January 11, 2007


I wish my blog readers a wonderful year filled with lots of stash enhancement, as few trips as possible to the frogpond, and no boneheaded moments when knitting. And lots of good health and happiness, of course.

As for new year's resolutions, I rarely make any because when I decide to do something, I just go ahead and do it without waiting for the new year to roll around. But this time I decided to list a few resolutions, just for the heck of it:

1) Eat more dark chocolate, just because it's yummy.
2) Knit through my stash in its entirety. (Hahahaha! Good one.)
3) Sew through my fabric stash in its entirety. (Hahahaha! Good one.)
4) Watch more movies starring Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom. (Rawr, bay-bee.) I'm also getting a bit of a crush on Ewan MacGregor, so what the heck! Let's watch some more movies starring him, too.

Moving on, I've got a shexy Ultra Femme top to show you. It's on the mannequin because the lighting is excellent today and besides, if I waited until I have time for a proper photo session with dancing shots (not to mention downloading, resizing and uploading the photos, etc.) this blog would have remained without a new entry for another two weeks. (I asked Santa for more time in the day but I didn't find it under the tree on Christmas morning, unfortunately.)

Well, it's about time she showed me off. Sheesh!

It's a great fit and I really like it. I'll take photos of me wearing the top soon, hopefully this weekend, will give more details on the finishing, etc. when I publish the photos on the blog. In the meantime, you can look at some scenic photos of Lyon I took during the holidays:

La basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière à Lyon.
[There are more in a slideshow, of course!]

I had some family visiting with me here for nearly three weeks and had a great time taking them around and showing them my favorite sights. As I have very little knitting to show (with the exception of a ribbed cap I made for my father, I haven't touched my knitting needles for three weeks), I'll share a slideshow of some photos I took while I traipsed around and outside the city of Lyon like a camera-happy tourist rabbit. Enjoy :-)

