February 25, 2004

Me. Want. Fringe.

Clint Eastwood envies me my fringe.

There's nothing more frustrating than happily fringing a chocolate-colored poncho and then RUNNING out of yarn when 3/4's through. All I needed was one extra skein. Just one, and I didn't have it. Hello! Please serve me a drink. And if it's chocolate, you'd better spike it up, slappy.

That happened on Saturday evening, and I called my local Phildar boutique on Monday to see if there was any Phil Ruban in chocolat in stock. There was not, unfortunately. My order of one measly skein of Phil Ruban comes in on Thursday morning, but I will not be going in until Saturday to pick it up. Alas, a finished poncho will have to wait a while longer.

But! What I have so far looks pretty darn neat, if you ask me. I tried on the poncho, and even in its partly-fringed state it made my husband say, "Wow!" Then he started whistling the theme music from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. The poncho is that fringe-rrific. I can't wait to finish it so I can send it to my sister.

In other news, yesterday was Mardi Gras, and there was a "carnival" at my son's school. As I do not have a finished poncho to show you, here is a gratuitous shot of my son running around in his Mardi Gras carnival costume, one of him dancing in the parade and another one of him blowing a horn and making noise with a clacker. He was the only dinosaur at the carnival. Awwwwwwww! [Thanks to Carolyn for sending the costume.]

*I will not update with an entry for a few days. My son was in the hospital this morning for a minor surgical procedure on his ears and sinuses, and had to be put under general anesthesia for it. He's just fine and back home now, but will be feeling under the weather for a few days, so I am limiting the time I spend online.

