February 24, 2005

Salsa will get those needles clicking.

I just love that wee sparkle.
[Expand this shot: Look at me, look at me now!]

Energized by some salsa mexicana*, corn tortilla chips, spicy olives and just a tiny glass of tequila last weekend, I got my needles clicking and completed the back piece of my fluffy Kid Mohair cardigan. It's so easy and straightforward; the only thing I did differently was (as always) short-row the shoulders and leave the shoulder stitches live for three-needle bind-off seaming later on.

Now all I've got to do is knit the two front pieces which I think will be fun because, thanks to the deep neckline, they've got neck shaping that starts only a few cms after the ribbing at the hem. I always get a kick from watching my rows get shorter and shorter as I decrease for neck shaping. Like I said before, I am easily amused.

Stash enhancement from abroad!

Sally from Knitting by the Bay in New Zealand [!] had some Noro Lily yarn in a gorgeous PINK sent over as a surprise. Oh Lily Yarn! How luxurious you are! There are six skeins and I'm swatching now to see what possible projects could use this yarn. I'm really into cardis right now, so maybe a cardi? One cannot have too many cardis.

I also received my first subscription issue of Interweave Knits, thanks to Miss Jenny from High Energy Knits. I immediately became intrigued with this delicate vintage cardigan with its fabulous front band edging and the wraparound cardigan with the mile-long sash on the cover.

*Now, it's time for: SALSA MEXICANA!


(Come on. You didn't think I'd close this entry without sharing my own original recipe for salsa mexicana [or salsa botanera] straight from Me-ji-co, did you? After all, it's what gets my knitting needles clicking during some free weekend afternoons.)


3 or 4 fresh round tomatos.
2 to 5 chiles serranos, or small green chile peppers.
1 white onion.
Fresh cilantro.
1 tsp sunflower or corn oil.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Recommendation: Don't substitute any of this unless you want to change the taste of the salsa. 1 tsp of sunflower or corn oil doesn't hurt, and use dried cilantro only if you can't get it fresh.

How to:
Peel tomatos. Here's how I do it: Put water to boil in a saucepan. When it boils, turn off heat. Add tomatos and leave them there for about 3 minutes. Remove tomatos. Let cool for a couple of seconds. Peel off skin. (If they haven't started to peel when taken out of the water, just poke with the tip of a knife and start peeling.) Chop tomatos. (This extra step is worth it. Don't use canned tomatos!)

Finely chop onion.

Rinse cilantro in cold water. Shake off excess water and gently pat dry with paper towel. Finely chop.

Wash peppers and dry carefully. In a small frying pan over medium heat, roast peppers for a few minutes. You can add a wee bit of vegetable oil if you want. (Crack open windows if you find yourself coughing from the smell of peppers roasting. Hehe.) Once roasted, chop peppers.

Note about peppers: I usually use about 4 to 5 chiles serranos, even more if I'm going to serve the salsa to family members who are used to eating spicy food, and I chop them finely. If you're not used to eating spicy, reduce to 1 or 2 peppers (don't chop too finely) and pop a TUMS the next day.

Mix all ingredients together. Add salt and pepper to taste, and one tsp of vegetable oil.

Serve as botana, or aperitif, with unsalted corn tortilla chips. All that vitamin A will get your needles clicking. Arriba!

