January 12, 2005

Wannabe Punk Armwarmers!

Time for a brief Lyon moment:

The cupid's pose never fails to make me smile.

We're having uncommonly good weather (for winter, anyway) and I've been taking Captain Destructo out so we can enjoy the sunny days. I took the photo above in Brotteaux, where there's a playground and a small square with a fountain in the middle.

Now, some knitting news!

Before I blab on about the new projects I'm working on (which is what I was going to do today), I think I'd better show you my long-finished opera-length armwarmers because I keep forgetting to post about them:

Want to see them both? Sure you do. Click here.
P.S. How about a closeup?

Project details: "Opera-length" armwarmers with thumb gusset knit in 2x2 ribbing, using Plassard Merinos in charcoal gray. The design and pattern are my own and were inspired by some machine-knit fingerless armwarmers (without thumb gusset) that I saw a girl wearing last month. Mine were knit entirely in the round on four double-pointed needles because I like playing pick up sticks. Okay, I'm kidding. While I have no aversion to knitting things in the round, I think it's pretty clear that I prefer knitting the majority of my bigger projects flat so that I can seam them. BUT, when it comes to hats, neckbands, mittens and other similar projects I prefer that there be no seam, and that is when I love my circs and double-pointed needles.

As for wearing these armwarmers, let me just shout this out: I LOVE WEARING THEM. I rarely wear gloves because I tend to pull them off order to use my hands. But I find these armwarmers to be a nice alternative and I've been wearing them under my sweaters on especially cold days. Not only do they provide extra warmth, they make me feel like Joan Jett. (And I don't mind telling you right now that when I was a kid in the eighties I pretty much idolized Joan Jett. Oh! The number of times I made myself hoarse screeching along to the video I Love Rock 'n' Roll on MTV.)