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Happy New Year to you and your family! Love the pictures of Lyon. I have some very similar phots that I use as my wallpaper on computer when I am yearning for a visit. I love the Ultra Femme sweater. Knit up all your stash . . . . you are a gal with a sense of humor.
Glad you're back! Ultra Femme looks beautiful! This is one of those patterns I probably wouldn't have considered knitting until seeing yours. :)
Phew, you're alive!! Thank God, I'm so releaved! And that top looks SOOO much better than in the book, can't wait to see the dancing shots :)
Beautiful Ultra Femme (love the classic ribbon choice), and seriously wonderful photos of Lyon. (This Christmas, I'm asking Santa for a trip to scenic and historic Lyon! LOL!)
Ultra Femme looks wonderful. I like it so much better in black than in the original pink. I may need to make one myself - learning from your troubles of course!
She's so Shexy :) Glad that you had some wonderful family time and glad you're back. Anytime you want to set up a hunky movie marathon at your place, count me in. I'll bring the popcorn :) Tanya
Ultra Femme looks terrific... can't wait to see the modeled shots!
Yay!!!! Welcome back!!! The Shexy is SO shexy. She turned out just great. And Lyon looks lovely!! Happy New Year to you, Becky!
Eye Candy Friday came early!!! Beautiful pictures - the top, the Basilique, everything! Speaking of actors/movies, we watched a movie called "Thumbsucker" this past weekend. Keanu Reeves has a small part in it, as does Benjamin Bratt and Vince Vaughn, but the star is Lou Taylor Pucci, who IMO is the new Johnny Depp. Looks, mannerisms, he's like watching Johnny in 21 Jump Street. Check it out if you get the chance. Happy new year!
Tres soignee!
Happy New Year, Becky! I love your Ultra Femme top - it came out great. I'll look forward to the dancing shots. And your resolutions are awesome, by the way - I need to make more fun resolutions, ones I won't have any problems keeping. :)
Your finished shexy top is gorgeous! Happy New Year to you + family.
It's lovely Becky! Happy New Year to you and have fun keeping up with those resolutions!
Hah, hah - using only stash - that really is a good joke! Ultra Femme does look just that. I think Ms. Manne Quin shows it off very well.
so so so beautiful! Happy New Year Dearest!! Tres fab!
Okay, I'm possibly a strange gal, but I never realized that Lyon was as big as it is. Crazy! Your Ultra Femme top is gorgeous. Cheers!!
Lovely sweater!!
Wow, finally got my fluffa! fix. I was having withdrawals; checking your site multiple times each day hoping that you'd posted. So glad you had some quality time with your family over the holidays. LUV the Shexy! I for one hope you can keep your resolutions because it means you'll have lots of beautiful knits and professionally tailored garments for all us web voyeurs to drool over and envy. Thanks for all the effort you put into making this the best knitting blog around (IMHO).
that sweater is adorable! also, i think you need to add jude law to resolution #4. happy new year!
Happy New Year! Great resolutions you've got there, and an even better shexy top. Your photos of Lyon are really really good: rarely do I feel such a sense of the scale of such buildings from photos.
Great to hear from you. Your new top looks great, can't wait to see it on! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you, glad to have you back. The Ultra Femme? Shexy thing - it's what all the most important mannequins will be wearing. And I have to add: oooooh Viggo!
Oh, my God, that is a beauty! Frankly, I wasn't feeling it during your progress shots, but all I can say is WOW!
That top is drop-dead gorgeous! Happy New Year.
Nice top! It is super shexy. (Or should that be shuper shexy?) I also usually skip resolutions, but I like yours! I'll take some more Johnny Depp movies, please. And also Christian Bale. Rawr does not even begin to describe him, for me.
Happy New Year to you too! The Ultra Femme is super cute too!
I loved the photos! Especially the interior shots, and the view of Lyon. I adore all the red roofs.
Yay! UltraFemme is done! I was thinking about it so much that when I saw something ribby and mohair-y on Grumperina's blog, I thought it was a mini UltraFemme. Do you think that yarn dyed black is never quite black enough? (No, that wasn't meant to be cheeky.) If I look at it too long, in the light, it never is,... and then there's washing.. What exactly is your philosophy on the matter?
Happy New Year Becky! Good you're back, we have missed you. And Ultra Femme, wow! I look forward to see more pix of her!
hurrah, you're back! so glad you had a wonderful holiday with the family... sounds so nice and relaxing. and the ultra femme! it is gorgeous. i love it in black and am so looking forward to the dancing shots :)
hooray! you're back! ultra femme looks fabulous! i can't wait to see it on you!
I love your new ultra-top. Sigh. Ist that mohair on top? Mohair! Isn't it beautiful, though really difficult to frog. Will you wear just a bra under Ultrafemme? I suppose I will have to wait until the next photo shoot. I think I will amend my resolutions to include #1 from your list. Best wishes for the new year. Max
Beautiful sweater, I love the color looks sooo much more stylish in a darker shade. All of your sweaters are fantastic, such workmanship! I am also in a Ewan MacGregor phase, first off wonderful name, second such wonderful choices for parts. Wonderful blog!
A new year's winner! Love the Shexy top!! Glad that you are on the blogging front. I missed you.
Lyon is looking beautiful! I guess no harsh winter for you either. Glad to hear your holiday was nice. That is one amazing cathedral. And the sexy black top ain't too bad either!
Great UltraFemme top. Glad to see that it turned out so well!
We've been waiting for you! It's good to start the New Year with a shexy top - dare I say it - you're bring shexy back!
Happy New Year Becky! Thanks for keeping me (us?) inspired throughout the year. You make me want to travel with your wonderful Lyon pics!
Glad to see you have returned. I love the top, just gorgeous too.
Lovely pix! I'm glad you had fun with the family.
Glad you're back, and Happy New Year to all the Rabbit Clan! Thanks for the virtual cathedral visit, and looking forward to the Ultra Femme modeling!
Shexy, indeed! It's super fabulous, just like you. And dark chocolate...yum. My favorite!
Happy New Year! And, oh, that sweater is just gorgeous.
Ohhh, Ewan McGregor... Love him! Rent Little Voice. Great movie and he's so cute.
Happy New Year! I love how the Ultra Femme looks!
Happy New Year to you too! Welcome back, I was getting withdrawal symptoms. Loving the Ultra Femme. Take care you.
Happy New Year! I sure appreciate the no-bonehead wish.
Oh, BECKY. That top turned out so well. Really really nice job, worth the frogging it required early on. Can't wait to see it modeled! I'm going to knit through my stash too. (Hahahahahaha! Whew!)
YEAH!!! Glad to see you're back! LOVE the Shexy Top. Great pics of Lyon. I was there 2 yrs. ago, but unfortunately before I found your blog, otherwise I would have loved to stop and say hi.
that top is amazing - so femme and flattering! happy new year to you, becky!!!
Happy New Year, Becky!
Gorgeous sweater. I wasn't crazy about it until I saw yours. Happy new year - I'm glad 2007 is going well.
So happy that you're back, however briefly. :) Love the shexy top. Very nice, very nice indeed silly rabbit. And I think I like your resolutions better than my own. lol
Happy, happy New Year, to Becky and her adorable little family!! UltraFemme is soooo PRETTY! Thanks for La Basilique slideshow! How beautiful. For my New Year's vacation/celebration, I went to the other US coast and visited the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala. Mass in the oldest Church in California gave me zee goosebumps! :-) Your old pally wally, Diane
Glad you posted a picture of the sweater. Ultra chic. Have a great 2007.
Happy new year to you, too! Love the shexy top! And I like your new years resolutions. especially the one about eating more chocolate.
De-lurking I am. Thought you'd fallen off of the face of the earth there. I absolutely LOVE your sweater!
Happy New Year Becky...what a pretty sweater! Once again you've done a lovely job!
Hi there Ultra femme looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it on you. Good list of resolutions too - especially the ones with the yummy men! Hope 2007 isn't too busy for you.
So nice to see you posting. I'm glad you had a great time visiting with your relatives. The shexy Ultra Femme top looks great, would love to see a photo with you modeling it though! ;-)
love the top! love the slideshow! Hope you have a fabulous 2007!
Happy New Year, Rabbit! I've really enjoyed your posts all year and am looking forward to another year of funny, fashionable posts- and great pictures too, of course. You're a real inspiration.
Wow, ULTRA FEMME looks sooo marvelous as well as sexy. Hats off!! :-))

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