February 22, 2006

"Gimme front!"

Says the Holey Pullover, feeling all neglected and lonely in my knitting basket while the fluffy knits get all the attention. So I cast on [yes, more tubular for 2x2 rib...we here chez skinnyrabbit are longtime fans of the tubular] for the front piece and looky what we got now:

She likes me! She really likes me!

I'm still having fun with this cably, lacey-like pattern and haven't gotten bored with it yet. Then again, I'm trying not to think of the sleeves - which look like they are long enough to fit a gorilla - I'll have to knit. Maybe I should buy some yarn or pattern books to motivate me. Yeah. That oughta do it. [I know, I know. Any ole excuse for the stash enhancing, eh?]

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What, Becky? Do you need *excuses* to buy yarn or pattern books? I only need one excuse for this kind of thing: "I want it". But I have to admit that the yarn and book stash are both rather... impressive. Love this stitch pattern!
Hi Becky! I'm glad the "holey pullover" has come out of hiding because I can't wait to see it finished. A post every day this week? What a treat! Especially as it's already back to school/work for us here in gloomy overcast Paris.
If I pulled a simple "I want it" every time I felt like getting new yarn I'd get pushed out of my home by an unruly stash. This rabbit NEEDS reasonably justifiable excuses in order to enhance the stash. ["Reasonably justifiable" in the broadest sense, of course.]
wow, the holey pullover looks great! And I'm liking this post-a-day business!
I love, love, love that pattern! I can't wait to see the finished sweater. It is going to look gorgeous on you.
Of your projects, the holey pullover is my current favourite. I am sure it will look really great on you too. The pattern looks promising and I like the colour. I must admit that I am also on a fluffy yarn kick with 2 projects on the go in kid mohair. So satisfying, so beautiful that mohair, sigh. I look forward hearing about your progress during "knitting week"! Max
aww.. poor neglected holey. for shame... I enhanced recently...wool/cotton in gypsy. oh lordy
Wool/cotton? Oh la la. I think that there is exemption from the excuse-required-for-stash-enhancing rule if it's wool/cotton. Or, if the yarn is on sale.
I'm seriously likin' that pattern, but in truth sleeve island does indeed look like a desert island! I would say pattern books and new fiber are definitely the supplies to pack for that trip! We'll be here when you get back!
I just love that pattern. It just looks fun. I've never had success with the 2x2 tubular cast-on - where'd ya learn that neat trick?
Yay ... finally giving some love back to holey pullover! Will you make the flowers too?
I like how the tubular cast on for 2x2 rib is described in Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook. She gives several techniques and I've tried all of them. Katharina Buss's Big Book of Knitting also shows good techniques. I'm definitely making that flower for the sweater! I even got the little sequins for it already.
I love the neckline on that sweater. You are going to look so pretty in it. Knit on!! :-) How's Whisper doing??
I know I'm happy to see Holey out of the basket--that pattern is just wonderful--I love the stitch!
C'est beau!
Yep, some yarn buying will clear that right up! ;)
Hey, hey, hey. The little angel on your shoulder says, "Watch the stash enhancing because more yarn equals startitis, and Holey Pullover will get left in the knitting basket again." Ah well, who listens to her anyway? ;-)
I just love the stitch pattern in that sweater. I cannot wait to see it done!
Good to see holey again. And a couple of tequilas in combination with, hm, lime perhaps, could they help your agonies on sleeve island?
definitely lovin' all of the posts! holey stitch definition! looking very very good.
Maybe the sleeves are really stretchy. Maybe you only have to knit 12 inches, and they stretch the rest of the way. I knit a sweater like that once... it can happen!
i adore the stitch pattern on this sweater. I've been searching in all of the knitting books at the library for something similar. Could I make a request to see a SUPER UP CLOSE shot of it?
I have so much to learn!; a tubular cast on. As a new knitter I'm learning so much from you.
I'm still in love with that top. Sigh.
Looks like you are enjoying your week off! I love the stitch pattern in the Holey pullover, looks like a fun one to knit.
I really like that pattern Becky. The cably, lacey-like pattern I mean. I can't say enough about the shade you've chosen either. Its very pretty.
So good to have you back on regular blogging. I only wish it could last - stupid fashion school!! ;-)
Hi Becky, I haven't been knitting for a while and want to pick up my needles again, so where is the first place I go for inspiration? Fluffa, of course! It's nice to see you are still here! You never cease to amaze me with all you do....do you ever sleep? Two more questions for you:) I love this holey stitch, do you know if there is a name for it? And can you please tell me what exactly is tubular cast on? Thanks!
I love that pattern. It is all I can do to postpone beginning this project until I knit through more stash!
Well that is about the most gorgeous looking thing I've ever seen! LOVE that pattern!
Hey, if that's what you need to stay motivated, who are we to tell you no? ;-)
If that's the sweater I think it is (from Tendances Automne 05/06), I'm mad jealous! Will you teach me how to read French??

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