February 25, 2010

De-stashing, continues.

I'm in full pre-spring cleaning mode and my eBay is seeing a lot of action. For serious. What I thought was going to be a few yarns has turned into a major Skinny Rabbit Knitting Vide Grenier (the French way of saying, "yard sale"). Other than a few books and magazines that I really and truly cannot let go of because they have sentimental value for me (i.e., the books I used to learn how to knit, the magazines I used to knit things for Captain Destructo, etc.), a big part of my knitter's magazine and book collection is going up on the block for super cheap. That includes my beloved Rowans, Phildars and Rebeccas. I'm not a hoarder by nature, so the mere fact that I've held onto these things for so long without even using most of them is a big deal.

As I took photos for my eBay listings, I remembered a lot of the things I knit. I had forgotten about some of them, and came back to this here blog to get another look. For those who have followed my blog and know what projects I've knit and for those who have written me to ask about the patterns, I thought I'd point out a few things for you:

1) The Phildar l'été catalog in this listing contains the patterns I used to knit the spring 2006 camisole here and the bustier I knit in 2007, right here. I let go of the button camisole, but I still got the "sheksy" bustier. [Wriggles eyebrows.]

2) The pattern that I used to knit my Elfin (shown here) is in the Rowan book 34 in this listing. Also in that book is Reveal by Leah Sutton which I also knit (and still wear!) It's one of the sweaters that has gotten me the most compliments. The sleeves grew like a mofo, tho, and it doesn't help that I have short arms like a Tyrannosaurus. If I could knit it again, I'd cast on less stitches for the edges of the sleeves.

3) The Apricot Jacket I knit (shown here) is from Rebecca 27, which I have in this eBay listing. This one is another stretcher, and I had to fix the sleeve length [for my freakishly short arms] by undoing the cast-off edge, ripping back a few rows and then binding off again. And this, my friends, is why you should always weave in your ends neatly without knots and leave them LONG.

4) AUDREY. So fabulous and such a blast to knit that I put her all in caps. [Remember the stranger's Vespa? And the men sitting in the bar across the street who were watching and offering to take a photo for me? Clearly, one of my Finest Dork Moments, ever.] From Rowan 35, which is up for the taking in this listing. Thanks for the memories, old pal.

5) Rowan Plaid Poncho Sweater, swans, and Rabbit (yours truly) running on the edge of a lake. I still have that poncho sweater, and wear it. My current fave look is to wear it belted at the waist. Will have to show you a picture sometime. Anyhow, that's from Rowan Plaid Collection, up in this listing.

6) Remember the twisty kimono sweater that I started, but didn't finish despite it's fabulousness? It is from the Phildar catalog in this listing, and some of the yarn I had leftover is in this listing. That's only half of it, though. The sweater is a yarn glutton and required like 15 skeins (and the yarn isn't thick, yo. 3.5mm needles!).

7) The wrappy jacket that I knit as shown here, was knit using the pattern in the catalog in this listing. Still got that one, and it still makes me feel like Clint Eastwood in A Fist Full of Dollars.

8) The lovely jacket here (popup window) can be found in the Phildar catalog in this listing, and the yarn to make that jacket (in that exact shade!) is in this listing. 10 skeins makes up to the French size 40. I also have the specialty zipper, but that is not listed anywhere. If the person who ends up buying that yarn happens to be reading this, let me know so we can see about getting that zipper to you. (I'm sorry, but I cannot and will not take photocopies of the pattern book for anyone who just takes the yarn. You'll have to find a way to get your hands on that pattern book. Thanks for understanding.) It took me forever to get that yarn up; I really wanted to hang onto it because I thought I'd get to knitting that jacket for myself eventually. Well, eventually never came. That jacket is too sublime to not get knit up. Hope someone gives it the love it deserves.

UPDATE 02/27: I only had watchers with no bids on the Licorne & pattern book 425 listings, so I decided to set them with a fixed price on eBay. If they don't go from eBay, I'll them on my stash-o-mat page and include the zipper. That way, anyone who wants to knit the jacket will get that chance. Yay. Will keep you posted.

9) The cross-over cardigan that I knit (shown here) is from the Phildar catalog in this listing.

10) Remember my Crinkle cardi? In Rowan 39, which I have up in this listing. Still got that one, too, and wear it. So glad I made it in black. Black is always the new black.

11) I also knit Salina in felted tweed. Remember that one? It's from Vintage Style, up for grabs in this listing.

12) The fluffy little bolero I knit in 2006 is from Rebecca 28, in this listing. I still have that bolero around here somewhere, I have to look for it. I wore it a lot when I was in fashion school and one day another girl [who doesn't know how to knit, har!] told me that it looked like I was wearing a cat around my shoulders. In response I petted my bolero and said, "Meow".

13) Let's not forget the Notorious [Chanel-inspired] Popcorn Jacket. Found in the Phildar catalog in this listing.

That was nice little trip down memory lane. There's a few that I've missed, I'm sure. I'll be putting up more books and magazines in my eBay as I continue my pre-spring cleaning, and will let you know which project I knitted from each. Ah, nostalgia!

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