripping out mohair...ew!
That's a definite 'going out for drinks and dinner' sweater. Fantastic!
It's great - totally worth the frogging and frustration. I actually like yours a lot better than the one in the book. Well done, as usual.
Ah yes, but there is nothing like leaving it up to the imagination. Those SnB girls always seem to push the bra envelope. I love pairing with the trousers, very I-can-be-capable-and-shexy! ===================================== Note by Becky: Nothing wrong with pushing the bra envelope*. Wearing a bra is still leaving a bit to the imagination. If they wanted to leave nothing to the imagination, they could wear no bra at all ;-) *A fashion designer, 40 years my senior back in the early nineties, used to custom-make party dresses for me and my sister when I was in college and she was constantly pushing the bra envelope. "Just make sure the bra is a pretty one", she used to say.
Utterly fabulous!
Another winner! You have me seriously thinking about Ultra femme (bad me bad me only stash knitting this year remember)
Perfect! Just perfect! Totally worth the mohair ripping, no matter how traumatizing!
i have been patiently awaiting a Becky photo of this sweater...always respecting the finishing job that you do to make it look professional! i have improved my blocking, seaming, finishing details as a result !! it's all in the details, as always. great job. i hope that you continue to knit in addition to your seamstress/tailoring classes....i love to read about your projects ( and France, too .. ) . thank you for sharing your work.
Too cute! It looks much better on you than in the book. Now I might have to put it on my list!
Becky it looks so absolutely fabulous on you. I agree, way better than the one in the book- yours is very classy looking & still sexy! I am glad to hear what you say about the GGH soft kid because I am thinking about knitting a rebecca pattern in soft kid.
This looks terrific on you...what buff arms you have! I'm a bit jealous there. Anyway, nice job on your shexy little number. ======================================= Note by Becky: Thanks! I did a lot of sports when I was much younger - stuff like rock climbing, weights, etc. - and I've never lost the buffed arms and legs. I still try to work out and/or dance every once in a while, although my schedule doesn't allow me to do it as much as I'd like.
Beautiful! Bravo (or brava)! Well chosen sizing details and love that sash. Someday soon I'll move away from the safe cotton-only sewing I'm comfortable with, inspired by amazing creators such as you. Happy b-day to hubby!
Another gorgeous creation! Looks great on you as usual.
My My, aren't you a glamour girl? It looks great, and I much prefer it in black than pink. So - have you started to think about Cap'n's Easter sweater yet? Hee hee...
Lovely! Well done for finishing it! x
I gasped just a little when I saw this sweater. It's totally awesome (I am in 80's mode, having watched Adventures in Babysitting, Dance 'Til Dawn, AND the Molly Ringwald trifecta this weekend). I love the trousers, too. If only I could do mohair... but maybe angora would work.
Bravo, Becky. Brav-O. And I agree with models and the Hustle. How fun would that be? :) Tanya
Fabulous design and knit! I also dig the same designers Tempting II in Knitty!
Fantastic Becky! Much better than in the book! And congratulations to your hubby, and it was so good of him to make our day by taking the pictures.
Absolutely fabulous! It looks amazing on you!
Shexy you are! I really love the top. It is very sexy and looks even better on you than on the mannequin! We all thank MLH for taking some crazy rabbit shots. Happy Belated Birthday to him! Hope he took you out for some cocktails and a fancy dinner in that fabu top.
Super duper cute! Now you need to sit down and watch a Doris Day movie and drink a martini. That little sweater just puts me in that mind.
Love the tiny cap sleeves!
What a great top. The combo of yarns is really nifty!
I agree with everybody in saying this top is fab... and shexy! In fact much better in black... The GGH Soft Kid is indeed ultra soft and very comfortable to wear next to the skin. Well done Becky!
Il est superbe et il te va comme un gant! Félicitation! Cette année 2007 promet de jolies choses sur ton blog!! Yeahhh
Lovely!! The bow is cute too! I wonder what a wide black leather belt would look like?
i am with elizabeth on this one... i was less than inspired by the one in the book, but i *love* this. the sash is lovely too. beautiful work ms. becky!!
I was wondering about the see-through quality. But then again, ggh Soft Kid is a bit thicker than the yarn I normally think about when I think kid mohair--Rowan KSH. Beautiful work! (As if we were expecting any less.) By the way, I really love your pants. Ohhh, tweed.
Very shexy! That reversible belt idea is killer good.
