February 26, 2010

Where is my mind?*

This morning as I'm doing some more of my pre-spring cleaning [we're talking major stash cleanse, peoples] I pull a cloth dust bag out from the depths of the closet. When I open it, these little guys pop out:

I could've sworn I heard them say "BOIIIIING!" as they sprang from the bag.

I'm like, "Castel? Don't even remember buying that. Alright, up in the eBay you go."

Then as I pull the last skein out of the cloth dust bag, I see the edge of what I initially thought was a swatch. I pull it out, and the swatch magically turned into a sleeve! As I pull him out I ask him, "Dude! Where'd you come from?" And he's all like, "Ask questions later...my brother is right behind me and he's all smooshed up. Pull him out, quick." And I reach back in the bag and pull out another sleeve. It was like magic, only instead of pulling a rabbit out of hat I was pulling two fully knit sleeves who were kinda teed off that I had stuffed them in a bag a few years ago and left them to sit in a dark closet.

We're back, b*tches.

At first I couldn't place the sleeves, and then I remembered the Cabled Jacket that I started when I was still in fashion school. I was really chugging away during that time, studying all day and often staying up all night to finish collections. I must have put the whole thing in the cloth bag and stuffed it on the top shelf of a closet, which made me promptly forget about it.

I can't possibly put the yarn up on eBay. I mean: Two. Whole. Sleeves. I have to finish that jacket! Even if I do it at a snail's pace, and it takes me all summer. Now, if only I can remember what size I started knitting...

*Thank you, Pixies. That song came on right as I started writing this entry, and oh how aprops!

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It would have been wrong to get rid of that. Wrong, I tell you! How do I know? Because I gave away a bag full of Rowan Felted Tweed that had finished fronts to that Elfin cardigan (or whatever it was called, the one with all the ruffles) and I still regret that. What was I THINKING?
That song's been playing on and off in my mind too, more often than not. I don't knit, but if I did, I'd be taking advantage of what you've posted of your stash on eBay!
Nice to see you blogging again! I really look forward to see this jacket finished!
Fluffa is back!! Hopefully this jacket will bring you back to blogging too, we don't care if you use all summer in a snail's pace :)
BECKY!! I rmember that project! So good to see you and it here, today. I think you were making the small....isnt that what you always make!!
Hope you can find the time to be back to blogging _ I always enjoyed your blog and found inspiration in your knitting! Great knits as always!
It's great to see you, too! I honestly can't remember what size I started; it could have been either the 34/36 or the 38/40. I think it was the 34/36, but that one might be a little tight in the shoulders. Bad thing is that the yarn has been discontinued; I can't find it referenced anywhere at Phildar. Oops. I'll figure something out :)
Well at least you won't have a second sleeve syndrome with that project ;)
Holy moly! Two sleeves?!? What a find! I would be excited to find something like that in my stash. And it's so good to see you back! Even if it takes months, seeing it finished (in a blog post, of course) would be lovely. All I have to show for my ploddingly slow progress on my projects is a baby and nearly 3-year-old.
What an amazing find. btw, I'm still working on my audrey, somehow the increases and decreases in ribbing are really chalenging me. would love to know what is keeping you busy these days, that is keeping your journal from updates :-) will check out your ebay soon.
it's good to see you blogging again. :)
I feel that way about a lot of projects that I have started. I really do fully intend to finish them all, but it is so easy for me to get distracted. The sleeves are so nice even sans blocking that I'm sure the rest of the jacket will be a stunner!
I was trying to figure out why I thought of donuts when I saw those sleeves, and then I read through your entries for that sweater and remembered. And now I have such an intense craving for a French crueller, I'm considering skipping the gym so I can pick up a few!
I've missed your posts :) And I'm so excited to have a chance at some of the beautiful yarns and patterns that you have available to you in France. Hopefully, we'll get more beautiful posts complete with shots of you all over France, in action. I miss "knitting in the car" photos :)
Nice to see a post from you! Hope you're enjoying Spring time! Sounds like you're clearing house though....too busy with other crafts? ;-)
Don't know where you've been, what's going on in your life, but have been faithful to checking in on you for a long time. Always enjoyed your posts, creativity and mojo. Welcome back - stay awhile.

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