February 24, 2006


Doesn't everyone seam their knits while riding in the car late in the afternoon? (Chilly, gray weather. Hence the pale lighting.)

I made Fluffy Bolero run errands with me.
And here's the passenger side view.
Exciting, eh? Lyon, city of non-stop street work.

winter2006_amelie_seaming2_thumb.jpg Seaming on the Fluffy Bolero has commenced, and boy oh boy could I use a stiff drink after sewing on those bands. Straight-whiskey-in-a-dirty-glass-at-a-rough-bar kinda drink. (Okay, maybe not whiskey because the smell of whiskey alone curls my toes, and I actually prefer to drink from clean glasses. Maybe just a few sips of tequila straight from the bottle?)

Anyway. All Fluffy Bolero needs now is to have the gazillion ends woven in and stitches picked up for the neck. Ah, my two favorite things....NOT. I think I shall indulge myself by watching Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion for the umpteenth time while I carry out those tasks. Yes! I admit it...that fluff of a film is one of my Guilty Pleasure Films*. I will never get tired of watching it, especially because I don't really need to have my eyes glued to the screen in order to enjoy it. Just listen to the music and the funny dialogue, people. Like: "NO! I'm the Mary! You're a pasty hag on a deathbed...I'M THE MARY!" Hehe. I'm so very easily entertained.

Of course, I broke the monotony of seaming by leafing through the latest copy of Vogue I just got in the mail and working on the front piece of my Fluffy Halter.

(Grayscale Sharon Stone on the cover.)

I love Vogue fashion spreads. This picture is my favorite. Girlfriend looks like she's celebrating after having sewn miles-long ribbed bands onto a Fluffy Bolero.

*Feel free to share your Guilty Pleasure Films with me. I'll keep them in mind next time I head to the DVD rental :-)