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woo hoo! a certain little person around here LOVES salsa (thank goodness) -- thanks for the recipe! i can't believe you're almost done with that cardigan. i just tried that short row shoulder method for the first time, and i love it.
The combo of the two yarns is fabulous! I just love the slight sparkle. And that Lily yarn, scrumptious. Good think you added the recipe for the salsa, because now I'm hungry!
Great fluffy cardi - it looks like it really is flying off the needles! You'll have to let us know how that Noro works up as well - I'm intrigued. As for the salsa, I have a similar recipe - yum yum. There's nothing better than a bit of slasa and a wee glass of fine tequila! I'll have to make a point of spicing my knitting up this way in the future - what fun.
Mmmmm. Salsa. I'm expecting that wrappy, sparkly mohair cardi to look well on the skinny rabbit.
Hi Becky--your mohair cardi is very pretty! I love that about neck decreasing too The shaping on my cardi is coming up, and I am looking forward to it (I always look forward to what will happen in a few rows!) Oh, salsa is so good! mmmm
Mmmm...*drool*...I don't know which looks more delicious, that luscious pink Noro Lily or your salsa. I will definitely try your recipe; thanks for posting it!
Salsa! I can never get enough of fresh cilantro-- good stuff! I like that wrapround cardi-- and it's true, you can never have too many cardigans.
that cardi is fabulous and the sparkle makes it the bling bling cardi! thanks for sharing the salsa recipe--i grew up in nm and am always in search of decent salsa (not easy in louisiana) so i will definitely try your recipe. thanks for sharing!
I think the vintage cardigan, which could be called the pink lady, would be a perfect knitalong. I received the magazine yesterday and had it opened to that page since!
Salsa! I'll have to try it. That is also my favorite method for peeling tomatoes, and sometimes I shortcut even further by cutting a little "x" on the bottom before I put them in the boiling water. I think the little pink fancy-edged cardigan was my favorite sweater in the last Interweave - so pretty!
Mmm... spicy salsa and a fuzzy mohair sweater. Both good for keeping you warm and happy. That salsa makes me want to run down to my kitchen and cook...something that almost never happens!
I think you may be one of the fastest knitters in the universe! I'm working on my first sweater and I think it might take me to my death bed. I love your blog. You're a great source of inspiration!
Yay another post! That cardi is flying along now, isn't it? I am thinking about figuring out how to use short row shaping to make things fit my bust better. I know I read it somewhere... I am so in love with that vintage cardigan in interweave. So much so that I better be off to knitting so that I can make room for it on my to do list!!
There is a God because CHIPS AND SALSA exist in this world!!! I love that Vintage Cardi too...it's so cute in the pink...too many things added to the 'want to knit' column! Does Tequila make you a faster knitter? ;)
Thanks for the salsa recipe! :) Question, would it be ok to add cheese or would it throw off the recipe? I simply love salsa con queso. I'm not sure how much knitting I would get done devouring it though. :)
oo, salsa and pink yarn. you're killing me! i want to make a cardi too. i'll wait to see yours all finished and beautiful though!
Hi Becky! I've been devouring my Interweave and love that little tiny needle vintage cardigan too. Even have some lovely cashmere and silk yarn in the stash that I could use. Am mentally slipping that in among the other two cardigans I had told myself I was starting "next." (After I finish the current two? Please. Since when is "next" related to "after"?) 2005. The Year of the Cardigan.
ay Carumba! The captain just needs some castanets to cick in time! Glad you like the Lily!
I have to say that I just L O V E visiting your site!!! I have completely fallen in love the Phildar since seeing the pieces you have knit up. I love, love, love the fuzzy cardi. I think the same or a similiar pattern is in the Tendances 05 mag I just got. It was done in black lambswool but I don't see why I can substitute the yarns you used, which by the way are gorgeous. I wish the Phildar mags/books (english translation) were easier to get in the US, as well as their yarn. I apologize for going on in my comments, but I couldn't locate a email address on your site. I was hoping you may be able to point me in the direction of yarn stores in Amsterdamn. My boyfriend has surprised me with a trip next month and I'd love to check out any store in the area. I don't think he'd see the humor or appreciate my suggestion of crossing into other countries "just to check out yarn stores". lol Anyway, if you are aware of any stores in Amsterdamn I would appreciate your assistance. TIA.
Mmmm! Salsa! Your recipe is similar to one a good friend shared with me, but I think yours will have more "oomph". I'll be giving it a go this weekend! The sparkle in that yarn combo is beautiful. You'll look lovely in it. And I agree- no such thing as too many cardis! :)
