January 08, 2008

Happy New Year 2008! Boy, I'm getting old!

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and for all who celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas with lots of good stuff next to your shoes under the Christmas tree.

This is one of the things I found next to my shoes under the Christmas tree:

This is what I've been playing with my free time, and boy oh boy.
I love it! It's my new favorite toy.

My son said that I must have been a particularly good girl last year for Santa to leave something so fabulous under the Christmas tree, and except for disliking my noisy neighbor (yes, the one who clunks down the stairs like a dinosaur and sounds like she's playing soccer with a lead ball when she's in her apartment), I was a really good girl.

*If you don't know about the shoes, it's a tradition here. On Christmas Eve you leave your shoes under the Christmas tree and in the morning you'll find either a lump of coal or presents next to them. I've never found a lump of coal in my shoes so I guess Santa thinks I'm a really good girl even if I procrastinate over finishing up knitted items and I still have yarn hiding under the bed, eh? ;-)

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ooh, lucky you! :)
What a lucky girl you are! Interesting about the shoes - this side of Le Channel, it's a stocking or a sock, but still the coal/present dilemma!
Wow, what a nice present. Lucky you!
Welcome back! Glad you had a good holiday season. We did at our house, in no small way thanks to a fabulous handbag we bought from this fashionista in France...maybe you know her? =^) ====================================== Note by Becky: Yay Jon! P.S. I love your site. Your photos rock the Blog World :-)
What a cool tradition! I know nothing about sewing machines, but anything with that many buttons has got to be good. Can't wait to see what comes off it : ) ====================================== Note by Becky: Thanks! This machine is a Pfaff; it's the same brand as my serger and it's the same brand as the machines used at my design school and at work, only the one the hub got for me is electronic. [Bells and whistles in background.] Dude! Sewing on this puppy is like using an industrial machine (which I also use), only with more variety of stitches and more speed control. I am so in love with this machine I hug it before I put it back in its case. Hee hee!
Wow, that is quite a fabulous Christmas present...maybe Santa is hoping someone will make him a new suit? ;>
OMG! Do we share the same upstairs neighbour? The other day I just told my mom my neighbours wore steel slippers at home otherwise it was just impossible to make so much noise walking inside a fully carpeted home! Happy New Year to you and yours.
Happy New Year! That is an extremely nice toy.
Happy new year! Nice gift from Santa, too!
ooh! what a pretty, pretty toy that is! I got my own sewing machine toy for Christmas too...we are lucky girls!
Ha-ha! I thought you got a bunch of new shoes under the tree! I bet you're happier with your REAL present! :o)
Happy new year Becky! That is one swell sewing machine. I am green with envy. Growing up, we always put our shoes out on the night of Dec. 5 for St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 6 -- if you were good, you had candies in them or something small and nice in the morning. (Never a sewing machine!) I have no idea why my family did this but it was a great pre-Christmas treat.
Hey! What a great present! I thought of you while I was in Paris...I'm in the same country as the Skinny Rabbit!...France is truly wonderful...as is your new gift! You were a very good girl! ===================================== Note by Becky: Oui, oui! Paris! I hope you had a great time there. If you ever come back let me know!
happy christmas and new year! what a great gift! i'm sure the things you'll make with it will be especially wonderful. although it would be hard to make anything more wonderful than the special handbag i found under my tree that must have come from your old machine! ===================================== Note by Becky: Thanks Jenni! Happy New Year to you guys, too! P.S. And I have to say that I thought that I had the nicest husband ever, but yours gives mine some serious competition. For reals :-)
Have fun sewing! That looks like quite the machine...
What a cool gift!!! My Santa could use some tips from your Santa. LOL. I shouldn't say that, as I did get some cool toys (ball winder and swift) to play with my yarn. :)