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Love the Fluffy Halter guilty pleasure films: Say Anything, Animal House, Alien, Raising Arizona, Pink Panther cartoons (the originals only), and, blush... The Music Man. Now that I write this down, what at ODD mixture!!!
When I think of guilty pleasure movies, I think of the movies I saw several times over during a particular point in my life: Dirty Dancing, Lucas, and The Boy Who Could Fly. Lucas features Corey Haim, Winona Ryder, and Charlie Sheen when they were very young. 'nuff said.
chitty chitty bang bang! that movie goes in every time i watch a really bad/depressing/ sad movie (like 'monster'....eeek!). others: amelie, moulin rouge, harry potter, lemony snicket, and oh brother, are all movies I can watch over and over again and not get bored. your super fluffy bolero looks sooooo soft! can't wait to see it all finished! I once took a whiskey course given by one of the 13 masterbrewers of scottland (or something weird like that). Not by choice, had to cause the brand was one of my clients and it was *gross*....We each had a placemat with a map of scotland and like 8 glasses. Good thing I wasn't the only person in class and managed to get away with just putting my lips to the glass and setting back down on the placemat. Apparently, the key to drinking whiskey is straight, with a drop or two of water. ekhhh....
Ten Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, Clueless, P&P (the six hour BBC one is required for extra long seaming projects)...
Dirty Dancing, Heathers, any Dawson's Creek episode (OMG - did I just write that?)
Yep, tequilla (especially good tequilla) straight from the bottle cures what ails ya. Ask me how I know. ;-) Guilty pleasure films. Hmmm. Pretty Woman, Sweet Home Alabama - I'm drawing a blank on the others, but I know there are others.
Anything from the eighties/early nineties.... Here in Denmark we just had a rerun of Beverly Hills Cop I-III and it made me remember how all the girls in my class just adored Judge Reinhold. What happened to him anyway?
I have a few favorites...some guiltier than others...Clueless, Bridget Jones' Diary, Ferris Buehler's Day Off and my favorite movie of them all -- JAWS!
Center Stage, Bring It On, Notting Hill and Sliding Doors. Those movies I can watch repeatedly, even over the protest of my husband. I can knit and not have to keep too close of an eye on them, because by this point, I've got them memorized.
Oh . . .I have three! Moonstruck, Valley Girl and Mansfield Park (from 1999). Um, I guess I love me some dated Nicolas Cage . . . Can't wait to see the finished Bolero!
Flashdance, Gosford Park (although I really don't feel guilty for liking it, just watching it repeatedly and laughing out LOUD at the same stuff again and again), snippets of Showgirls (too frightening to watch in it's entirety), 16 Candles...the list goes on. I forgot about the picking up stitches on Fluffy Bolero -- deal breaker?
urrrmmm, Back to the Future, of course! And really anything with MJF in it. Also, the Sex and the City series is really awesome on DVD. Those girls. They just crack me up! What are we going to do when your vacay is over? Starve to death, that's what!
Zoolander (who can resist a spoof on male models)-I find a new joke everytime I watch that movie. Bolero looks good!
Goodness, that would be a long list. Valley Girl, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Where The Heart Is, Notting Hill, Steel Magnolias, and Fried Green Tomatoes are the first to come to mind! I do like Romy and Michelle, too. And the Fluffy Bolero! Yum! Oh, yeah, and Pretty Woman!
If only a little elf would come in and pick up those stitches and weave in the ends for you while you slept....then you might need the whole bottle of tequila! Guilty pleasure films? I've seen these several times and will probably see several times more: Fried Green Tomatoes, Ever After, The Count of Monte Cristo, Chocolat, Kate and Leopold. I also like You've Got Mail and How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Hmmm, I think I'm going to go rent some DVDs tonight!
There are a lot of things I watch over and over that I wouldn't call guilty pleasures - just really good movies. In the Guilty Pleasures category, though, I'd put The Cutting Edge and Dirty Dancing. :-)
I liked "How to lose a guy in 10 days" :) I didn't expect much of the film and I loved it! Maybe because I used to play cards with my family in those long summer evenings? Your fluffy bolero looks great so far... and i don't like fluffy things! congratulations.
Romy & Michelle is one of my guilty pleasures as well, alongside the entire Molly Ringwald oeuvre, the Legally Blonde duo, Shallow Hal, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie AND series), also some I'm sure I'm forgetting. Some might say I have only guilty pleasures... I say, I don't feel guilty!
best line ever? "sorry, i couldn't find my shirt." :)
Ooh, I've got some Guilty Pleasure movies - some of which I was reminded of in the earlier comments. Mind tend to fall in either the teen or chick flick genre... Bring It On (rival cheerleaders - oh yeah!), The Pirate Movie (Gilbert and Sullivan meets 1980's pop music - what could be better?), While You Were Sleeping, Never Been Kissed, Dave, Notting Hill, and Sliding Doors come to mind. I don't have to pay much attention or strain the brain, which makes them perfect for knitting or seaming to! Good luck with the picking up stitches... at least the fluffiness will be forgiving to most mistakes or unevenness...
Ohoh, How to Marry a Millionaire with Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe. I watch that every time it comes on cable. Old movies are great fun and they play out so much slower- more time to pay attention to the knitting!
