February 27, 2007


I can't seem to find the rechargeable batteries that were in my camera, and methinks that Captain Destructo pilfered them for use in one of his toys. Until I locate the guilty toy, you get babbling and an archived scenic "I love Lyon" photo:

Pardon me while I have a "I love Lyon" moment.

This is a photo taken of one of the many "trompe l'oeil" murals located all over the city. This one is somewhere near Cours Liberté, and I stumbled upon it when I got lost looking for a Breitling retailer that is supposed to be able to do repairs. Didn't find the store, so my watch still needs repair. But at least I got a scenic shot before I found my way back to the metro station.

I had totally forgotten I had ever taken that picture, and I found it while I was looking for a photo I took of some beautiful black silk [!] that Claudia sent me a while back. Two gorgeous hanks of charcoal black hand-dyed silk, worsted weight, and I had wound one of the hanks up into a really cute center pull ball and taken a shot of it for you to [hopefully] admire. I'm always proud of my center pull balls. Unfortunately, I didn't find the center pull ball picture, but I did find the "I love Lyon" moment picture so all isn't lost.

Anyways. I was thinking of using that worsted weight silk for this bustier. [Phildar Eté 2006] I'm knitting from the stash, the bustier is cute, I've got enough yardage, the silk is the perfect gauge AND it's the exact color I would have chosen for myself. [And that is why Claudia is a golden goddess. She really knows her schtuff.] I figure all that is worth about 30 bonus points*.

*When you've accumulated enough bonus points, you reward yourself with more fab yarn and a complimentary margarita. (Frozen, no salt please.) Because I say so. [Hee hee.]

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Oh, you go, girl!
Love that cute retro model shot. It makes me think I want to knit a silky bustier!
Every time you post pictures of Lyon, I end up having a day dream where I gather all of my savings, hop on a plane, and move to France, where I live in a quaint old apartment and live on chocolate croissant and tea and... then I'm back at work. But it's nice to have the day dream anyway. I love that bustier. I just came into a good stash of silk myself and am considering what to do with it.
Ah, the pilfering of batteries.... That bustier will look so good in black.
Frozen, no salt. Is there any other way? :)
Oh, my sister will do so many things for a margarita...just sayin'.
I love the pictures of Lyon! I recently saw a travel show on TV where the host went to Lyon. They showed the cool passageways (I forgot the name, it started with a T?) between buildings. Those were so cool! Lyon is on my list of places to visit!
Love the picture. One of the reasons I've enjoyed Eye Candy Friday so much is not only the excuse to take new pictures, but to go back and look at old ones, too . . . because, pictures are fun!
I always enjoy the patterns you find,so I've just bought myself Phildars New Spring catalog. Thanks for the inspiration :)
And do you know what? No matter how many rechargable batteries you buy, there is always a toy/game-machine-of-some-kind in need of them, and your camera is without. Grrr... ;-) Love the retro feel in the picture, the hair and the glasses, but something in her make-up as well. Nice top, and its going to look fabulous in charcoral black.
The bustier is so, so cute!
Cute bustier - and I can completely see why you love Lyon when things like that spring out unexpectedly at you :0) And you know how to wind a centre pull ball. I am madly jealous.
I love it when the knitting stars align! It will be the perfect, serendipity bustier. Plus margaritas.
very nice! i have some fab phil ruban ribbon yarn, i wonder if it would work for a top like this.
wow. Love your blog, your writing, your humor. Love your knits and your designs too. Congrats for your Etsy Shop. www.manu.braveblog.com

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