What a great gift! I would spend all day playing with it too. Btw, I hear you on the noisy upstairs neighbor. Mine sounds like she shifts her furniture everyday while tap dancing and shoving bowling balls off of high shelves.
That sewing machine looks like it could launch the space shuttle! Wow, how cool. You were very good indeed!
Oooh so jealous. If you put MY shoes under your tree next year, is there any chance I'll get one? :) ======================================= Note by Becky: You're so funny :-D Come on over!
New toys are SO fun! You lucky rabbit. Happy New Year!
What a fantastic new toy!
What a lovely new toy! Will we see what you have finished while playing around with it at some point? I have something new too, not really a toy, and not really Christmas-new, but... www.maud.prettyposies.com/frontpage.htm (and look, I have learned to use html and css...)
Ooh - what do you have to do get such a good gift . . . hmmmm - Maybe if I'm REALLY good. I'm green with envy!
Merry (late) Christmas to you! what a great big present to go in your shoes :)
That is a much more exciting sewing machine than mine, but I get really nervous when the machine goes fast so mine is perfect for me. Looks like yours is a perfect match for you!
Ooh, Merry Christmas to you too! What a fun new toy. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Now THAT'S a Christmas present! Happy New Year!
Whoooooooa, mama! You must've been an angel last year! :) (I think I would've peed myself a little if I got something as nice as a fabulous new sewing machine.)
Ooooh! Look at the beautiful Pfaff. I got money for a new sewing machine for Christmas and I'm pretty sure I want a Pfaff, but I don't know which one. Which one did you get? Happy new year, by the way.
Obviously you have been one very, very good rabbit! Have fun playing with your new toy; we'll be looking forward to seeing some of the marvelous creations you bring to life with it. Blessings to you, Monsieur LeHubby and Captain Destructo in the new year.
So are you now St. Skinny Rabbit (patron Saint of Sewing, Our Lady of the Knit Stitch)? Because I don't think a mere "good" covers that! :) I also had a sewtastic Christmas. I got a giant, foldable sewing/cutting table! Finally, I can measure the fabric I've had for so long, I don't even remember how much I have.
a Pfaff eh? (said like Rihanna in song "Umbrella") You go gurl!
Boy, you must have been really, really good. It's wonderful! Happy New Year Becky!
OOOH! I love me a fancy sewing machine! Sorry to have been so out of touch! Happy very belated birthday and Happy New Year!
What a rockin gift Becky!! I'm afraid I'm the one with coal this year :-( ===================================== Note by Becky: [[[[[[[Hug to you!]]]]]]]
That looks like the King of the Sewing Machines. WOW. May it be your lifelong friend. xo Kay
Do you see Project Runway in France? You'd be awesome on that show.
What a cool machine. You *were* a good girl.
Oooh, a Happy New Year indeed!
Oooh, exciting!
Whoah - that's one impressive looking machine!
Is it envy that keeps bringing me back to look at that lovely machine? Nah. (Maybe a teeny tiny bit.) But mostly, I can't wait to see what you do with it! Woo hoo!
Happy new sew !
Electronics! Oh how I love them! Have fun!
I stumbled onto your site via Crazy Aunt Purl's and the stuff you do is amazing. I love all things needlework, but am an engineer through and through, so things usually don't end well ;) I love looking at your work though.
Happy New Year to you! I can't believe I'm so behind in my reading. I must admit I'm happy to see January close to ending. Also I hope we will get to see many wonderful hand-sewn Rabbit items from this new machine this year!
Just to let you know, you make my day!
I hope you are still enjoying your new toy. I got one of those last year and I love it. I wonder what being a good girl this year will bring you next year if that was your present? Oh the possibilities...
After not blogging or reading for a while, it's nice to see I'm not the only one finding it difficult to blog in the craziness that is life!! I'm happy things are going well for you right now however infrequent it may make your visits - best of luck and looking forward to seeing all of your craftiness to come!!
We miss you, Becky. Hope that all is well and you're simply immersed in that which is life :)
ahh! Pfaff classic fashion 2023 is exactly the model I want to buy. How's it overall?

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