The Man Who Knew Too Little and Groundhog Day (I love Bill Murray) are great guilty pleasures. ;)
That's Sharon Stone? How much plastic has she had done? GPF-Lethal Weapon 1. I can say the dialogue in my sleep. Mel in his heyday is nothing to shake anything at!
Grease is the one for me ... Can't wait to see Fluffy bolero!
I'm with you on the tequila instead of the whiskey. Of course, I'm partial to having my tequila mixed with a bit of lime juice and some Cointreau. You ever get to Chicago, I know where to find one of the best margaritas going :-)
Dumb and Dumber The ultimate guilty pleasure in the movie category. :) But damn, it's still funny even after 1001 viewings.
Your fluffy bolero is beautiful! My guilty pleasure movies are any of the 60's Gidget movies. I wasn't even alive then but I love wasting a night watching them. Any 80's teen films usually do the trick too.
Guilty pleasure films.....mmmmmmm......Grease, Flashdance, Fame, Flatliners, Harry Potter, Clueless, Stepford Wives, the Mad Max series (Ok I'm weird), Legally Blonde, Moulin Rouge, anything with Keanu Reaves or Johnny Depp (how sexy was Chocolat??? ooooooohhhhh!), Chicago, Forrest Gump, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Some rate higher on the cheese factor than others! That fluffy bolero is looking good. I admire anyone who knits with fluff; personally I'm scared of it...too dangerous!! (due to 'fluff in the eye' syndrome)
guilty pleasure flick: French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline- it's just hilarious, especially the scene on the beach!
I want that halter!!! The color and the yarn is freaking amazing. IT such a beautiful deep purple.
Guilty Pleasure: American Gigolo Officer & a Gentleman Guilty Beverage: Cosmo Guilty Side food to go with above Bev: Dark Chocolate and Almonds Guilty Yarn: Euroflax Linen Guilty Project: Fabulous Linens for my OWNSELF
I love Lisa Kudrow in Romy & Michelle! I think seeming parties may be the answer for seeming my knits. Poor things, they sit neglected if I have to put a zipper in it or seam a set-in sleeve! Next time I'll try the guilty pleasure movies - I love Legally Blond and Sweet Home Alabama. Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses. I also enjoy America's Top Model with Tyra Banks....you probably don't get that TV show in France, do ya?
Guily pleasure films for me would be Michael, The American President, Princess Bride and Grease. I don't think I could seam in a car. I have enough trouble seaming in my chair! ;)
Ooo, like you, I cannot stand weaving in ends except that it means you're so close! Whenever I have to do that out comes my eight BBC hours of Pride and Prejudice. My other guilty pleasures are a little more embarasssing: Bridget Jones, Mean Girls (a Lindsay Lohan flick eek!), Legally Blonde and Ocean's Eleven when I just want pretty things to look at! The anticipation on that Bolero is getting to me :) Hope the vacation is still going well!
OK, once again I am amazed with your knitting. You must knit at the speed of light! I am loving your current projects. I bought myself a Phildar magazine now I need to learn French:) BTW I usually watch Dirty Dancing while sewing or knitting (I think I have seen it 20 times, and I still love it). Enjoy your weekend. I'll look forward to your next post.
Can't wait to see the bolero! Guilty Pleasure Movies: Dance with me How to Make an American Quilt The Full Monty Fever Pitch
Guilty Pleasure Movie - The Princess Bride. Can watch it over and over. Number one top requested movie from me when I was in college. Totally crazy.
Without a doubt my favorite guilty pleasure movie is "Unzipped," the documentary about the creation of Isaac Mizrahi's spring 1994 fall fashion line. God, I love that movie and I wish there was a soundtrack available for it. Other favorites: A Christmas Story, Legally Blonde, Foul Play. I can't wait to see the bolero in all its finished glory!
I agree, It's hard to believe thats Sharon Stone...
Okey dokey... Notting Hill, Bridget Jones (only number one, though) and Gosford Park. Oh, and Room with a View... especially for the naughty scene! Actually, more for Maggie Smith. She's ace.
Ummm, in addition to Romy & Michelle, I'm a big fan of Clueless and (yes, I admit it) Lara Croft:Tombraider. Heck, she's loaded, lives in a big mansion, has a butler, travels the world, has an outfit for every occasion--I could go on, but it's making me want to put in the DVD!
I am loving the guilty pleasure movie listing going on. I was trying to think of some of mine, and Blood Sport came to mind. As a kid every time that came on TV I would watch it. Hehe. Others would be John Hughes movies: Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off; 90s teen girl movies: Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About You, She's All That, Drive Me Crazy. Oh, this is fun. All the fluffy projects are looking great!
Ooooh - Zoolander! I love that movie. Or earth girls are easy - I used to watch that once a week! I just melt when he says "mac can make valerie very VERY happy"
Thanks, Becky! I know have a list of movies to re-watch or see for the first time. My guilty pleasures are Lost in Translation (love the music), Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, Chocolat, To Be and To Have, Amelie, All That Jazz, First Wives Club and Waking Ned Devine. Ok, now that you know enough about me I'll stop with the list--I am a guilty pleasure kinda gal. ;) The bolero looks great! Seaming with fuzzies . . .nothin' like it.
