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03.04.06: Mom! She's knitting in the car again!

You bet your size 7mm's I am. On our way to Vienne to visit Aunt Josephine where one can eat the most delicious duck cooked with apples, gratin, salad, cheeses, wine [oh! the wine!], flan, honey it dinnertime already?...

27.03.06: Why, it's a finished Fluffy Halter!

(On a real live person, to boot. Woo hoo!)

23.03.06: Well, at least I finished it.

This morning I decided I wanted to debut my Fluffy Halter, so about 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave for school I picked it up, closed its remaining seam, weaved in all the ends in record time, and...

20.03.06: Ah! My knitting so lonely!

I have been so busy with school work that my knitting has gone untouched FOR A WEEK. I'm surprised I didn't get all twitchy from the knitting withdrawal. But I do get twitchy when I see my poor, neglected Fluffy...

12.03.06: Seaming party alert! Send wine.


07.03.06: Of knitting, mannequins and lazy cooking for Sunday dinner.

Hey! Guess who's finally getting some neck shaping?

03.03.06: Fluffy Halter gets front:

This is the REAL stand still like a mannequin shot...

27.02.06: Wannabe Queen of Rock.

Why, it's a finished Fluffy Bolero!

24.02.06: What?

Doesn't everyone seam their knits while riding in the car late in the afternoon?

23.02.06: Shhh....

Fluffy Bolero is blocking.

22.02.06: "Gimme front!"

Says the Holey Pullover, feeling all neglected and lonely in my knitting basket...

21.02.06: I present to you:

Fluffy Halter's Back Piece with its Funky Armhole Shaping: Block me! Block me! I'm almost sorry this puppy's sleeveless. I love seaming raglan sleeves. They're like big and easy knitter's puzzles. (Yes, I'm easily amused.) I also worked on the...

20.02.06: All knitting Rabbit, all the time.

(Or at least during this vacation week. Every single day - for this vacation week - I am going publish one daily entry here on this weblog, even if it's a non-blabby entry with just a photo. Viva school vacation!)...

20.02.06: Fluffy Halter

New project alert!

14.02.06: Eyeball Ache Alert: Blabby Post Ahead.

Hello! My work table currently looks like a fabric store exploded on it, my coffee table has Pantone marker streaks on it and I've averaged about three hours sleep a night last week. But even with all this mad schoolwork...

06.02.06: I feel a slight case of startitis comin' on.

I couldn't resist. I tried, but that darn fluffy Amelie yarn kept screaming at me from within its ziploc in my closet, "Hey, you! Yeah, you...whack rabbit with startitis tendencies. Put the Holey Pullover aside for a spell and KNIT...

06.02.06: Fluffy Amelie Bolero

New project!

31.01.06: All over the place today...


31.01.06: Holey Pullover. project!

23.01.06: Surprise! It's a Mystery Knit!

Mohair pullover with lacy sleeves, bay-bee!

15.01.06: How do you knit your H20 hat?


28.12.05: A Boy, a Roboraptor and a Letterman Jacket:

Someone got a finished knit for Christmas!

24.12.05: It's gonna be a Very Knitted Vest Christmas:

I finished my dad's Papa Vest*. Go me! This is the stand-REALLY-still-like-a-mannequin shot. [Wanna see the Mannequin Dance? Sure you do.] *That's my husband, a.k.a. Live Mannequin, modeling the vest. It's three sizes too big for him. Ain't he a...

20.12.05: You want your Butterfly? I got your Butterfly, pally.

(A finished one, that is.)

15.12.05: Rabbit very busy...

...but I still took time to take a picture of the Cité Internationale with all its fab Christmas lights: I've got a small apartment. (With a really great view.) I also took the time to work on my boy's Letterman...

04.12.05: A few knitting things I plan on doing this Sunday:

1) Get off slothful when-it-comes-to-finishing bee-hind and start (I said start...key word, that) seaming my Butterfly camisole, already. Really! I ain't lying. Look: Look, Ma! I'm grafting! (Again!) Fun, fun, fun. Har! Grafting Kid Silk Haze makes me want to...

27.11.05: I don't know about you...

...but I just love doing raglan sleeve decreases. And that's not all; I also love seaming garments with raglan sleeves. There's something about putting the pieces together that make me feel like I'm playing around with an incredibly easy jigsaw...

20.11.05: Why, I do believe it's my birthday today.

Happy Birthday to me!

07.11.05: Woo hoo!

Look where I am with my Butterfly camisole: Ooooooh! [P.S. Don't forget it's got beads. Wanna see the beads?] I'm on my way to a completed front for my Butterfly camisole. Oh, yeah! And look what I finished up after...

02.11.05: My first finished knit in fall:

Why, it's a Wrappy Jacket! (And you know what? I really love it!)