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I hope your son is feeling well. Did he get tubes/gromits? Two of mine had them and it was helpful. He looked adorable in his dinosaur costume. And his school looks so sweet. Enjoy your time with your son. :)
I don't know if my comment got lost in space. But I hope your little guy is feeling better. He looked very cute in his dinosaur costume.
The poncho looks amazing! It's going to be so incredible. I can't wait! Silly old yarn running out. But at least you get to go back to the yarn store, eh? ;0) You're son looks so cute. Glad to hear that he's well. Best wishes for a quick recovery.
Aww, I hope Captain Destructo is up and running around post haste. He is ever so cute in his stegosaurus costume. The poncho looks marvelous, even in its delayed state. There's nothing so frustrating as running out and having to wait. Can't wait to see it done and on. ;)
That's a BRILLIANT costume! He makes a very sweet dinosaur! The fringe is very fabby, it's a shame to run out of yarn as your steaming towards the finish, I for one am looking forward to seeing the finished product very much.
I hope Dinoboy makes a quick recovery. He looks so cute in his costume. Do I hear spurs jingling?
Awwwwwww . . . how cute! I hope your little dinosaur is back up and running soon!
You ran out of yarn!?! ARGH! I have nightmares about that. Really I do. Here's hoping your little dinosaur is feeling better. And that mom gets in some knittin' time.
Cuty little dinosour! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your poncho looks totally and absolutely fabulous! Running out of yarn is not a pleasant experience, but i'm sure the FO will reward you in all its glory.
oh, the agony of running out of yarn at the end of a project! your teaser photo looks really impressive, though-- can't wait to see the finished poncho! hope your son feels better soon.
Hope the little guy's back on his dancing feet soon! Can't wait to see the finished poncho. Methinks it's just the sort of thing I need to go with my cowboy hat. Then again... there is such a thing as overdoing it.
Fringes? We need some stinkin' fringes!! Go ahead, slappy, make my day!! Heheh...hope all is well in the Fluffa household and your adorable boy is up and destructing soon, thinking good thoughts for you all!
Hello and hug to your son. Hope he is doing his Elvis impresion dancing already :)
I hope the little dino is up and running very soon! My thoughts for a speedy recovery! At least he has his mum to take very good care of him;) Bummer on the fringe - that would have commanded a vodka straight up for me(vanilla stoli does quite well!) but I am very glad to hear that you can get another skein to finish it up! GiddiUp!! It looks so fantastic! That fringe is wonderful! Can't wait to see it all finished! Have a good few days with your little one!
Best wishes to Dino for a speedy recovery and anxiously awaiting a chocolat fix!
Lovely fringe... tragic about the yarn situation. I am such a yarn paranoid that I tend to go over the top making sure I have enough ("another bag might be a good idea..."). Glad to hear that Captain Destructo is well after surgery. I hope you both have a good week!
Awesome poncho! I love the name and flavor of chocolat. Can you sprinkle cinnamon on that poncho or eat it in a s'more? Too bad hershey's doesn't make yarn. I bet it would be a tasty treat you could eat AND wear. Then you really would never have enough yarn to finish projects!
Oooo, forgot to wish DS "get well" vibes. Have him sleep on the poncho. Then he's sure to feel better fast.
Get Well Soon to the unbelieveably adorable Captain Destructo! That costume is priceless. And the poncho, all I can say is, I WANT ONE.
Take lots of time for him. There are only young for such a short time.
We all know what little boys under the weather want more than anything else: the undivided attention (and immediate physical presence) of their mothers! Coddle the boy shamelessly. If you are stuck watching kiddie TV and not allowed to move around the room (because it is required, as noted, that you be RIGHT NEXT TO THEM at all times), I have found that mine will sometimes let me knit as long as I let them hold the end of one of the knitting needles or the end of the piece of knitting. Kind of interferes with the knitting flow, but it seems to make us all happy.
Becky, I hope the boy is doing well. It is so upsetting when anything happens to our little ones. The poncho looks fabby, btw....
Love the pix of your cutie-pie! Hope he is feeling well very soon!
Aw, hope your little dinosaur recovers quickly! :-)
Hope your dino-kid is up and roaring about soon! Carolyn has good taste ~ what a little cutie in his dino-costume.
I hope Mr. Cute Dinosaur gets better asap!
Your son looked SO cute in his dinosaur costume. I hope he feels better soon. And I can't wait to see the finished poncho!
Awww. All the very best to the little guy!
I'm glad your son is feeling better, and the poncho looks great. I hope they match your dyelot.
Love the costume. Bravo to Carolyn. Hope your son has a well recovery. Looking forward to seeing the chocolatey poncho.
Thanks so much for the well wishes and the kind words! The Captain is doing much better after his tough morning and even went out for a short ride on his [brand new!] scooter, his prize for being such a champ today. And we do love his dinosaur costume! It was a tough choice between that and a turtle costume, but I finally decided on the dinosaur. He got a lot of compliments on it and felt like a star :-) P.S. to Lynette: I doubt I'll get the same dye lot, but it doesn't worry me too much because it's for the fringe. If it had been for the body of the poncho, boy oh boy would I be in trouble.
What a fabby dinosaur costume! Can Captain Destructo be any cuter? No. He is at maximum cuteness..unless he was holding your little Bichon Frise, then I would explode with the cuteness of it all. The Poncho is so Shiny and Pretty...sorry you ran out of yarn. It will be done soon!
How scary for all of you. I hope he is up and doing better in no time. Spring is coming and the playground will be beckoning in no time!
awww, get well little poppet. Girl I had the same situation with fringe on a scarf of late and it really sets your teeth on edge, I know. Hey is ruban a ribbon yarn?
I don't think I've ever seen such a cute dinosaur in my life (and thanks to my hubby, I've seen PLENTY of dinosaur pictures)! I hope CD gets better too. I had the same procedure done when I was little, and all I remember about it was that I received two new colouring books and barbie dress up clothes, so it mustn't have hurt that much! Can't wait to see the faboo finished poncho. Hot chocs for one and all!
Glad to hear CD is okay. Remember chocolate and laughter have remarkable healing powers!! or was it just chocolate.... Will we get dancing shots of Sis in the poncho? Can she two-step?! Hope to see you back soon!
I hope your little dinosaur is feeling better. My niece had tubes installed in her nose when she was a kid and it made a big difference! I'm sending him some "becquer-bobo" as we say here : xxx
Sending wishes for a speedy recovery. ...and the poncho looks great!!
Hope your scary [so important to be 'scary' we find !] little dinasour is up and running about soon.Have lots of lovely cuddles. Fab poncho.Stupendous fringe ! Lucky sister. ;-]
Gratuitous photos of the dancing dinosaur are ALWAYS welcome, especially when he looks so cute. I hope you are having a nice cozy recuperating time together. Poncho is looking fabby by the way!
Ditto what everyone else has been saying. Can't wait to see the poncho!
i am on the fence about fringe. i always like the look on other people but when i try to wear it, it totally gets in my way!! :)
I'm glad to hear that your son is home and I hope he recovers quickly. His dinosaur costume was adorable and the poncho is looking fab.
Bummer about the fringe! Hbomb LOVED new photos of CD. H had to be put out when he was about 1 and boy was it "freaky" he had to "come to" before we could take him home and his sister was the only one that could rouse him. She wispered something in his ear and he just shot up like a little arrow. Hope he is on the mend and ready to take on Tokyo!
your little guy is so sweet and he was having soo much fun at the festivities! My best wishes that he's back to feeling his spunky self very soon! You'll get some good snuggle time with him.
I can't imagine that you need a 45th entry, especially since you are off line right now, but I just wanted to pipe in and wish your son a speedy recovery. It doesn't look like much would keep him down, though. He is so full of energy and joy. I wish I had a costume like his!
I hope that your son feels better soon. He looked so cute in his costume! The poncho is gorgeous too! Sorry to hear that you ran out of yarn!
Cute little he-dinosaur. That's an adorable costume on him! Hope he's better soon.
I hope he bounces right back! AND I hope Mommy gets to knit while he recovers. I love the poncho, I know a little girl who would love one just like it... hmmmm
I'm glad he's doing well, and let me be clear: there are no gratuitous pictures of dinosaur costumes. None. :)
Brave little dinosaur. (you're lucky you're in France, you know, because he's tops on my "Kids to Steal" list. ;) ) and ooh, the poncho! I have zero patience for fringe, so you are my hero.
oh, dear...i didnt read this whole post through until just now. sending many good wishes to baby boy. kisses from tia lis in nyc.
Thank you SO MUCH for the well wishes and the kind words. The Captain is doing much better and even went out for a short ride on his brand new scooter, his prize for being such a champ during the whole thing. And I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of him in his dinosaur costume! It was a tough choice between a dinosaur and a turtle, but the dinosaur won out. He got a whole lot of compliments on it at the school carnival and felt like a star :-) Lynette: I doubt I'll get the same dye lot, but I'm not worried about that because it's for the fringe, not the body of the poncho. Leya: Phil Ruban is a ribbon yarn. It creates a glossy fabric with a great drape. Try it!
hey becky - glad to hear your son is happy and scootin' around. :) (what a fun reward for being a good sport!) your choco-poncho is fab - your sis will love it! my phildar turtleneck made of your happy irlande yarn is coming along...starting on the front now and hoping i can find more time this month than i had last month. :)
Wow - I hope the little guy is feeling better! I canNOT believe you ran out of yarn. I haven't ever yet, but I'm very paranoid about it. Thank goodness you found more. Can't wait to see it!! :)
Kisses to the boy. Lots of chocolate, for both of you, although hopefully you split your chocolate intake between the cocoa and the fiber kind....

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