February 23, 2010

Psst...here's a "secret" post 'cause I'm de-stashing. Wanna see?

I'm temporarily waking up my blog from its hiatus to post a secret entry. It's secret, because only people who are still nice enough to pull my blog feed can see it (that includes you, Ravelers). Thanks for dropping in. You rock.

I'm parting with some more yarns that I've been hoarding a bit too selfishly for too long. Really, I need to make some room. I still have so much stash hidden all over the apartment that one day my neighbors are going to pass by my front door and see me getting pushed out of it by a mountain of fiber and fabric.

If you're looking to enrich your stash, keep an eye on my eBay. (Note: I originally list my items at eBay in France because that's where I'm located, but I ship worldwide at the exact shipping rates charged by French postal service. I'm very seasoned at shipping worldwide from France, so no worries there.) Frankly, I'd rather know that my fiber is going to get knit up instead of hiding away indefinitely in my stash.


Have a good week!

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