Your version is absolutely gorgeous... love it! You really have a knack for picking the right knits that look fantastic on you :)
Beautiful and that ribbon is to die for!
Gosh that's pretty! Much better than the book. Good to know that the mohair CAN be non-see through!
It's beautiful Becky! It's very flattering and sexy on you!
Becky, It looks absolutely fabulous! I just love it. I'm gonna add it to my list to knit : )
Love the textural contrast of the furry mohair and the silky ribbon! Looks great on you!
Wow! I love the top. I can't believe you knit that!? It looks fantastic.
beauty thy name is rabbit. gorgeous. love love love it. Black is so very.
I was pretty skeptical of the version in the book, but I like it in black! very nice.
Love it! You, my dahlink, are ze ultra femme!
I eyed this top in the SNB book but thought it may just be too sexy for me to pull it off. In black, I love it! It's a different kind of sexy than the pink with the black bra (although I do have a very nice lacy bra that is just begging to be peeking through something!). And yes, you must be dancing up a storm as proven by the blurry dancing pics!
Oh! Gorgeous!
SO cute! As always, your patience has paid off with a great-fitting sweater, and it looks perfect for before-dinner cocktails. Me, I am newly energized after realizing that for the past five or ten years nearly everything I've knit for myself has been one size too big. (Ah...ha.)
Divine! Beautiful work, as ever.
How lovely! Very cute.
You are simply ravishing in that top! Happy belated to hubby. :)
I want one. I want one. Yours is so much nicer than the pattern photo...it really looks GREAT on you. so, is the mohair scatchy? or soft aginst skin? shexy is Kewl...but can it be done in the Mid January in France ? we've been freezing here in Israel...
You look gorgeous in the black top. Lucky you being able to wear mohair too, I would itch like crazy just knitting it up. Happy Birthday to your hubby too, hope he had a fantastic day!
This is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous pattern, and it looks so great on you! Fantastic work indeed - congratulations!
Looove it!! Great textures and contrast in an all black top. You know I have never knit anything for "special occasion" or "going out" wear, although I am addicted to kid mohair. Great trousers too. Did you make them? ARe you still making every new item of clothing? You are looking in great form for the new year. Max
So, so nice! Great knit!!
ooh la la! lindisimo!
Absolutely perfect. I love the black - it's very sexy and sophisticated. Well done.
You were born to wear that. Lovely.
Simply beautiful! I love it.
How sweet you look! And "shexy"... ;) And yours is The Best New year's resolutions list ever! Can I do the same? Not doing a lot of knitting any more, since work takes time... but if I get rid of a lot of yarn stash I miiight be able to knit up the rest. Yeah! :)
Your top is beautiful and I'm very impressed by the self-made ribbon!
I love it!
LOVE IT! Love it in black and the ribbon is so beautiful...and so are you.
Oh wow!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! I love it.
Gorgeous! Now I got to work harder on my mohair!
Wow, thats a hot little number. You look fabulous, as always.
Wow, thats a hot little number. You look fabulous, as always.
way back when I started to read your blog, before I knew what a blog was. I've always enjoyed what you've shared. I thought I'd say thanks for all the inspiration and let you in on what I've been knitting lately. I just got a dress form from my husband for Christmas to go along with my renewed dedication to all things "stylish and original". Again, thanks for your humour and creative inspiration!
Wow. That top looks awesome. Even better than the one in the book.
just getting through a tortuous move; nice to see this gorgeousness! lovely work.
I've always loved-loved-LOVED this pattern, but never thought of it in anything other than the original pink. In black it is STUNNING. Elegant. Gorgeous. Incredibly feminine. Eye-catching. I'll bet you'll get stopped by every third stranger you come across, asking you where you "bought" it. Kudos!
Thank you all so much for the kind and wonderful compliments! :-) I'll be back with an entry very soon. School has been incredibly busy and I haven't had any free time at all, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with some knitting activity. Woo hoo!
Simply smashing! I discounted that pattern for my mohair becasue it looked so see through. I may have to revisit it!
Ooo. I'm one of those fuzzy-fibers-are-itchy sorts, and it's nice to know you're not having any issues with the GGH blend. Your piece -and it's beautiful, by the way- does a fair bit more for convincing me to make this pattern than the picture in the book. It shall go on my list.
Very elegant! Love how you made the ribbon, looks perfect.
That top looks really good on you. I've been eyeing that pattern for a while and now I think I am going to have to make one. Best of luck with your school.
That is just perfect on you! Beautiful.

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