February 23, 2006


Fluffy Bolero is blocking.

Look at my funky body shaping!
Seaming's gonna be a party, I can tell.

Oh la la! The Amelie bolero, she is getting pretty at Institut de Beauté Skinny Rabbit. Blocking consists of placing Fluffy Bolero right side down on a firm piece of cardboard otherwise known as our fancy make-it-your-damn-self blocking board, and spritzing generously with Evian water. She is then given acupuncture treatment to tame the slightly curling edges, followed by a sauna treatment consisting of covering with a lightweight damp cloth (otherwise known as baby cloth diapers) and steaming.

Okay, I'm kidding about the Evian water. It's really just tap water. But I'm not kidding about the cloth diapers...best darn lightweight cloth you can get your hands on for blocking. Promise.

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I really can't wait to see this project seamed up and modeled. It's gonna be fabulous.
No wonder your garments look so lovely; they get the full spa treatment before their premiere. I can't wait to see it!
Isn't the tap water in France Evian?
My husband thought I had gone off the deep end when I bought cloth baby diapers here recently (especially when our youngest will be eleven in just a few days). He understood completely when I said the Skinny Rabbit told me to! (snort!) Looking really lovely, btw!
Those cloth diapers where my Elder's favorite night time snuggly. We used them as spit rags and she loved how soft they became with washing. She called them her dahmies(not sure how that would be spelled). She still has one that is basically shreds tucked in her keepsake box. It used to be stuffed in her pillow.
ooooh.... soon to be modelled....chic! :)
You really aren't going to stop this madness until I give in and knit a Fluffy Bolero myself, are you?
hmm, where can I get that "blocking" spa treatment? The Bolero looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product!
Cloth diapers - very interesting! Looking forward to seeing this one ;)
I am going to be refering back to this post when I try blocking for my first time. Yep, that's what I said, I have never blocked before. Tail between my legs..I am still learning. Got me on my toes waiting to see this bolero! Man you knit fast!
Clearly here is a knitter on a mission.
Wow! What lucky handknits you have! I was wondering if you were kidding about the Evian. ;)
Fluffy! Seaming is going to be a party and a half since there aren't that many stitches. Mmmm... I'm chilly and wish I could wrap myself up in some fluff this instant. (Wait, I think I'll go get some wool. :))
Hi - I LOVE reading your blog (I lived in Lyon - well actually Caluire - when I was a little girl & reading about the area makes me nostalgic) OK - what kind of cloth diapers do you use? Are they the pre-folded ones or the thinner more gauzy kind (having a baby month old - I have an abundance of both. I think I would kind of like the "skinny rabit" spa treatment
Oh darn, now I gotta go see if I kept the diapers (that I never gave back to the diaper service:)) Ooooh! can't wait to see it all seamed up! Looks gorgeous already!
They're the lightweight cloth diapers (you can see one in the photo above)... I got a bunch when my boy was born I could use them as burp cloths, and a lot of them got left over. One day while steaming my knits I got the idea to use them so the knit fabric wouldn't get damaged by the steam. It made for perfect blocking. I was so glad I saved those diapers!
You're going to come away from the week off with, what, a dozen completed knits?! All the other students are going to be saying, "Zut alors, I did absolument rien on our week off and there was so much I should have been doing..." And then Becky will say, "Well, I whipped up this Fuzzy Bolero you've all been admiring. (You! Sabine! Stop fondling the Fuzzy Bolero!) And wait until you see the Holey Sweater I finished...I'll wear that tomorrow. And there some other things I whipped up....I'll be wearing them over the next month or two." And then all the other students will hate you. And you'll have to import all of your faithful readers to France so that we can be your real friends. Yeah, that works.
Tee hee! I love it! Only I wish I really could finish the Holey Sweater before Monday. I need some little gnomes to help me knit those sleeves!
Acupuncture! So that is the secret to why your knits look so good! ;)
Those cloth diapers are good for so many things. I was a little worried when you said you used Evian... Oh, a joke, I get it haha :)

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