Becky, your finishing is amazing. AMAZING! My favorite guilty pleasure movie is That Old Feeling, with Bette Midler and Dennis Farina. Not many people have heard of it, which is a shame. It's one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Chicken Run, Beauty & The Beast, anything with Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock, (this includes Speed, Yay Keanu!) or any of the Batman movies.
My favorite R&M scene is when they're filling out the questionnaire and one of them says "I am SO excited for this reunion!" and the other says "ME TOO!" and then they make these little gasps of surprise and delight. Don't know why, but that gets me every time!
My fave movie of all time is A Walk To Remember which is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Although really any teen movie works.
A Fish Called Wanda Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Tommy Boy Pretty In Pink 16 Candles Shakespeare in Love Back to the Future
Ah, yes - I remember seaming those ribbed bands onto the bolero! Drinks are definitely in order. But fortunately the yarn is so fluffy it hides less-than-perfect seaming technique. I can't wait to see it all finished! You will love this cardi, I'm sure. As for guilty pleasures, probably my number one is Sliding Doors. I'm so guilty about it that I've seen it probably 10 times but always as a rental - I'm too guilty to buy it. I also just saw a good chick flick called In Her Shoes with Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz. It was actually a quality film, so I didn't actually feel all that guilty about it...
And... Strictly Ballroom Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Muriel's Wedding And alot of Tom Hanks's stuff Mwah!
My 2 guilty pleasure films are the ones that I watched over and over with my sister the summer of my freshman year of high school : Steel Magnolias and Soapdish. All Sally Field, all the time!!
I should have gone to sleep ages ago...but I can't stay away from chez rabbit ;-) anway, can't think right now of my guilty pleasures movies, I will say that today I watched "Secrets and Lies" whilst finshing the "Shedir" hat. Quite a good movie. I enjoyed it. Now you might have been kidding about Avian, but i'm not...hubby and I went to Paris in January 2000. We always buy bottled water. We tried Aviad and it was nasty...fit only for blocking IMHO...thier were other brands which were much nicer, IMHO, even if they were unknown. Loved the "Girlfriend" photo...and is that really Sharon Stone, does not look like her.
I can't say it's a guilty pleasure, because I just don't feel guilt about any movie I like. I highly recommend Galaxy Quest. So, so many good lines in that one.
Anything by Jane Austin...Classics may not seem like guilty viewing until you take stock of what I own...that means I have 3 dfferent versions of Emma, 2 versions of P &P (will be three soon as well), 2 versions of persuasion, 2 versions of S & S, 2 versions of Mansfield Park and 1 version of Northanger Abby. I love how you can guess the different decades they were made in. I also can watch A room with a view many times over.
Here goes... can't believe I'm actually going to commit this to writing, but... anything with Sandra Bullock. Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality, Demolition Man, any of them. Makes me feel guilty just writing it (and gives me a strangely pleasurable urge to go and watch them all again...)
Movies and knitting, two of the best things in life, especially when they're guilty pleasure knitting! My favorites to knit to are: The Goonies, Labyrinth (the songs are fun and only slightly ridiculous, which is great for taking your mind of the more tiresome aspects of knitting), Le Diner des Cons (Bo Derrique!), and The Neverending Story. They're just movies that put me in a creative mood. (And just a note, you're my first blog visit every day. I love seeing what you're knitting, and the occasional view of Lyon, which I didn't get to spend enough time in when I was last visitng La Belle France.)
woooweeee! That bolero is going to be scrumptious! Hurry try it on - I can't wait to see what it looks like!!
What About Bob? Office Space Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Local Hero The Poseidon Adventure (original version) 16 Candles Gone With the Wind (that could hold you for a long project) :)
"You know, even though we've watched Pretty Woman like thirty-six times, I never get tired of making fun of it!" ;-)
FLASHDANCE!! Great music!! You got to love the 80's baby!
You subscribe to French Vogue Becky?? You parlez-vous? If so, I could sure use some help around here when I'm out and about...smile. Your Fluffy Bolero and Halter have me wishing I was a few pounds lighter. I know I say it everytime, but I love the colors you've chosen for both projects (don't think I've seen the Halter before though). Snuck a new project in there on me eh?? Anyway you are doing a beautiful job on both and I can't wait to see that fabulous model you use wearing them when complete. My newest "guilty pleasure" movie has to be http://www.theweddingdate.net/ . It really is quite comical. o.k...I'm off to see if my comment is still filtered...smile.
Ha! I make my knitting run errands with me too! I love fluffy bolero :)
My Fair Lady The Sound of Music Anne of Green Gables Anne of Avonlea As Good as it Gets The Wedding Singer O Brother, Where art Thou? Nicholas Nickleby But the best of all? The first season of Grey's Anatomy just came out last week! Booyah!
My current faves to pop in when nothing else appeals-Empire Records, and Saved! I also tend to pop in anything by Kevin Smith (clerks, etc.), because they get better the more lines I know.

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