February 26, 2003

It's like a valium, I tell you.

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm really bored with the Muppet Pimp Coat (thanks to Kersten for coming up with that one) and only find myself knitting it if I'm watching television at night. Unfortunately, I haven't been watching television very much lately, but thanks to a documentary on Michael Jackson [earth to Michael...earth to Michael...reality calling] last night, I finished another piece of the Muppet Pimp Coat and will start on the sleeves as soon as I get myself enthused enough to do it. I do love this novelty yarn, but I think I'm lagging because I feel uninspired by the straight stockinette stitch on big needles. As a matter of fact, knitting more than a few rows at a time is a great, big snooze. And don't I sound a bit of a snob whining about the latest trend for knitting big? Ugh. Sorry about that. I like to knit big. Just not this time, for some reason.

As an incentive to finish up the Muppet Pimp Coat (aside from the fact that it really is a very neat sweater), I'm planning on starting another sweater for my husband. It'll be an anniversary gift, because what better way to celebrate seven years of marital bliss and morning breath than a hand-knitted sporty sweater for spring? [Awwwwwwwww.]

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I'm with you on the boring stockinette stitch, Becky. I have the sleeves and most of the back finished on my turquoise Colourworks sweater, but I can't seem to stay focused on it. I should really get it finished before winter ends (it's 100% wool) so I can wear it a few times. Although winter doesn't seem inclined to leave Ottawa any time soon--it's -24 degrees Celsius today (without the windchill). TV is great for knitting! I have a guilty addiction to American Idol (and the recaps at Television Without Pity) but I can excuse the waste of time if I keep my hands busy. I'm definitely a multi-tasker. Now I just have to learn to knit while I'm reading! The Muppet Pimp Coat looks truly gorgeous. I can totally see Gonzo wearing it. Or Doctor Teeth!
I think it's coming out beautifully. The more boring you make it sound, the more I want to make one!
Morning Breath! ROFL! Is that your DH's name? I just hope the needles arrive in time. Wouldn't want you to get behind schedule on it. Love the Pimp Coat! But can't remember which Muppet was a Pimp?
eek, I watched the MJ thing too, and I wasn't even knitting at the time (I have no shame).
I agree with you about Straight ST stitching. It seems like such a great idea when you begin - I'll be done soon!! But it turns so boring after a couple of inches. Good luck knitting. I can't wait to see the finished product - it is such a cute sweater.
Becky, do you know that Jim Henson's first muppet (Kermit) was made OUT OF HIS MOTHER'S COAT? Best to keep this new pink coat out of your son's reach. So, Chris, there's your answer: Kermit pimped for Miss Piggy! The knitting may be boring, Becky, but it sure is good for some laughs! Looks great, by the way.
Muppet Pimp Coat! That is *funny*. The sweater is fab and I can't wait to see it when finished. Keep on truckin' babe...you've an audience to answer to...;-)

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