February 20, 2006

All knitting Rabbit, all the time.

(Or at least during this vacation week. Every single day - for this vacation week - I am going publish one daily entry here on this weblog, even if it's a non-blabby entry with just a photo. Viva school vacation!)

february_sundaysnacks_thumb.jpg Yesterday - in celebration of my vacation week from fashion school - I remained in my jammies, like, ALL DAY and did nothing but make brownies, eat homemade guacamole, read, drink a few pastis and (of course), knit like a mad, mad knitter. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that! Sing it with me now, fellow Go-Go's fans: "Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation happy to get away..." Woo hoo!

This is what I knit:

The entire body of my Amelie Bolero. Yee-haw!
Doesn't it look like a little cowboy vest?

And then, because they were showing Miss Congeniality [good knitting movie!] as the Sunday night movie, I decided to just go ahead and cast on for an easy top. So I did, and I knit all the way up to the armhole shaping of the back piece. 5mms and fluffy yarn, how I love thee for quick knitting satisfaction!

Obviously, I'm on a serious fluffy yarn kick. Me like fluffy yarn.
[Here, look at the whole thing.]

So what is this? It's a Fluffy Halter with matching wrist warmers, and who cares if one's thirty-COUGH-eight years old and one knits a fluffy halter from Phildar's Special Twenty magazine? You don't got to be twenty-something to knit and wear a fluffy halter, slappy. Because I say so.

P.S. I'm using the same yarn called for in the pattern, but I chose a different color. The color shown in the pattern book is a dark gray but I decided to go with a very deep berry that borders on the chocolate. Yum.

On the list for this evening's knitting session: Some knit bands for the Fluffy Bolero and maybe some armhole shaping on the back piece of the Fluffy Halter. Fluff-out, dudes.

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A big cheer for the Fluffy Halter! I say, wear it now whilst all the bits are looking fine.
Hey, you've got the lean frame for all of the fluff -- flaunt it!
Hey, if any thirty*cough*eight year old can pull it off, you can Skinny Rabbit! You are the inspiration for all of us thirty*cough*cough and forty*cough*cough year olds out in the blog-o-spere! You enjoy that vaca girlfriend!
I heart the fluffiness all around. And I just love it when you refer to us readers as "slappy". Hee!
Hee hee! Who loves you guys??? :-)
Oh I have no doubt you can pull off the fluffy halter Becky! Enjoy your vacation! :)
I'm looking forward to read even the just one picture entries after my long days! Long live the fluffyness!
I'm sure we'll enjoy your vacay as much as you will if we can read a post *every day* from you. New t-shirt design idea: "Got fluff?" Why, slappy, of course you do! even if you are eternally 17. Cuz I said so.
Chips and guacamole, yum! You're only as old as you feel--silly Phildar and their age-ist notions! ;-) Hee hee. Love the color on the fluffy halter.
Would you look at those drinks! PASTIS!!! One for you and one for moi! Yummmmmm.. guacamole, shoot now I am going to have to fix myself some salsa & chips.
yay for vacations! You go with all of that fluffy knitting :)
Mais...les pastis...They're PINK! What's up with that? ;-)
Of course they're PINK! This is what the French call a TOMATE, pastis served with a dash of grenadine syrup. But something I like even better: Pastis with framboise (raspberry) syrup. The other day we went to a party hosted by RICARD - the makers of pastis - and they were serving them there, along with other flavors. After that, we got hooked. (Plus, they're so pretty!) A pink pastis, s'il vous plait :-)
To quote another Go-gos song, you got the beat, girl! Have a good break from school-- I'm looking forward to the daily posts this week!
Oh! Another favorite! "Everybody get up and beat..."
Love the fluffy projects and if anyone can pull off a fluffy halter, it's skinny rabbit!! Fluff on!
i'm not too happy that it is vacation time for you and that you will be posting every day. why? because no doubt that means you will show us some great new projects that i become obsessed about. "flaunt the fluff" i say from a not too far behind you thirtycoughsix year old
Yay to vacation! I can only toast with lemonade ... patis is just too strange in taste for me! I know that you like Phildar's designs ... just want to know what you think about another French company Bergère de France. Their latest catalogue features some really cool designs. I'm thinking of getting that through my mother-in-law!
What are you talking about? You can pull off *twenty-something* better than some twenty year olds! What would we do without you to inspire us? (grin)
Whoo-hoo, look at that rabbit go! The bolero looks great. And who cares what a knitting pattern says about age, if it looks good and you can wear it, do it!
Fluffy yarn is fabulous! You knit what you want, girl!
Wow. Jammies, pink pastis, knitting, brownies, movies, fresh guacamole, and fluffy yarn...sounds to me like the perfect vacation! All that and you even had time to read! My guess is you're going to end up with a whole new wardrobe of knits...can't wait to see all the stuff you make!
hello again Thanks for the pink pastis answer....I was wondering about the color too. My aperitif of choice is lillet and soda with a twist of lemon and lots of ice. :) Lots of knitting on this end-but since I'm retired I have the right to have too many projects going on, don't I? My sweetheart doesn't always agree with this reasoning though. Right now I'm making a pair of scarves for a darling couple in their 80's-Tom and Alice-even their names are adorable! Hers is a fluffy, lacy mohair number Alice Blue Gown blue and his is a cable-up-the-middle darker blue....because..... they both have clear blue-blue eyes. There are three!!!! grownup sweaters all done but waiting to be blocked and then put together. Bad knitter-girl here for not finishing. Also have yoga sweater on the needles (knit in one piece body is all done, sleeves are cast on) while my lacy shawl languishes alone in her dark bag covered with spider webs of neglect. A bientot Pat
Vacation all you ever wanted... Have FUN!!!!!
dude.seriously. How can you knit so fast? I do not understand. Do you have a bionic arm or something? The 6 million dollar Rabbit? I get hand cramps just looking at what you've done. Maybe I need some pastis too, so I can get past one round of a sock. Seriously. lol.
Hehe...I wish I had a bionic arm. I used to pretend I did when I was a kid. And I'd run in slo-mo, too. Just like Jamie Somers! Truth is, it's the needles. I don't knit as fast when I'm using my 2mms. Lillet and soda with a twist of lemon and lots of ice...I must try that!
Oooh, have a fab vacation. I can't wait to see what you churn out of your needles this week. That food looks yummy!!! I love guacamole...how do you make yours? btw, the halter...is that for winter layer effect or do you wear it at summer?
love the fluffy yarn! and damn skippy yuo can wear that halter top! im 21 becky and you have a WAY better body than i do :p go girl
Of course you've gotta use the fluffy yarn. You're Fluffa! Can't wait to see how the halter top turns out.
AGE is only a number and youth is a state of mind. if you got it - flaunt it... if you got it - be fierce! psssht...I'm thirty*ahem*one and I ain't givin up...bury me in my trendy clothes. fluff on chica.
I love how even your food is color coordinated and adorable. Guacamole.... yummmmmm
Wow, that sounds like an absolutely perfect vacation to me!!! Right down to the pastis! Now, you've gotten me to dig out my old GoGo's CD...not getting any knitting done, too busy dancing like it's the 80's!

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