February 27, 2006

Wannabe Queen of Rock.

Why, it's a finished Fluffy Bolero!

This is the pose-like-a-mannequin shot.
[What's that? You want CLOSE-UPS?]

Details, details: Fluffy Bolero from Rebecca 28 using GGH Amelie in beige. [The yarn and pattern book were obtained online from Rike's Wollmaus.] I knit the smallest size, made absolutely no modifications to the pattern or measurements, and my gauge was the one called for. Don't you love those kinds of mindless knits? Yeah, me too.

[I got other SHOW-OFF POSES, too. Go on...click!]

Instead of going all frou frou with this type of bolero, I decided to pull out the distressed jeans and muscle tank, bay-bee! I'm wearing the tattoo tee gifted to me by my friend Eilene, because I felt that it would make a nice contrast with the bolero. The tee has a handpainted jeweled tattoo print on the front that reads QUEEN OF ROCK [insert guitar screech] and the right lower back has a studded guitar. This is, hands down, my favorite tee and I wear it all the time. Sing it with me now, Joan Jett fans: I love rock 'n' roll...ooow! Now, how about some gratuitous silly dancing shots?

Other finishing details: I used backstitch for the shoulders and mattress stitch for the sleeve seams and band edgings. And even though the yarn is fluffy I could not shake my anal-retentive perfectionist tendencies and ended up ripping out one of the bands twice before I got it to look the way I wanted. Alas, not even fluffy yarn can keep me from being a band ripper if the seam is not just so. However, I did take advantage of the fluffy yarn and worked all open edges in stockinette stitch instead of working a chain selvedge (slipping stitches on the right side and working them on the wrong side, yadda yadda), because the stockinette stitch bumps on these free edges don't show in the fluffy yarn. Heck, they even add interest. And that's the end of my blabby finishing details.

BONUS! Today I debuted my Fluffy Bolero by wearing it to school. Monsieur Le Hubby is on vacation this week, and he picked me up after school [awwww!] so I wouldn't have to take the metro home like I usually do. On the way home I said, "Hey! Let's stop and take a photo of the Fluffy Bolero!" So we parked the car in La Croix Rousse, I ditched my coat for two seconds and voilà:

Dork without coat poses in front of La Librarie des Canuts.
P.S. It's coat weather, people. Brrrr!
(Good thing the bolero is warm.)

All in all, a very quick and laidback project that's enjoyable to knit. Plus, it makes for a cute little thing to wear. Fluff-out, dudes.