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Those look fantastico! Nice and warm but practical. I love my fingerless mitts for the same reason - I need my hands too much outside.
Tres chic, tres cozy, tres Joan Jett! Ah, remember when there was music on MTV?
Those are so SEXY and PRACTICAL. You are a genius.
Nice looking! I'm sure they are plenty warm too. I made some that are much shorter and DH keeps saying "alms! alms for the poour!" whenever he sees me wear them. It's nice to have use of your digits though!
I Love Rock-n-Roll was The Best Song to roller skate to. Ah, those were the days. You make a fabulous Joan Jett. Very Very Hot Indeed! Quit hiding them under sweaters already.
Love them! So dramatic with a touch of crimson and a smidge of clover!
The armwarmers are très cool, and I LOVE your jeans! What a fabulous look. Did you do any shaping on the arms, or is this pretty much a straight tube down to the thumb gusset? You know that inquiring knitters are going to want to know....
My fingerless mitts now look stubby to me.
Put another dime the the juke box baby!!! Any chance you'll share that pattern? Those are too cute on you, and if you don't share I'll be forced to create some wannabes! xox
Ahhh! You know I love 80's song references. I think I had that Jett song in my head for a decade straight. I feel an intense need to tease my hair now.
Fantastic arm warmers. I've just cast on for some in Koigu, but I'm loving how alternatively elegant/punk rock they are in solid.
Super cute Becky! What a nice alternative to gloves...but when it's too cold here in Alberta, we'd freeze our fingertips off so not a good option for me...tee hee! They sure are a nice fashion accessory though...love them!
Now that's a look!
I so *heart* your arm/wrist warmers!
Way cooooool arm (or wrist?) warmers! You make a very hip Joan Jett. As long as we're admitting to rock 'n roll fantasies, mine was to be Pat Benatar. Oh, and I love the blue sweater you are wearing over the warmers. Did you knit it? If so, from what pattern?
Wow, I was thinking of making some short ones but now I think Opera length is the way to go. Very Beautiful and edgy.
Awesome as always - you rockstar you - I hope you post the pattern! You are one trendy mama!
You are soooo rockin' in those armwarmers! I am so having armwarmer envy right now ... I'm trying to make a pair for Jacob's little sis, and I'm using sock yarn, and the needles feel too tiny. Yours look so great!! (Secret confession: I dressed up like Pat Benatar for a karaoke contest once. )
I love the length of yours. I knit several pair (shorter in length) over the holidays for me and the boys using the ultra teeny but easy to use Clover mini circulars in size 8. They are so much easier to use than double points and you can crank out a pair in a little over an hour. Tanya
lovely armwarmers! sometimes i think i should be wearing those. the wind goes up your coat sleeves so easily! :)
Heh. I'm definitely flashing back to -- dare I date myself? -- 8th grade. Oh I saw him standing there by the record machine... Very fun, cute, sexy and retro all at the same time. And that Merinos is lovely soft yarn to have against he skin!
Gorgeous. Do you have a hot pink tank you could wear them with? I too wanted to be Joan Jett, but alas, my hair was always TOO CURLY. You have a much better chance of being able to pull off that bitchen shag.
Very very cool armwarmers! And yes, I screeched along with you at MTV...I can't believe I wasted so much of my youth watching that crap!!
Nice! Don't suppose you'd feel posting your pattern?
Oh, they look too cool! Love the sleek design, and they look great under the sweater too. Sooo Joan Jett! I wanted to be that angry-cool in high school, but it didn't work. I even tried to be Billy Idol for Halloween one year but everyone thought iwas Vanity or Madonna. I digress...lovely work, very stylish. A real pick-me-up on a blah day.
I'm on a mitts kick right now and I'll just have to make some long ones like yours!
I'm jealous of the warm weather...here in Minnesota we're heading into a week of below zero with windchills at 34-45 below...opera length armwarmers under my sweater suddenly sound like a really good idea.
And I don't give a damn 'bout your reputation... You're living in the past it's a new generation... Glad you're posting! Those arm warmers look so soft and comfy - what a great idea!
I am so excited! I made a trip down to Phildar a little while ago to pick up some of the more recent mags that I hadn't picked up, and they're making sweaters with sleeves like your armwarmers! I've been wanting to make some long sleeves with a thumbhole for so long, but not being too eager to attack making up a pattern as of yet, it had been sketched and sitting in my knitting stuff for every. And now... they've done it for me! Hurrah! Anyway, these look quite lovely. Sorry for my outburst of excitement, but they just remind me of the SUPER COOL THUMBHOLE SLEEVES!
Waaay cool armwarmers Joanie!!! Made me remember my little wrist-warmers too - must try and find them!
Sexy lady.... What a fabulous idea!
Very, very cool!
oooh... I definitely need to make some of those! I could wear my knitting to punk shows! :)
My vote: In the black tank (No, not Tank Girl!) toughin' out the cold for fashion. Yup, you gotta suffer for your fashion. But understandable under sweater this time of year!
Becky!! You are so DAMN sexy!!
you're a goofball
With all of the Joan Jett evocation, these are clearly Rock Opera-length Armwarmers! Tres chic!
Becky, those are wicked cool ;-) Last night, I attempted a pair of fingerless gloves with the magic loop method (I didn't have any dpns the right size and I have NO patience!!) - goodness!! I do not like it on a wall, I do not like it in a mall, hear what I say I do not like it at all!!! Please do let us know if you choose to share that pattern!
ooh la la!
Wouldja be jealous if I told you I was at a baseball game (eons ago) where Joan Jett sang the national anthem? :-) I love the armwarmers. And in true Becky-wanna-be style, I must have some.
Huzzah, you're back! There was some serious rabbit withdrawal starting up over here. And the opera armwarmers are so fab. I wish I were wearing a pair right now! P.S. My computer engineer hubby-to-be wishes to pass along his compliments on the mad coolness of your site. He's very impressed by your coding. :)
Don't know what is happening over in Europe, but I have seen one or two sweaters in US with sleeves like the arm warmers, and one sweater whose sleeves continue on the backside down past the hands for a foot or more. Your hands are out but the sleeve continues one-sided! What is up with that???
Rockin' armwarmers!!! : )
Your armwarmers look cozy. Also, I really like your "quick tips". Thankyou for doing that. I'm hoping it helps me get my "gauge" problem fixed.
I love how they came out. I love the short ones...but the long ones are so very stylish and unique. I have to make a pair of the long ones. They definately look cool with tees and tanks.
I NEED some of those (dizzy with knit lust)! My armwarmers are one of the things I've made that I wear the most, but they are chunky and shorter, and yours are way more stylish......very very nice.
oh i just love them. all of sudden i feel like i don't have any wristwarmers 'cause i want some like those. they fit perfectly. love the way you wear them. so stylish!
These look GREEEAT! I am searching for a new project and this may have to be it!
Oh my gosh! I love your arm warmers! Any chance you'd share your pattern??? They would be perfect for me to wear to work... I have some unique challenges in staying warm at my many work sites & constantly battle cold hands?amrs/stiff fingers!!!
very cool. I assume you are also wearing some xxx-kicking boots as well?
I *love* them! You've inspired me to make a pair :)
Your armwarmers are awesome! I can think of no earthly reason to wear them here in South Florida, but that doesn't stop me from wanting a pair, badly.
Wow they are so cool! I was going to do the ones from Snb nation until I saw these...I hope you share the pattern too!
Hi! I love your blog... am inspired and tickled by your way with words and yarn. I live in California with my frog husband and love to knit!!!! Hope to meet you someday... am now looking for that phildar ribbed sweater pattern that you made for your husband. I know it's old but I can hope can't I? thnak you for sharing so much of your happy life. nancy
AWESOME!!! I bet you also so made that lovely blue sweater you are wearing! you are such a talent!
Thanks for the compliments and kind comments! I'm glad to see that there are some fellow 80s fans out there, too :-) If I get some time later on this week, I'll write up the pattern and provide it in pdf format in exchange for a donation to skinnyrabbit.com hosting. Re the sweater I'm wearing: A few people have written to me asking if I knit it. I wish! It's a very fine gauge machine-knit sweater that I bought at a boutique here. P.S. to Evelyn: I'm cracking up at "alms for the poor", because when I finished the armwarmers and tried them on, I went up to my husband and held out my hands in bowl-like fashion while I said, "Please sir, may I have some more?" Hee hee!
Joan...she rocks. Love the look. Can't wear them here in Hawaii, but my sisters in Colorado and Wisconsin could. Hmmm...maybe I should go for a visit.
Put another dime in the juke box, baby!
Your fingerless gloves totally rock! Just another loyal reader hoping you're going to post the pattern (maybe if we bribe you w/ Resse's cups and such?)
I have a question for you...what brand are those jeans that you are wearing in your photo of you with the gauntlets? I really like them (the color and the waistband) Thanks Becky! :-)
We all love(d) Joan Jett! Hey, live and knit EVERY DAY like a ROCK STAR! my montra is pattern please, pattern please, pattern please, pattern please ... thanks bunches! Eleanor
How can I get the instructions for the arm warmers?

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