Thanks Becky. Thanks a LOT. Now not only do I have major cardi envy (cardis - the backbone of my wardrobe) but I've got it for the salsa too. I promised my husband a while ago that I'd do a big Mexican cook up. Time to come good on that promise, methinks.
I love me a cute vintage cardigan...knit 'er up! You'll look like a pin-up girl in it!
Mmmm, salsa yarn and glinting yarn. Good times.
Oh Yum! (salsa is only great with FRESH cilantro!) :)
I agree about the cardigans- I am hopefully going to finish my first one soon and I am totally hooked. They are great just to throw over yourself for an extra layer... and I need it now! It is freeeeezing in Boston! That salsa has my stomach growling big time.
Thanks for the fabby gen-u-ine Mexican salsa recipe. I love salsa so will definately try it. One thing though - is cilantro the same as coriander?
Yeah! I'm glad that some of you like la comida picante. Pero no se vayan a "enchilar"* ;-) Re coriander: It's not the same thing as cilantro. (Although ground coriander is used in some things, like albondigas en chipotle, or meatballs in chipotle sauce.) Cilantro is leafy and resembles parsley. I usually find it fresh, packaged nicely in the fresh herb section of my supermarket. As for trying this salsa with cheese: I personally wouldn't put cheese in this salsa, but if you want to try it with something cheesy maybe you can make some nachos and sprinkle some of this salsa over them. CARDIS! I like Evelyn's idea to make 2005 the Year of the Cardi. I've got so many cardis on my knitting wishlist for this year I think some of my online knitting buds are going to be screaming, "ENOUGH WITH THE CARDIS, ALREADY!" by the end of the year. Hehe. But frecklegirl is right; I find it so much easier to layer with a cardi than a pullover. I've never been a pullover kind of person, and find that I wear my cardis and button-up sweaters more than the pullovers I've knitted. *enchilar: is a verb used in Mexico to describe when one eats something so spicy one gets tears in one's eyes and feels a temp rise i.e., "Me enchilé!" (The things one learns from living in Mexico for 14+ years.)
Re coriander and cilantro: cilantro was formerly called coriander in English, and it is the same plant you get seeds from. I think there are different varieties, some grown for seeds only, and some grown for leaves. I do also nod my head together with those of you who praise the cardigan over the pullover. Far more practical, and I like to knit two fronts in stead of one more big piece after the back piece. I really like the colour of you fluffy cardi, and I'm looking forward to see it fininshed.
Cilantro comes from the Coriander plant, whose leafy part is known as cilantro and its seeds as coriander. (At least in the States and Mexico.) Both are given different uses. Here's a nice description about both: http://www.sallys-place.com/food/columns/gilbert/cilantro.htm
oh. yum. nyc was "buried" by snow last night (by a whole 3 inches or so, much to my never-ending amusement as a midwestern girl turned city chick) and i think that the *treacherous* conditions and a pile of seaming to do call for turning this into a salsa fresca and presidente weekend!
Becky - totally unrelated to the current post. THANK YOU for finding English Cut and sharing! Fabulous.
so tryin' your yummy salsa. and all about year of cardi. its so about the lay-er. the weather is just so unpredictable lately.
I love me some spicy salsa & chips and a nice big cold magarita! I would probably just stop my knitting to keep shoving it in my mouth!
My husband would drink salsa for breakfast if it weren't considered freakish and strange and if I wouldn't make fun of him for it. In fact, I think he's done it a few times when my back was turned. I'll definitely try your recipe for salsa even though I've never been able to make enough to satisfy him. Still, it's usually so delicious that I can forgive him for snarfing it down. I love your cardigan! I've always been a fan. Even the fair-complected Nordic group of the same name is fun! Note you don't hear of any band called The Pullovers. Coincidence? I think not.
The cardigan looks great... but I must say the Salsa receipe beats the cardigan in my book. Fresh spicy salsa is the one thing I have been craving all during my pregnancy (which leads to tums popping), so I can't wait to try this next weekend. My husband will be really happy as he won't have to run to the store ;)
OK. 1) I *never* saw this post. How can that be? What kind of crazy time/space warp happened over here??? 2) Re: Cardies. You just love to make buttonholes. Confess. 3a) Glad you got the subscription!!! You may not make anything from it but it might give some ideas. 3b) I don't have my IK copy yet because SOMEONE forgot to give IK her new address. [whistles innocently, tapping toe across floor] 4) Makin' sumptin' with your yarn.... lalalalalalala....
Okay, as a fellow Mexican Foodoholic, I must know where you find serrano peppers in France. I'm near Montpellier and haven't had a good salsa fix for a long time.
Somebody tipped me off on your salsa...did a search, found it, got the ingredients, made it tonight... Yum-O. I love cumin, so I added a little bit of that, too. Thanks!!

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