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wow! your fluffy bolero is gorgeous! love the pose in front of the book shop!
I am absolutely enchanted with that bolero even though I'd never wear one myself! I like how Rebecca patterns are pretty easy and quick to knit.
I normally do not like fuzzy yarn, but you have made me change my mind! Adorable, and your poses always make me laugh! ROCK ON!
OOOhhh!! I love it. The bolero never caught my eye in the magazine, but after seeing yours I wanna make it, too:)
Looks fantastic, Becky, especially with the jeans-look!
So cute...I love that your husband offers to take pictures on location! What a winner! He deserves many a smooch for that!
It looks awesome! I love the Lord of the Dance pose.
It rocks!! (heh) Seriously, it is fantastique. And you so look like a model!!! Beautiful.
You are so funny Becky! A veeery nice bolero, it really rocks.
It looks great. I'm not a big fan of fuzzy knits, most of the time, and I wasn't sure about this (from a personal taste point of view) during the process, but the final result? Wonderful. How could I have ever doubted you?
Becky, I swear I am going to hire you to make my sweaters for me!!! HaHa. You wanna know what I love most about this bolero that stands out to me is the beautiful ribbed collar and the wooden button. I would wear it the same way, jeans and tank top or tee-shirt, maybe a cool beaded necklace too!
I love the short hip bolero! How was working with that fluffy yarn? Was ripping hard? Sometimes I find ripping yarn with bits of slub or fluff really frustrating and end up cutting it instead. I also love the 1 wooden button on the top. Very cute!
A truly unique knit, and it looks fabulous on you!
The Fluffy Bolero is aptly named . . . it looks cozy and warm, just perfect for coat wearing weather! :)
It looks really gogeous! Better than the pattern pic too. On to the next fluffy project...
You rock. You always rock. Nothing else too add : you knitting is just perfect.
That is a cute little bolero you are sporting. Funny caption under the library picture, and I also am admiring your jeans, I like them!
Awesome. She's a skinny rabbit, she makes fluffy stuff. You are a knittin' celeb!
It's so adorable, and you, Queen of Rock, make it even moreso!
Cute bolero! It looks so warm and comfy.
flaunt that fluff - it looks gorgeous! you should start reproducing and selling that t-shirt...it is way too cool!
Super, super cute. I never would've made that comment about the sewing up going fast had I realized it has that wonderful (torturesome) band of ribbing sewn around the outside. You did a lovely job. I think I want one...
The fluffy bolero looks awesome! I've always liked that pattern. Now, I'm singing Joan Jett songs...
I've kind of been lurking and just can't believe how quickly and how beautiful all your projects come out. I love the bolero. Thanks for the finishing tips. Way cool.
Great project as usual :) You rock!
Super cute bolero, and I love the whole look. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby!
Hey, nice! Love the fluffiness, and the bolero length is very cute on you.
It looks fantastic! I love patterns that are clear and don't need any modifications. I never thought there'd be a Rebecca pattern like that :) So, so Cute!
Fabulous. I love it and it looks great on you.
I looooooove it! Super super cute, and super cute on you! You done good again, girlfriend!!
wow it is FLUFFY...looks great and awesome fit...whadddya know...poifect. haha, I dig that "slappy" now I'm singin crimson and clover...I love me some joan jett and the blackhearts...rowr! hand me the black eyeliner honey!
Such a fun cardiette! Your top looks like it says, "Queen of Book".
Lovely fluffy bolero Becky! Another job well done...
So sweet! You wear it well, dahling. :)
That is a GREAT Jacket by the way - i sent you an e-mail recently(i hope that's ok) and i haven't heard back from you - did i send it to the wrong address or are you just really overloaded with e-mail?
And you wear it so well! ;-) I love the kicky flippy hairstyle too! I'm so happy when Bloglines tells me you've updated!
That sweater has a lovely shape to it. Curvy AND fluffy. YEAH!
Really cute, very retro! You look fantastic in that fuzzy fluffy. What's that behind you? Canadian bookstore? (Too lazy to go find my French dictionary - warm cat on lap, too)
Great job Becky!!!
Super super cute! You always fluffy knits look great!
It's awesome Ms. Queen of Rock! It looks fabulous on you and so soft and ummmm fluffy! Beautiful knitting as always!
You are just too darn cute for your own good, Ms. Becky! I love that fluffy bolero, but thinking about it on me ... well let's just say I'd rather not! Great photos, as always. Nice to see you enjoying your vacation time.
*pats my fluffy close-ups* mmmmmm, fluuffeeeeee~~~ Remember me? I've been without a computer for ever so long... *shivers at thought* *needs some fluffy bolero warmth* Best of luck with school! (I did full-time nursing school last year and know from the all-nighters.) You'll be a faboo designer. Faboo and slappy. And fluffy.
That is tooo cute! Once again another great knit!
I think the fluffy bolero came out beautifully. Just one question, is it itchy?? It looks soft but it's hard to tell.
what an adorable little knits. and your hairstyle is awesome. so artsy fartsy, perfect for your student status right now! i have never considered this knit but you have convinced me...
fabulous and fuzzilicious!
It's perfect, Becky! I'm just lovin' all your funky new knits :)
I love it - really cute and SO fluffy! I love mindless knits too, I either want to design the whole thing or make it EXACTLY like the pattern :)
Great sweater!!
Oooooh, books.... Hmmm. Can't read any of the titles from here. Oh, knits. That's right...sorry, I was distracted. The bolero is adorable. Tres chic. Love it with the jeans.
It looks fab! LOVE that bolero girl, you wear it well!
looks great, B! turned out just poifect.
"Dork without coat poses in front of La Librarie des Canuts." LOL! Not true! It looks FAB.
Thank you for all the kind words! I'm glad that the OH SO FLUFFY bolero is getting some thumbs up and I'll admit: I always enjoy hearing when my site visitors get a kick out of the gratuitous silly shots. I started doing funny dances back in 2002, just to get the husband to laugh while he took photos of me wearing my knits. I'm glad some of you are enjoying looking at these silly shots, too. Hee hee! As for the Fluffy Bolero GGH Amelie yarn: It was very nice to knit, and I don't find it itchy at all. On the contrary, it's very soft to wear.
That thing is HOT! Meeee-ow!! Woooooot!
how sassy are you??!?!? :) it looks so simultaneously cuddly and cool. there's such joy in your knitting -- i really appreciate your sharing it with us.
LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm so envious of your fuzziness...
OOOhLaLa mon ami! that is one fluffy Fluffa of a Bolero - yum color, yum craft, yum tee... You are looking mighty buff in ye midrift m'lady - nice job there too - but what I really want to see is a CU of your HAIR CUT! WOOT!
Your bolero looks gorgeous, as do all of your knits. They always look so professional and they look great on you.
Woot! There ain't no wannabe in sight - you are the undisputed Queen of Rock among knitters!
oh so cool! I love it! I want one!
It's so FLUFFY! I want to touch it! Another perfectly perfect knit!
Really elegant and cool bolero that I would like to have!! It really fits you and the material seems gorgous.
Becky, it's fabulous!! You so look like the queen of rock in your too hot, too rockin' fluffy bolero!!
That is very cute! I love it.
That's one rocking fluffy bolero, indeed!
i'm french sorry for my english your fluffy is marvellous. Where i can find the fluffy's pattern and which yarn you used
Very cool! True rock-star knitting (again)!
The Fluffy Bolero is gorgeous Becky!!!!!!! You really take beautiful photos. Could that be because...well...you are beautiful?? I was noticing the sign and wondering...does Becky live in Québec or France??
Thanks for the kind words! :-) I notice that the word "Canuts" is causing some confusion because it resembles the word "canucks". I live in LYON, FRANCE, and Lyon has a history rich in textiles, particularly those of the luxury silk kind. "Les Canuts" were the master silk weavers/laborers of Lyon. (Incidentally, the photo was taken in La Croix Rousse, which is the silk district of the city.) P.S. to Chantal: I got the yarn and book at rikes-wollmaus.de.
wow, i am simply in awe!!! that is tooooo beautiful!!! i am just learning to knit but i dont think i'll ever get this good!!!! heck, i can't even find something that cute at a store!!!! beautiful! beautiful!
I heart Becky and her knitting. Really and truly.
Hey Girl! How is school going? Just wondering if you finished the deep purple halter top I have been longing to see. I am almost done with my first pair of socks ( lots of singles) and then I will be designing a knitted "Cashmere Tank Top" for myself.
Love it!
Becky, very nicely done and becoming on you. I'm about to knit this bolero, so I hope to benefit from your experience vis a vis the border - you mention that you ripped it out twice to get it the way you wanted it; would you share the particulars on that with me? Was there a problem with the pattern that you needed to revise? Thank you. deborahsilver@optonline.net
hi :-) i am french with many american cousins. i' live in paris and would like to meet you, do you think that's possible? i am losing my english!!! would like to use it, i knit too. am looking forward to this. please contact me ok? thanks:x

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